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Resources and Support

If you have experienced sexual assault, relationship violence, and/or stalking, it's not your fault. You always deserve to be safe and respected. No matter which resources or actions you choose, there are many people who are committed to help.


Connect with Staff

Sexual Assault Resources and Advocacy

Jessica Teperow- Program Director, Sexual Assault Resource and Advocacy
Phone: 781-891-2274 ext. 2350

Jessica Teperow HeadshotHi! I’m Jessica Teperow, and I’m a confidential resource on campus that specializes in sexual assault and intimate partner violence. I am here to offer emotional support to those who have been impacted by gender-based violence; students can meet with me about something they experienced or to get support and guidance on how to support a friend or family member. Sometimes students aren’t sure what happened to them or what resources are available to them. I am here to listen, think through options, and offer information based on the needs and goals of each person who comes to meet with me. If you, or someone you care about, has been impacted by sexual violence I am here to support you and connect you with resources and support.

My office is located in the counseling center. To schedule an appointment, please e-mail or you can call or text: (774) 721-7928.

Title IX Resources

Kelly Downes- Director, Office of Equal Opportunity and Institutional Equity and Title IX Coordinator
Phone: 781-891-2193

DeeDee Cook- Equity and Title IX Intake and Support Manager
Phone: 781-891-2798

Resources & Someone to Talk to

On & Off Campus Resources, Resources by Identity and 24-7 Options for care

Medical Care & Emotional Support

Options for care, descriptions of services available, and considerations for decision making

Reporting Options

Learn about your options for reporting to the University

Policies, Data and Definitions

Explore policies, campus data and definitions related to interpersonal violence

Supporting Survivors

Information for what to do, what to say and how you can be supportive 

Get Involved with Prevention & Response

Opportunities for further engagement and ways individuals can create a healthier culture