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Spiritual Life

Spiritual Life

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Spiritual Life

Spiritual practice and religion are an important part of wellness, learning and growth. That’s why we dedicate space, staff and resources for your spiritual journey.

Our campus is home to students from around the world, representing many faiths and worldviews. The Spiritual Life community is a welcome place for all students and their religious affiliation, belief or spiritual practice. We honor the perspective and values our diverse students add to the community.

Dedicated Spiritual Spaces

Organized worship services and meditations are held on campus several times a week. Additional spaces are reserved for quiet reflection, meditation and prayer. Meet students from other religions, create art and music, or practice mindfulness in a safe, spiritual space.

The Sacred Space
Student Center, Rooms 325 and 335

The Sacred Space is a dedicated place for multifaith worship and spiritual practice. You’re welcome to use the space for quiet reflection, meditation and prayer, or you can attend organized services. You’ll find:

  • An altar, for use by any faith
  • A resource center with spiritual and religious texts and information
  • Zafu and Zabuton meditation cushions
  • A Wudu Room for Muslim ablutions
  • A labyrinth for contemplative centering
  • A baby grand piano
  • Tables, chairs and a large screen for group gatherings

The Sacred Space may be reserved by faith-based student organizations and other community members. Questions and reservation requests may be directed by email to

Upper Campus Prayer Room
Lindsay 30B

Additional space for prayer, meditation and reflection is located in Lindsay 30B, just down the hall from Koumantzelis Auditorium. Prayer rugs, meditation cushions and sacred texts are available. A gender-inclusive bathroom also serves as an upper campus Wudu room for our Muslim community.

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Study Day Retreats

Spiritual Life holds Study Day Retreats to support academic success and spiritual formation. These all-day retreats have outstanding student outcomes including calming anxiety, enjoying collaborative community, and productive study. Hundreds of Bentley students have thrived on these days.

Mark your calendars for our in-person Retreats in the Sacred Space:

  • Tuesday December 7th 2021
  • Tuesday May 3rd 2022

Contact to register.

Art and Soul

Express yourself with hands-on art projects. Explore themes such as mandalas, peace, and gratitude as you experiment with painting, weaving, paper crafting, sewing and more.

An image of a person standing next to a wall filled with Art and Soul projects.
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Interfaith Engagement

Our student Interfaith Council plans two significant outreach campaigns each year. Every fall, “We’re Better Together” celebrates interfaith engagement and the religious and spiritual diversity at Bentley. An “Interfaith Day of Service” brings the campus together in the spring to package 10,000 meals for our neighbors experiencing food insecurity.  

Our Interfaith Fellows is a leadership training cohort to explore lived experiences of world religions and develop a skill set for interfaith leadership in personal and business contexts. Contact for an application.

Faith-based Programs


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Bentley’s Catholic community is supported by our Catholic Chaplain. Numerous opportunities for caring fellowship and spiritual practice are available through:

  • Weekly Mass, every Sunday 
  • Retreats held every semester, both on and off-campus 
  • Charitable projects, such as food and clothing collections, blanket making, and service in the Boston area
  • Workshops and guest speakers
  • Pastoral Care
  • Sacrament of Reconciliation 
  • Adoration
  • Confirmation preparation
  • Bible Study weekly
  • The Bentley Catholic Association, a student-led group

Catholic Community Schedule (all times Eastern)

  • Mass: Sundays at 7 pm in the Sacred Space, top floor of the Student Center
  • Bible Study: Wednesdays at 8:30pm, Student-Led
  • Lenten Stations of the Cross: Fridays

Contact: Chaplain Fr. Ted Brown, m.s.

A group of people gather at a table in the Sacred Space for a seder.

Our student-led Hillel and Jewish Chaplain support the needs of our Jewish community through:

  • Kosher Corner meals, served daily in the 921 Dining Hall

  • Kosher-for-Passover enhanced meals

  • Zedakah social justice activities

  • Holiday gatherings

  • Birthright Israel

  • Intercampus activities and trips sponsored by the Hillel Council of New England

Jewish Services Schedule

  • Kabbalat Shabbat every Friday at 5:00pm via Zoom or in the Sacred Space

  • Email Rabbi Foust for zoom ID or in-person information

  • Bentley students are invited to participate in all activities at Waltham’s Temple Beth Israel

Contact: Chaplain Rabbi Jeff Foust

A group of people practice meditation in the Sacred Space.

Many students find focus and peace through mindfulness and meditation practices. Our Mindfulness Coordinator can support your spiritual journey through:  

  • Books and articles in The Sacred Space

  • Labyrinth walks

  • Walking meditation

  • Presentations and one-on-one meetings, incorporating multifaith wisdom and perspectives

Mindfulness Meditation Schedule

  • Wednesdays from 2:15-2:45pm in Sacred Space A

Contact: Mindfulness Coordinator Jeff Foust



Three prayer rugs are arranged in the Sacred Space.

Our student-led Muslim Student Association and Advisor support the needs of our Muslim community through:

  • Monthly fellowship meals with Halal-catered food.

  • Halal food offerings through Bentley Dining

  • Information about local masjids, halal products and Eid celebrations

  • Connections with the Waltham Islamic Society

The Sacred Space in the Student Center includes a Wudu Room for ablutions, and the Prayer Room in Lindsay 30B is also nicely equipped for daily Salaat.

Jum'ah Prayer Schedule

  • Fridays at 1 p.m. in The Sacred Space

  • Observances of Ramadan through Iftars and Maghrib prayer

  • Eid celebrations

Contact: Chaplain Director Rev. Robin Olson


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Bentley’s Protestant community is guided by our Protestant Director and Chaplain, and authorized spiritual advisors. Many opportunities for community fun, devotion, and study are offered.

  • Fellowship nights and community service

  • Prayer gatherings and Bible studies

  • Pastoral counseling

  • Gospel Choir

  • Student-run evangelical groups, such as Bentley Cru Christian Fellowship and Symphony Church

Protestant Christian Fellowship Schedule

  • Celebration of seasons of the Christian year, including Advent, Christmas, Lent and Easter

Contact: Rev. Robin Olson

Dharmic Religions

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Hindu: We celebrate Diwali and Holi, in collaboration with South Asian undergraduate and graduate student groups. Through intercollegiate support our Hindu community also celebrates holidays at area campuses.  Information on area temples attended by our students is available from our Center.

Buddhist: Many Buddhist students enjoy our Wednesday 2:15 pm Mindfulness Meditation. Leadership for this group is often shared with Buddhist graduate students. Contact our Center for area sangha locations.

Sikh: While a small number on our campus, our Sikh students are involved in interfaith cooperation and service on campus. Contact our Center for area temple locations.

Jain: Also a small number on our campus, our Jain students have been Interfaith Fellow leaders and active in interfaith service.  Contact our Center for area temple locations.


Non-Religious Spiritual Programs

We provide opportunities for meaning-making and community for all of our students. Chaplains are available for pastoral counseling to students regardless of spiritual or religious identity.

Many programs center students of all religious and spiritual backgrounds, including: 

  • Art and Soul
  • Study Day Retreats
  • Interfaith Day of Service

Religious Organizations and the Bentley campus

All groups or persons representing religious or spiritual traditions must be approved by and registered with the Spiritual Life Center prior to visiting campus. No unrecognized religious groups or leaders are permitted on campus. Inquiries should be directed to

Annual Baccalaureate Ceremony

The Spiritual Life Center collaborates with the Senior Class Cabinet to plan an annual interfaith Baccalaureate service in honor of the graduating class. Nominated speakers and performers share their reflections and a community of faith leaders read sacred texts.   

Watch the 2018 Service