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Housing & Dining Staff

Meet the Team

Housing and Dining Staff

We support your residential experience at Bentley. Call us if you have questions or need support.

Leadership Team

  • Associate Dean of Student Affairs: John Piga
  • Director of Housing and Residential Services: Kathryn Keyes

Housing Operations

  • Assistant Director of Housing Operations: Antonio Willis-Berry
  • Housing Operations Specialist: Jeff Funk

First-Year Housing

  • Assistant Director of the First-Year Area: Brent Ploughe
  • Residence Director, Nathan R. Miller Hall: Micah Thomas
  • Residence Director, Trees Complex: Ian Mulhern
  • Residence Director, Slade Hall: Tyler Sherman


  • Assistant Director of the Suites Area: Justin Woodard
  • Residence Director, Forest and Kresge: Melody Smith
  • Residence Director, Copley North & Copley South, Orchard North, Cape and Castle: Keriann Clinton
  • Residence Director, Fenway and Orchard South: Sabrina Cruz


  • Assistant Director of the Apartments Area: Liz Humphries
  • Residence Director, The Falcones and North Campus: Anthony Majer
  • Residence Director, Collins, Rhodes, Boylston A & B, and Stratton: Taylor Sprague