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University Life

Meet the Team!

The Bentley Residential Center Staff are energetic, dynamic, and engaging professionals who are student-focused and student-centered. Our team is comprised of: approximately 98 Resident Assistants, 7 Residence Directors, 1 Housing Operations Specialist, 4 Assistant Directors, the Director, and the Associate Dean of Student Affairs. Together we work as a team to build a strong and vibrant campus community and culture.


John Piga

Associate Dean of Student Affairs
Undergraduate Institution: University of Connecticut
Graduate School: Boston College

Justin Woodard

Director of Housing and Residential Life
Undergraduate Institution: Southern New Hampshire University
Graduate School: Miami University

Sabrina Cruz

Associate Director
Undergraduate Institution: SUNY New Paltz
Graduate School: University at Buffalo

Otis Johnson

Assistant Director of the Apartments Area
Undergraduate Institution: Old Dominion University
Graduate School: Old Dominion University

Jeff Funk

Assistant Director of Housing Operations
Undergraduate Institution: Muhlenberg College
Graduate School: Penn State University

Alex Matos

Assistant Director of the Suites Area
Undergraduate Institution: Becker College
Graduate School: Purdue University Global

Jared Berman

Assistant Director of the First-Year Area
Undergraduate Institution: Curry College
Graduate School: Suffolk University


Caitlyn Aborn

Housing Operations Specialist

Residence Directors (RDs)
RDs are professional staff members who oversee a building or multiple buildings.  RDs supervise teams of RAs, work to resolve various issues which impact the lives of residents (e.g., roommate conflicts, facilities issues), service as a conduct hearing officers for violations of the student code of conduct, and serve in an on-call crisis response rotation for the entire campus community after hours and over the weekends

Anthony Tellez

Residence Director
Orchard North/South, Cape, Castle, and North Campus
Undergraduate Institution: Rutgers University
Graduate School: University of Connecticut, Storrs

Cole Taylor

Residence Director
Copley North/South & Fenway

Leitschuh, Lydia

Residence Director
Slade Hall

Brendan O'Connor

Residence Director
Trees Complex

Jared Berman

Residence Director
Forest and Kresge
Undergraduate Institution: Curry College
Graduate School: Suffolk University

Melissa Henriquez

Residence Director
Miller Hall
Undergraduate Institution: University at Albany
Graduate School: University at Albany

Alex Matos

Residence Director
Collins, Rhodes, Boylston A&B, and Falcones
Undergraduate Institution: Becker College
Graduate School: Purdue University Global


Resident Assistants (RAs)
(RAs) are student staff members charged with getting to know YOU!  RA's deliver community engagement opportunities, serve in a duty rotation, and spend time monitoring the wellbeing of their residents.  At periodic points each month, your RA will reach out to you.  These touchpoints serve as a way for your RA to get to know you better, develop rapport, and ensure you are doing okay.  One question to ask yourself at this point in the year – “have you met your RA yet?”  If you haven’t, please reach out to connect and don’t be surprised when they do the same!