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Meet the Team!

The Bentley Residential Center Staff are energetic, dynamic, and engaging professionals who are student-focused and student-centered. Our team is comprised of: approximately 98 Resident Assistants, 8 Residence Directors, 1 Housing Operations Specialist, 3 Assistant Directors, 1 Associate Director, 1 Director, and the Associate Dean of Student Affairs. Together we work as a team to build a strong and vibrant campus community and culture.


Kathryn Keyes

Director of Housing and Residential Services
Undergraduate Institution: Western New England University
Graduate School: University of Rhode Island

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John Piga

Associate Dean of Student Affairs
Undergraduate Institution: University of Connecticut
Graduate School: Boston College

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Justin Woodard

Associate Director of Residence Education & Training
Undergraduate Institution: Southern New Hampshire University
Graduate School: Miami University

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Sabrina Cruz

Assistant Director of the First-Year Area
Undergraduate Institution: SUNY New Paltz
Graduate School: University at Buffalo

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Jeff Funk

Assistant Director of Housing Operations
Undergraduate Institution: Muhlenberg College
Graduate School: Penn State University

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Residence Directors (RD's)
RD's are professional staff members who oversee a building or multiple buildings.  RD's supervise teams of RA's, work to resolve various issues which impact the lives of residents (e.g., roommate conflicts, facilities issues), service as a conduct hearing officers for violations of the student code of conduct, and serve in an on-call crisis response rotation for the entire campus community after hours and over the weekends

Anthony Tellez

Residence Director,
Collins, Rhodes, Boylston A&B, and Stratton
Undergraduate Institution: Rutgers University
Graduate School: University of Connecticut, Storrs

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Katie Long

Residence Director
Fenway and Orchard South
Undergraduate Institution: Bucknell University
Graduate School: Boston College



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Tyler Sherman

Residence Director,
Slade Hall
Undergraduate Institution: State University of New York (SUNY) at Geneseo
Graduate School: Bowling Green State University

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Cassie Balzarini

Residence Director
Trees Complex
Undergraduate Institution: Dean College
Graduate School: University of Maine

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Jared Berman

Residence Director
Forest and Kresge
Undergraduate Institution: Curry College
Graduate School: Suffolk University

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Melissa Henriquez

Residence Director
Miller Hall
Undergraduate Institution: University at Albany
Graduate School: University at Albany

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Alex Matos

Residence Director
Copley North & Copley South, Orchard North, Cape, Castle, Falcones, & North Campus
Undergraduate Institution: Becker College
Graduate School: Purdue University Global

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Resident Assistants (RA's)
(RA's) are student staff members charged with getting to know YOU!  RA's deliver community engagement opportunities, serve in a duty rotation, and spend time monitoring the wellbeing of their residents.  At periodic points each month, your RA will reach out to you.  These touchpoints serve as a way for your RA to get to know you better, develop rapport, and ensure you are doing okay.  One question to ask yourself at this point in the year – “have you met your RA yet?”  If you haven’t, please reach out to connect and don’t be surprised when they do the same!

Photo of CoCCo Hall Staff

CoCCo Hall Staff

Photo of Trees Complex Hall Staff

Trees Complex Hall Staff

Photo of FalcoNo Hall Staff

FalcoNo Hall Staff


Fenway/Orchard South Hall Staff

Photo of RhoBhoCoStr Hall Staff

RhoBhoCoStr Hall Staff

Photo of Slade Hall Staff

Slade Hall Staff


Miller Hall Staff


Forest & Kresge Hall Staff