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Counseling Center

Supporting students' mental and emotional health

We're Here To Help

The Counseling Center is available for all students who are struggling and seeking mental health support. Through the use of secure and confidential telehealth software, Counseling Center staff will connect with students online to assess and determine the best course of action to help them. If appropriate, staff can schedule students for short-term teletherapy. Should it be determined that more long-term, intensive, specialized or local support is necessary, we will assist with connecting students with those resources.  

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Schedule an Appointment

Please call our main number (781-891-2274) to make an appointment.

For students in crisis, we also offer mental health support outside of regular business hours.  Should you need to connect with one of our afterhours clinicians, please call our main number and follow the prompts.

Fall and Spring: 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., Monday through Friday 
Summer: 8:00 a.m. to 5:30 p.m.
, Monday through Thursday

Remote Services FAQ

What do Counseling Center services look like?
  • For the Fall semester, the Bentley University Counseling Center will be open for remote services only. There will be no in-person appointments, even for students living on campus. All appointments will be conducted via the secure, HIPPA compliant telehealth services platform You will be able to connect to our office using your laptop or even your smartphone.
  • When you call our front desk, eligible students will have the option to meet with someone right away or make an appointment.
  • Please watch our video that explains how to access our services.
  • See below for who is eligible for mental health services
How do I access Counseling Center services?
  • During regular business hours, Counseling Center clinicians will be on call and available to “meet” with students right away, if desired. To meet with a clinician or to make an appointment, students should call our main number, 781-891-2274. 
  • Prior to your session, you will be given a link to our confidential “virtual waiting room” where you will be able to fill out paperwork and then connected with one of our clinicians.
  • After regular business hours, students can contact our after-hours clinicians by calling our main number and following the prompts.
Who is eligible for direct services?
    • All students residing in the United States are eligible for a brief consultation appointment with a clinician who will get a sense of the problem and make recommendations for getting the appropriate support. 
    • If appropriate, the Counseling Center will be to provide short-term teletherapy for eligible students.
    • Due to legal and ethical concerns, Counseling Center staff are not able to meet with students who are currently residing outside of the United States, regardless of nationality. However, crisis mental health services are available 24/7 through our after-hours clinician service. This service can be accessed by calling our main number and following the prompts.
    • If ongoing appointments with a mental health provider are determined to be appropriate, some students will be able to continue meeting with one of our clinicians for care. Others will be assisted with being connected with an appropriate provider.
    • Due to licensure restrictions, eligibility for ongoing services with Counseling Center clinicians will be dependent on where the student is located. 
      • STUDENTS LIVING IN MASSACHUSETTS: All Counseling Center staff are licensed by the Massachusetts Psychology Licensing Board to provide mental health services for anyone residing in this state. 
      • STUDENTS LIVING DOMESTICALLY OUTSIDE OF MASSACHUSETTS: As all states vary with regard to policies and regulations, mental health providers cannot provide services to people residing outside of the state in which they are licensed. As some states in the wake of the COVID pandemic have enacted laws allowing out-of-state clinicians to easily obtain temporary licensure, it may be possible that students living domestically outside of Massachusetts will be able to receive ongoing services. If a student is living out-of-state and ongoing services are appropriate, our staff will continue to meet with them if acquiring temporary licensure in that state is feasible.
      • STUDENTS LIVING OUTSIDE THE UNITED STATES: At this time, students who are residing outside of the US are not eligible for ongoing services as it is not possible to acquire licensure. However, they can contact our afterhours clinicians who are available for students in need of brief, solutions focused mental health support.

    What other mental health resources are available?
    • We have made a lot of mental health resources available for all that do not require making an appointment with the Counseling Center.
      • For those students who would prefer to learn stress management skills on their own schedule, we have converted our four-session Stress Management Workshop to videos and uploaded to the Student Health Resources Page.
      • Try checking out our series of brief mental health related videos on topics including, mindfulness, challenging negative thinking, negotiating better boundaries in relationships, and more.

    24-Hr Emergency Information

    Clinicians are available to provide mental health support via phone after the office is closed. To access, call the main Counseling Center number 781-891-2274 and select the after-hours option.

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