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Student Health Resources

These are the staff's top picks: apps, resources and websites to support your well-being goals. Check our emergencies and off-campus care page for additional community resources.


The following include lists of reputable websites on a variety of health and mental health topics.

    General Health and Mental Health Websites for College Students

    Sexual Health and Healthy Relationships Websites

    Alcohol Marijuana and Other Drugs Websites

    Nicotine and Tobacco Information and Cessation Websites

    Nutrition and Body Image Websites

    Mental Health, Stress and Emotional Well-being Websites

    Workshops and Videos

    Counseling Center YouTube

    Check out our YouTube channel, which will be routinely updated with content to educate and enhance your mental health. 

    Stress Management Workshop

    The Stress Management Workshop helps students learn to identify feelings of stress, manage this stress and reduce their vulnerability to future stress. There are four sequential videos with corresponding work packets. Through these videos, students will learn a series of skills that will teach them to navigate their stressors, respond to stress more effectively and enhance their confidence in their ability to manage stressful situations.


    Stress Management 101: The Basics

    This workshop focuses on the basics of what stress is, how to recognize cues you’re stressed and how to identify the intensity of your stress. You will learn coping mechanisms for stress including deep breathing, progressive muscle relaxation and guided visualization.

    Download the packet





    Mindfulness: Finding Calm in the Now

    This workshop focuses on mindfulness and its benefits. You will learn how to be mindful, practice various mindfulness activities and think about how to bring mindful awareness into your daily life. 

    Download the packet





    Challenging Unhelpful Thinking

    This workshop focuses on the impact of thoughts on our feelings and behavior. You will learn to identify your own unhelpful thinking patterns, to more accurately evaluate your negative thinking and to develop more realistic thoughts.

    Download the packet





    Self-Care, Enjoyment and Mastery

    This workshop teaches skills to reduce our vulnerability to distress. You will learn ways to keep yourself physically healthy, helpful sleep hygiene tips, ways to increase your enjoyment in life and ways to build confidence in your ability to accomplish goals.

    Download the packet



    Here are our top picks for apps to support well-being. Unless indicated, all are available at the App store and on Google Play.

    Mindfulness, Breathing and Meditation Apps for help with stress management, focus, mood and sleep

    Sleep Apps
    These sleep apps can help you develop a healthy sleep routine, fall asleep easier and stay asleep longer.

    Mood Enhancement and Tracking Apps

    Smoking and Vaping Cessation Apps

    Sexual and Reproductive Health Apps

    Support Groups and Call/Text Centers

    The following are phone and text service providers and support groups. In an emergency situation, always call University Police at (781) 891-3131.

    Mental Health and General Health

    LGBTQ+ Support Services

    • Trevor Project call or text 866.488.7386 for crisis intervention for LGBTQ+ people
    • LGBT Peer Listening Line sponsored by Fenway Health 1.800.399.PEER (mon-sat 5p-10p)
    • LGBT National Youth Talkline 1.800.246.7743 (mon-fri 4p-12a Eastern)
    • Trevor Project AVAILABLE 24/7/365 Call: 1-866-488-7386  Text: START 678678
    • LGBTQ PEER Listening Line Fenway Health Peer Listening Line (25 & Under): 617.267.2535,Toll Free: 800.399.PEER Hours: Monday-Saturday, 5:00-10:00pm
    • LGBTQ National Youth Talkline  Call: 800-246-7743 Hours: Monday-Friday 4pm-12am Saturday 12pm-5pm

    Substance Use/Abuse

    Nicotine/Tobacco Cessation

    Sexual or Relationship Violence

    Sexuality and Sexual Health Support

    Staff & Faculty Trainings

    Staff Training Videos

    Helping Students Manage COVID Related Stress

    Supportive Conversations with Emotional Students

    Emergency Information

    Call (781) 891-3131 if you’re experiencing a medical or emotional emergency. Help is available 24 hours a day.

    Sexual Assault and Relationship Violence

    Learn how you can help prevent sexual and interpersonal violence, support survivors and become empowered allies. Find People and Resources at Bentley that can help.