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Fraternity & Sorority Life

Fraternity & Sorority Life ("FSL" or Greek Life) at Bentley is a community of ethical leaders and scholars dedicated to the growth of our communities and individual members. Striving to advance a healthy community culture, Greek Life provides a transformative personal experience that prepares members for leadership beyond Greek Life and Bentley. FSL at Bentley comprises about 20 percent of undergraduate students. In recent years, FSL has achieved the following goals:

Academic Success & Career Preparation

FSL increased the minimum GPA for membership, developed an appeals process for students to join despite prior academic hardship, introduced new trainings offered by Academic Services and Career Services, increased academic support to active members, and reactivated Order of Omega Greek Life academic honor society. In 2010, FSL at Bentley was a community of 400 students with an average GPA below the Bentley average; now FSL comprises 800 students with an average GPA above the Bentley average.

Community Relations

FSL established a new sorority on campus (Kappa Delta). Starting in 2017, for the first time in at least the past 10 years, women now make up a majority of FSL at Bentley. Additionally, FSL collaborated on programs such as Consent Day, Interfaith Day of Service, and CultureFest. Now, 74% of FSL members are involved in another co-curricular experience or leadership position at Bentley outside of their chapter. FSL also established an FSL-wide committee, dedicated chapter officer positions, and required trainings focused on these topics.

Social Responsibility

FSL launched Bentley's first accreditation program for chapters, streamlined annual risk management trainings, introduced a new online hazing prevention module, improved required policy education for chapter leaders, and partnered with Student Conduct to propose, develop, implement, and market a medical amnesty policy.

Fraternity and Sorority Life Resources

Strategic Plan: 5 Years Forward

Fraternity & Sorority Life's new strategic plan was launched in 2021 and serves as a roadmap to fostering a healthy community culture and providing a transformative personal experience to all members. "5 Years Forward" was collaboratively developed through a process that incorporated student feedback and involvement, relevant departmental data, and a review of current and emerging issues in Fraternity & Sorority Life on Bentley's campus and nationally. This strategic plan builds on the foundation of success laid by FSL's previous strategic plan and recent community accomplishments in the areas of academic success, community relations, and social responsibility.

View the Strategic Plan

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Recruitment Requirements

In general, any student interested in participating in a recruitment process must meet the following requirements. Please also note the University's Recruitment and New Member Education Policy which governs this process.

  1. Enrolled full-time with a cumulative GPA of at least 2.7 and designated as at least Class Code 2 (have earned 15 credits at Bentley) or be a transfer student. Any student interested in participating in recruitment who either does not have a 2.7 minimum GPA and at least 15 completed Bentley credits or is not a transfer student must contact the Office of Student Programs & Engagement to learn about the academic appeals process prior to participating in any recruitment events.
  2. Completion of the Anti-Hazing Agreement & Grade Release
  3. Completion of the online Hazing Prevention 101: It’s Everyone’s Responsibility training
  4. Attendance at a Recruitment Information Session

New Member Education & Hazing Prevention

Students who are invited to join a chapter and accept their invitation will participate in a new member education process following recruitment. Chapters, their active members and new members are expected to follow the University’s Recruitment and New Member Education Policy. Fraternity and sorority members are required to complete hazing prevention training, in addition to signing the University’s anti-hazing agreement. The anti-hazing agreement is based on the University’s hazing policy in the Student Handbook.

Anyone who has concerns about potential hazing occurring within a chapter can report their concern online.

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Fraternities & Sororities

Bentley University supports membership in a number of different fraternity and sorority chapters, which include campus-based chapters (chapters made up of only Bentley students) as well as city-wide chapters (chapters made up of students from Bentley and area colleges and universities). City-wide chapters are denoted below; all other chapters are campus-based. Chapters interested in obtaining Bentley recognition are also outlined; all other chapters listed in the table are recognized by Bentley.

InterFraternity Council (Fraternities) Chapters Panhellenic Council (Sororities) Chapters Culturally-Based Chapters
Alpha Epsilon Pi    

Alpha Gamma Pi

Alpha Phi Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc. (Epsilon Chapter) city-wide chapter; interested in obtaining Bentley recognition
Delta Kappa Epsilon Gamma Phi Beta Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc. (Xi Tau chapter) recognized city-wide chapter
Kappa Sigma Kappa Delta Hermandad de Sigma Iota Alpha, Inc. (SIA) campus-based chapter interested in obtaining Bentley recognition
Sigma Chi Phi Sigma Sigma Latinas Promoviendo Comunidad/Lambda Pi Chi Sorority, Inc. (Nu chapter) city-wide chapter; interested in obtaining Bentley recognition
Sigma Gamma Delta    
Sigma Pi    

Requests for new chapters must follow the relevant process established by the InterFraternity Council, Panhellenic Council, and Student Programs & Engagement.

Please see This Policy for requests for new culturally-based chapters or contact Matt Galewski, Senior Associate Director, Student Programs & Engagement.

Unrecognized Chapters

Only those organizations listed above have Bentley University recognition and approval to operate or have Bentley University permission to participate in an expansion process. Community members should be aware that the organizations listed below do not have university recognition or permission to operate.

  • Kappa Pi Alpha (KPA) was expelled from campus in 2013 and is not recognized or supported by Bentley University.
  • Alpha Sigma Phi (ASP or Alpha Sig) lost its University recognition in June 2019 following its University suspension and the subsequent revocation of its charter by its headquarters.

Unrecognized groups have no affiliation with or supervision by the University, do not follow the standards set for recognized groups, and their members do not participate in trainings that educate students about alcohol and other drugs, mental health, hazing, and sexual assault prevention. Questions about the status of any organization should be directed to Matt Galewski, Senior Associate Director of Student Programs & Engagement.

Community Standards

Bentley sets clear expectations for all of its fraternities and sororities. Learn how the Community Standards Program provides a framework for chapter success.

Standards Report Card

Curious how a chapter measures up? Get the current Standards Report Card for how each chapter performed last year.

Parent & Family Resources

Is your student interested in joining a fraternity or sorority? Check out the resources below for our recommendations on how you can support your student through this process.

Our Letter to Parents & Families -- an introduction to Greek Life at Bentley from our staff.
Parent & Family FAQs -- information on the recruitment process, new member education, the University's expectations of chapters, and the benefits of joining a chapter.
15 Questions to Ask -- these are questions to ask your student if they are considering going through recruitment and/or joining a chapter.
How to Identify Potential Concerns -- this is intended to serve as a guide for recognizing concerning behavior, harmful culture, and signs of hazing in a chapter.

Community Data