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Please note: If you would like to submit a Withdrawal/Transfer, Leave of Absence, or Return from Leave form, please click here and complete the appropriate online form. Our staff will process your submitted form by the next business day or be in touch with you with any questions.

If you encounter challenges in filling out the form in this way or have any questions, please email to communicate your information and the nature of your request so a staff member can assist you.


If a student decides, for whatever reason, that they are permanently unable to continue attending Bentley, the student must officially withdraw from the University. The official withdrawal process is initiated by students by submitting the online Withdrawal/Transfer form.

Mere absence from classes or exams is not an official withdrawal from Bentley, nor does it reduce financial obligations. The University’s tuition refund policy is stated in the handbook. Withdrawals from the University must be done by the last day to withdraw from a single course in the semester. Withdrawal from individual courses is a different procedure; all students process course withdrawals through WORKDAY or in person at the Office of the Registrar. 

Since withdrawing is a permanent action, if a student who withdraws from the University wishes to return to Bentley, they must reapply through Admissions.


A leave of absence is taken when students plan to pause their studies and resume them at a future date. A student may choose to take a leave for any number of reasons. While not actively engaged in coursework at Bentley, these individuals are considered to have a special student status and must be eligible to continue studies at Bentley upon their return. A student begins the formal leave of absence process by submitting the online Leave of Absence form. Students may request to be placed on leave of absence for a period of up to two years, after which it becomes an administrative withdrawal. While on leave, students may not remain enrolled in any courses, participate in extracurricular activities at Bentley, or utilize University resources.

A leave of absence from the University must be completed by the last day to withdraw from courses.  

Students receiving financial assistance must consult with the Office of Financial Assistance if they plan to discontinue their studies at Bentley. 

Students on a leave of absence are responsible for reviewing the return from leave of absence policy below to ensure they meet all appropriate deadlines. 

International students please note:  International students on a leave of absence cannot stay in the United States.  Any international students taking a leave of absence must meet with a member of the Center for International Students and Scholars.  

Graduate Students please note: Upon admission to the McCallum Graduate School, all graduate students have five years in which to complete their program(s). If a graduate student is considering a leave of absence, Graduate Academic Advising & Engagement should be contacted at to discuss the impact of a leave of absence on academic progression and access to University resources.
Graduate Students in the Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center cohorts please refer to your Terms & Conditions in regards to the leave of absence process.

Medical Leave 

The University recognizes that students may experience medical situations that significantly limit their ability to function successfully or safely in their role as students. In those situations, students should consider requesting a medical leave of absence, which permits students to take a break from University life and their studies, so that they may receive treatment and later return to the University with an enhanced opportunity to achieve their academic and co-curricular goals. A student begins the medical leave of absence process by submitting the online Leave of Absence form and selecting “Medical Leave of Absence” under “Type of Leave.”

While on medical leave, students are encouraged to focus on treatment as recommended for the physical or psychological health issues that precipitated their leave. Students on a medical leave may not remain enrolled in any courses or extracurricular activities at Bentley. Medical leaves initiated by a student may extend up to two years. 

Returning from a Leave of Absence 

Students returning from a leave begin the process by submitting the Online Return from Leave form. Please see the below chart for deadlines for submitting the Return from Leave form.

Returning Semester 

Deadline for Submitting Return from Leave Form 


March 30* 


October 15*


October 15*


March 30*

* = Students hoping to register for classes and housing at the initial registration periods should submit their Return from Leave form prior to the deadline outline above. You may still be able to submit the form after the deadline but class and housing options will likely be more limited depending on when the form is received.

In addition to submitting the required Return from Leave form by the appropriate deadline, a student who wishes to return to campus after a medical leave must also provide a letter from their treating provider. This letter must be in English on the provider’s letterhead, outlining the student’s readiness to return to the academic and campus environment. The letter from the treating provider should be received by Student Affairs at least three weeks before the student’s scheduled return to campus. Students on medical leave who wish to return are subject to any conditions or restrictions outlined and agreed to prior to their leave. An opportunity for a conversation with the Care Team Case Manager will be provided to students returning from a medical leave in order to review their return plan as well as individualized resources available to them upon their return. 

While not required, students returning from a personal leave may request a re-entry meeting with the Care Team Case Manager in order to help assist them with a successful return to campus. 

Please Note: If a student is granted a medical leave after the last day to withdraw from courses, they must take a full semester off before returning to Bentley. The final day to have a medical leave processed for the current semester is Reading Day. Requests for a medical leave made after this deadline will only be considered for the following semester. 

For students considering a leave of absence and students who are planning for their return from leave, we recommend reviewing the resource "Taking a Leave of Absence: A Guide for College Students." This guide was developed by Boston University and the Ruderman Family Foundation and offers many helpful tools and strategies.