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Information Technology

90 Day Assessment and Current Accomplishments

Congratulations to our April 2019 Value Award Winners!

Ali Hasanov, Senior Network Security Engineer | SNT
Bob Wittstein, CIO
Valerie Pirri, Senior IT Project Manager | PMO
Jay Matrona, Director, Network Services | SNT
Carson Gibson, Network and Telecomm Technician II | SNT
Vasif Huseynov, Principal Network Engineer | SNT
Justin Hipp, Principal Enterprisewide Developer/Analyst | DMAS
Not pictured:
Kevin Crouse, Senior IT Project Manager | PMO
Bill Rizzo, Manager, Telecommunications | SNT

PHISHING ALERT! Employee Hooked & Hacked!

A member of the Bentley Community lost $8700 because they gave up banking credentials after clicking on a fake DCU link in a fraudulent email. Please watch this short video to learn important tips to avoid the pains of phish-fraud. To read more about phishing, including the various types of phishing and/or to see the Do’s and Don’t of phishing, visit Social Engineering. 

See also Bentley's Cyber Security Awareness video - Stay Off the Phish Hook!