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Information Technology

90 Day Assessment and Current Accomplishments

Congratulations to our November 2018 Value Award Winners!

Steve Demetrius, Senior Instruction and Online Media Specialist, ATC/CPT
Chloe Anderson, Associate Registrar, Registrar's Office
Bob Wittstein, CIO
Ted Kennette, Systems Engineer, Systems
Prema Nethala, Enterprise Application Support Manager, DMAS
Steve Morrow, Senior Systems Engineer, Systems
Katie Leahy, Reference Librarian, Research and Instruction, Library
Jaimie Fritz, University Archivist, Library

PHISHING ALERT! Employee Hooked & Hacked!

A member of the Bentley Community lost $8700 because they gave up banking credentials after clicking on a fake DCU link in a fraudulent email. Please watch this short video to learn important tips to avoid the pains of phish-fraud. To read more about phishing, including the various types of phishing and/or to see the Do’s and Don’t of phishing, visit Social Engineering. 

See also Bentley's Cyber Security Awareness video - Stay Off the Phish Hook!