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Information Technology

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IT Help Desk

Mac OS Catalina advisory - delay upgrade!

On Monday, October 7,  Apple released the latest Mac operating system (OS) Catalina. This upgrade will cause VMWare Fusion to fail and may prevent students from connecting to AirFalcon. As there may be other incompatibilities, to avoid interruption to your work do not upgrade to Catalina at this time.

Bentley IT is currently working on solutions with our vendors and testing for issues that may exist with this operating system.  We will provide another update when we have more information to share. If you have already performed the upgrade to Catalina and are experiencing issues, please contact the Help Desk for assistance.

We are not aware of any impact to Bentley-issued Mac computers for Faculty and Staff.

For students, Catalina has presented issues for the applications in bold listed below.  We will update students with next steps when we have more information.

VMWare Fusion: Several students have experienced a total loss of functionality in accessing Windows operating system and applications through VMWare Fusion version 11. This is the version that was available to students in August, September and throughout last year.  Bentley IT is working with our VMware vendor to provide version 11.5, which is compatible with Catalina. 

Recommendation: If you are currently using VMWare Fusion to access the Windows operating system on your Apple computer for one or more of your classes, please DO NOT upgrade to Catalina.  Bentley IT will reach out with a solution within a week.

OnGuard (student computer scanning required to access AirFalcon wireless): In August, the OnGuard application recognized Apple’s malicious software tool, Gatekeeper, as an antivirus solution necessary to access AirFalcon.  Currently, OnGuard does not recognize Gatekeeper through the Catalina macOS, and requires users to install a 3rd party anti-virus solution in order to connect to AirFalcon.

Recommendation:  Do not upgrade to Catalina.  Bentley IT is working with OnGuard for a solution and will reach out with more information or a solution within a week.

Bentley Information Technology (IT) is the central provider of technology infrastructure, services and applications for students, faculty and staff. Technology is integral to the teaching, learning and administrative processes that enable academic and student life at Bentley University. The IT team supports the mission of the University through the implementation of technology solutions that engage and empower the Bentley community.  


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As a student new to Bentley, you will find that technology is integral to your academic and extra-curricular activities and the information found here will help you prepare for your arrival on-campus.  You can find information on recommended laptop configurations, information on new computer purchases, connecting the Bentley network, on-campus computer repair services, and more.

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Having problems with your Bentley computer or connecting to the Bentley network?  Have questions about how to use Office 365 apps or Workday?  Want to know more about the IT services available to you? 

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A broad-range of IT services are available to students, faculty, and staff.  These services support teaching, learning, research, administration, and extra-curricular activities.  Information on these services and where to find assistance is provided here.

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