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Information Technology

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  • There is a shared responsibility to be safer and more secure online.   
  • By simply learning more about good cyber hygiene you can not only better protect yourself, friends, and family but also help to make the web safer for everyone around the world
  • Use the following information to empower yourself in becoming safer and more secure -- Be a force for cyber security

Lock down your accounts

  • Your account credentials are the first line of defense for protect your accounts from cyber criminals but usernames and passwords are not enough to protect your online accounts anymore 
  • Lock down your accounts to better secure your online information by enabling in the strongest account management tools available 

Click wisely

  • There is a reason so many cyber-attacks start with a bogus email message – It works! 
  • This type of scam is called phishing, and the goal is to get you to click a fraudulent link, open an unsafe file, or give up personal information 
  • Educate yourself so you are more vigilant and can Click wisely 

Own your online presence

  • As our digital live become more connected, it is increasingly important that we all protect our personal information and manage our privacy 
  • Most people are rather lax about the risks when sharing information online, especially on social media 
  • It's possible to marry participation with security if you educate yourself about the risks 

Keep a secure device

  • Most people don't consider just how much personal information is sitting in their pocket or in a bag 
  • Understand the risks and securing your devices will help you connect with more confidence   

Know your data

  • It's not enough to assume that we'll be perfect when it comes to preventing security breaches 
  • It is important to consider how to minimize the amount of data that would be compromised if it were breached, this is especially important when it comes to email and the cloud 
  • This is where data retention comes in 

Working from home 

  • Working from home can be new to some of you, perhaps overwhelming 
  • Something you most likely don't have to worry about on campus is family members or guests potentially trying to use your work devices 
  • Make sure they understand they cannot use your work device, they can accidentally erase or modify data, or, perhaps worse, accidentally infect the device