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Information Technology


Wireless at Bentley boasts more than double the number of access points to increase coverage; 802.11n bandwidth for faster speed; and enhanced security with WPA2 encryption. The wireless networks appear as “airfalcon”, "Bentley-Guest" and "bdevice".

The networks support 802.11n and 802.11g technologies. Most laptop computers and handheld devices manufactured within the last five years support at least one of these protocols; older devices supporting 802.11b will not connect.
What Network Should I Use?

airfalcon - is a high-speed security-enabled network designed for Bentley faculty, staff and students, all of whom receive a network account. Data traveling on the network is encrypted under the WPA2 specification.

Bentley-Guest  - web portal login page for visitors is an unsecured private network designed for your campus guests to access the internet.  Many internal resources are not available from this network, such as Bentley e-mail, library databases, and network drives. Bentley user accounts are not accepted. All guests must adhere to the Policies Governing Technology Resources at Bentley when using the Bentley-Guest network or any other Bentley resources.

bdevice - Bentley allows gaming consoles and smart devices to access the wireless network. Students interested in registering their devices on bdevice, should follow these instructions.

How do I connect to the wireless network?

Connecting to the wireless environment for the first time depends on a number of criteria. Please review the instructions that best suit your situation:

If you need assistance connecting to the wireless network please contact the Bentley IT Help Desk for assistance.

To report an issue with wireless, please click here