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Information Technology

Preparing for computing at Bentley

You can purchase a Lenovo computer that meets Bentley’s recommended standards at educational pricing.  Learn how and why to purchase a Bentley recommended computer through Bentley’s Computer Purchase Program.

If you plan to bring a computer to campus that you did not purchase through Bentley’s Computer Purchase Program, it must meet Bentley’s minimum standard computer configuration.

On-campus computer repair services are available for both warranty and non-warranty computer repairs. 

While not recommended, if you choose to use a Mac computer, certain courses require Windows-only applications. These courses include CS 100, GB 310 and other Accounting (AC) Computer Information Systems (CS), Information Process Management (IPM) and Finance (FI) courses.

If you choose to use a Mac, Bentley cannot guarantee compatibility with Windows-only applications for certain courses. Students with Macs may need to purchase and install additional software to use Windows-only applications in order to complete course requirements.

  • Some Windows applications are available through Bentley Virtual Apps (BVA), a virtual Windows environment. Go to the Bentley Virtual Apps page for more BVA information.
  • If you need a Windows-based academic application that is not available via BVA, you will need to install Parallels for a fee.

Before you arrive on campus...

Log into your accounts to ensure that your credentials are working:

Install Microsoft Office (available to no cost for active Bentley students):

  • Install Office on a Windows PC - This link will bring you to Microsoft’s support site where you will be instructed to sign-in using your Bentley credentials and then follow the instructions for installing Office 365.

Ensure that you have Antivirus Protection Installed and Active on your computer:

After you arrive on campus...