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Information Technology

Instructions on how to add printers:

  • Windows users - for instructions on connecting to printers, click here
  • Mac users -  for instructions on connecting to printers, click here

Printer Locations

  • Fenway (Residence): Dorm Lobby, B&W Printer
  • Jennison: 3rd floor Rear lounge area, beyond Academic Services offices, B&W and Color Printers
  • Library: Ground floor, room 017, B&W Printer
  • Library 1st floor, room 120, B&W and Color Printer
  • Library: 1st floor, room 127, B&W and Color Printer
  • Library 2nd floor, room 220, two B&W Printers
  • North Campus A (Residence): Dorm Lobby, B&W Printer
  • Smith: 1st floor lobby, B&W Printer
  • Smith: 3rd floor lobby, B&W Printer
  • Student Center Business Center: 3rd floor, 2 B&W, Color Printer

When it comes to printing from anywhere on campus you have a choice of using Falcon (black and white), Falcon Color (color) or Falcon Canon Color for the Color Printer in the Student Center Business Center.
Each Bentley student has a printing allowance allocated to them on a semester basis:

Print Quotas per Semester:

  • Full Time Graduate Students $100.00 (nine credits or more)
  • All Undergraduate Students $40.00
  • PhD Students $250.00

When you are ready to print:

  • Enter your Bentley shortname, password and print job name
  • Choose either Falcon Color Print or Falcon Print (set to print double-sided by default) from your list of available printers.
  • You will need your Bentley ID to print.  Bring your ID within 48 hours to one of the printer locations listed above to pick up your print job from one of the print stations. 
  • Each page printed will be deducted from your semester allowance. Black and White copies are charged at $.05 for single-sided and $.045 for double-sided; Color copies are charged at $.24 for single-sided and $.23 for double-sided.

To check your print balance (available on the campus network only)