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Information Technology

Instructions on how to add printers:

  • Windows users - for instructions on connecting to printers, click here
  • Mac users -  for instructions on connecting to printers, click here

Printer Locations

  • Fenway (Residence): Dorm Lobby, B&W Printer
  • Jennison: 3rd floor Rear lounge area, beyond Academic Services offices, B&W and Color Printers
  • Library: Ground floor, room 017, B&W Printer
  • Library 1st floor, room 120, B&W and Color Printer
  • Library: 1st floor, room 127, B&W and Color Printer
  • Library 2nd floor, room 220, two B&W Printers
  • North Campus A (Residence): Dorm Lobby, B&W Printer
  • Smith: 1st floor lobby, B&W Printer
  • Smith: 3rd floor lobby, B&W Printer
  • Student Center Business Center: 3rd floor, 2 B&W, Color Printer

When it comes to printing from anywhere on campus you have a choice of using Falcon (black and white), Falcon Color (color) or Falcon Canon Color for the Color Printer in the Student Center Business Center.

Each Bentley student has a printing allowance allocated to them on a semester basis:

Print Quotas per Semester:

  • Full Time Graduate Students $100.00 (nine credits or more)
  • All Undergraduate Students $40.00
  • PhD Students $250.00

When you are ready to print:

  • Choose either Falcon Color Print or Falcon Print (set to print double-sided by default) from your list of available printers.
  • You will need your Bentley ID to print. Bring your ID within 48 hours to one of the printer locations listed above to pick up your print job.
  • Each page printed will be deducted from your semester allowance. Black and White copies are charged at $.05 for single-sided and $.045 for double-sided; Color copies are charged at $.24 for single-sided and $.23 for double-sided.