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Around Campus

Coronavirus Chronicles

February 26, 2021
Bentley lecturer James Fitz Gerald recognized that the transition to college for first-year students is difficult enough — never mind in a worldwide pandemic. So he invited them to write about it.  “COVID-19 had shifted the order of things, dramatically…

Honors and Awards: Spring 2021

February 25, 2021
Bentley recognizes its faculty, staff, and students for their awards, honors and other achievements.

Why Change is Good

February 23, 2021
    Professor Buono joined the     Bentley faculty in 1979.
The irony isn’t lost on Tony Buono.  Indeed, as the Management and Sociology professor points out, “I’ve been fascinated by change my entire professional life — studying it,…

The Force of a Financial Future

February 22, 2021
Rahul Bhojwani ’22 plans a career that will impact healthcare and improve lives    Rahul Bhojwani '22 likes solving problems — especially when his work will benefit others. After learning in eighth grade about the…

A Running Start

February 12, 2021
When you’re a collegiate student-athlete, you learn to use both sides of your brain. 
          Samantha Bilodeau '22
So it’s not a huge surprise that cross country and track runner Samantha Bilodeau ’22 is pursuing studies in two very…

Order in the Courts

February 11, 2021
Like many Americans, Bill Gribbons wasn’t thrilled to find a jury duty summons in his mailbox.   His apprehension, however, soon gave way to curiosity. A professor of Information Design and Corporate Communications, Gribbons has devoted much of his life to…

Annette Choy '22 Finds Her Voice

February 8, 2021
For Annette Choy ’22, a business law course during her first semester at Bentley had a profound impact. Choy began research into racial profiling in the court system and soon realized how deeply ingrained were the problems with the nation’s justice system.…

Meet Barbara Paul-Emile, Pioneer

February 3, 2021
  Professor Paul-Emile became   the first Black ​​​​tenured professor    at Bentley ​​​in 1984.
“There are many classes here that teach you how to make a living,” says Barbara Paul-Emile. “But only a handful that teach you how to live…

They Were Students. Now They're Advocates, Too

January 27, 2021
Students at MLK Celebration describe how they became anti-racism advocates Bentley’s 35th annual MLK Celebration was different this year. In most years, it features an on-campus event attended by hundreds as well as…

Meet Kim Kerrigan

December 23, 2020
Since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, the importance of regularly testing a population for the virus has proved to be an effective measure in reducing spread and identifying those in need of care. From competition bubbles in the NHL and NBA to hospitals…