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Giving Finance a Chance

May 4, 2021
Marisa Li ’22  Discovers the Human Side of Business Marisa Li ’22 took her interest in solving problems through technology and data and combined that with the human side of business through her Economics-Finance …

Mental Health Matters in the Workplace

May 3, 2021
Center for Women and Business calls on corporations to prioritize emotional wellness Before COVID-19, emotional wellbeing was a significant, but largely solitary, concern for America’s workforce. According to the…

Making Everything from Nothing

April 30, 2021
Courtney Woronka ’21 had three goals when she first arrived at Bentley: Play varsity softball. Study abroad. And be a campus tour guide, like she was in high school.  Woronka whiffed on two of the three but still managed to produce a home run of a college…

Selling Points

April 29, 2021
             Salvatore J. Stile ’92
For Salvatore “Sal” Stile ’92, the world of professional sales encompasses more than cold calls and commissions.   Indeed, while the founder and president of Alba Wheels Up, an international shipping…

Finding Gold

April 28, 2021
Suchithra Vengalil’s master of Business Analytics was a graduate degree 16 years in the making.  So, after waiting so long to see her dream come true, Vengalil promised herself she was going to make the most of it.   “Having got an opportunity to do my …

Real Men Don’t Buy ‘Mrs. Clean’

April 26, 2021
Professor’s research explores how implicit bias affects consumer perceptions of gendered brands
  Professor Susan Dobscha
With his gleaming bald head, jaunty hoop earring and muscled, T-shirt…

Coffee, Culture and Communication

April 21, 2021
Rome internship gives Rachel Dobrzynski ’21 a taste of media and culture  Rachel Dobrzynski ’21 loves to talk. So much so that she learned Spanish so she could “talk to more people” in her high school’s diverse…

Extracurricular Growth

April 16, 2021
From the very beginning, Bentley was too loud for Asimina Morris ’21 to ignore.  “I was interested in business all throughout high school,” says Morris, an Economics-Finance major with a minor in Law who’s from Bedford, Mass. “I knew it was something I wanted…, Name Asimina Morris's Orientation teams throughout the years , Like a lot of Bentley students, Morris plugged in to extracurricular activities early, and often. First was the Adamian Law Club. Then came the Bentley Real Estate Group, and helping out as a tutor at the Writing Center. She had a two-year internship at McLean…

Leading Outside the Classroom

April 14, 2021
Before Michael Beaudoin ’21 started at Bentley, he received some advice from his older brother: Get involved on campus early and often.    “I joined the Campus Activities Board (CAB) as a general member my first semester and I never looked back,” Beaudoin …

International Impact

April 13, 2021
​​​​   ​​​  We Can Be Heroes protects  ​​​​    ​​​​​Amazon wildlife through its      “Salva tu Selva” initiative. 
Isabella Contessi ’22 preserved parts of the Amazon rain forest. Miguel Garcia ’24 provided surfing and muay thai lessons…