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Student Employment Opportunities

Once positions become available, we will place them on the website and Workday.

To ensure success in its mission to promote research and host educational and entertaining events in diverse disciplines, the Valente Center has positions for three undergraduate students: Student program manager, Student Communications Manager and Student Research Manager. Alongside the full-time Valente Center staff, these part-time students play a vital role in the day-to-day operations of the center. For each these roles, there are some shared expectations: Students meet regularly with Valente Center Director to discuss programming ideas, duties and strategic planning at the Valente Center/office during office hours for 10 scheduled hours per week; provide collegial assistance to other Valente Center staff and visitors as needed to help foster a comfortable working environment for the team; assist Valente Center team as needed with administrative tasks, including website and social media posts, creations of spreadsheets, design of flyers and handouts, posting advertising, basic editing tasks; attend special events or activities as a representative of the Valente Center and maintain a collegial, collaborative and professional attitude. 

We also provide employment through our Undergraduate Researcher Program and Student Researcher Program, please visit these pages to learn more about these programs and understand each role. 

Student Employment Opportunities
Undergraduate Researcher Program

The call for our undergraduate researcher program is now open! 

Please visit our Undergraduate Researcher Program for a description of the program and how to apply.

UG Researcher Program


Student Research Assistant (SRA)

Positions for this program will be announced at the beginning of the academic year. Once positions are open, we will place a description here and you can apply through Workday.

Please visit our Student Researcher Program for a description of the program.

Student Research Assistantships


Student Program Manager

Student program manager: As a leadership position, the student program manager works closely with the Valente Center director and staff to develop, implement and manage student-centered programs in the arts, humanities and sciences, and provide administrative support for existing initiatives in the center. The student program manager is responsible for engaging fellow students and raising the profile of Valente Center programs in many ways and forms. They serve as the lead in organizing and facilitating student-centered events on- and off campus. The ideal candidate will have established leadership qualities on campus and a demonstrated interest in the fusion of arts, humanities and sciences with business at Bentley (e.g. Liberal Studies Major, Arts and Sciences major or minor). Candidates should be self-directed, possess excellent written and verbal communication skills, and be comfortable with public speaking and outreach.

Student Communications Manager

Communications manager: The Valente Center’s events would not be successful if they were not visible and accessible to the greater Bentley community. This student works to create the promotional materials that share the details of each event so that students and faculty across campus can attend. Additionally, they manage the center’s social media presence — Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook — to connect alumni, donors, students and faculty to strengthen the Valente Center community and share valuable takeaways from the center’s events. The candidate must be organized, energetic, self-directed, technologically savvy, and possess excellent written and verbal communication skills.

Student Research Manager

Student research manager: (Position open. To apply, please visit WorkDay)

By working with both students and faculty involved in the center’s research programs, this student plays an integral role in various research projects throughout the year. This student serves as a liaison between faculty and student researchers, mentors and assistants with the Valente Center staff, policies and scheduled events for bettering research. As a source of ideas on how to improve future research programs and recipient of feedback from researchers, this student leaves a lasting impact on the programs at the center. Experience with Valente Center programs and/or undergraduate research with a Bentley professor is highly desired.

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