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Information and Process Management

Today’s world is information-intensive, and companies need skilled business professionals who can use information effectively to stay ahead of competition by seeing, understanding, and managing information and processes across the length and breadth of the organization. In the Information and Process Management Department, we help you develop these skills through courses and hands-on training in applied business-IT systems.

Degree Programs

Corporate Immersion Institute

Teaching and Research Highlights

Thought Leadership Networks

IPM faculty (Fedorowicz, Cram, Gogan, Proudfoot, Chircu, Purao, Murungi, Marabelli) are involved in several Thought Leadership Networks working on big data, analytics, information security, healthcare, smart cities, and visual methods projects.”

Bentley Research Colloquium Participation

  • 2014: M. Lynne Markus (IPM) co-chaired the 2014 Bentley Research Colloquium together with Heikki Topi (CIS). The colloquium was held on November 14th, 2014. The colloquium focused on Big Data and other sociotechnical innovations, with a specific interest in technical, societal, organizational, ethical, and policy implications of big data. Several IPM faculty members presented their research during the colloquium: M. Lynne Markus, Alina Chircu, Janis Gogan, Jeff Proudfoot, Mark-David McLaughlin, Gabriela Pereira and Marco Marabelli.
  • 2015: Alina Chircu (IPM) chaired the 2015 Bentley Research Colloquium on Friday, October 30th, 2015. The colloquium focused on Sustainable Worlds: Individual, Business, Societal, and Scientific Perspectives. Several IPM faculty members presented their research during the colloquium: Alina Chircu.
  • 2016: Several IPM faculty members presented their research during the 2016 Bentley Research Colloquium on The Business of Healthcare: Research, Opportunity, and Innovation on November 3, 2016: Marco Marabelli, M. Lynne Markus and Janis Gogan. 
  • 2017: Several IPM faculty members presented their research during the 2017 Bentley Research Colloquium on The Future of Work: The Changing Workplace, Workforce and Nature of Work on November 2, 2017: Marco Marabelli, M. Lynne Markus and Janis Gogan.
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Department News

Bentley Research Colloquium
IPM Faculty participate in the Bentley Research Colloquium.

Thought Leadership Network
IPM faculty active in several Thought Leadership Networks.

NCWIT Appointment
Fedorowicz appointed as AIS representative on the Leadership Team of the National Center for Women in Technology (NCWIT).

Gogan President of NACRA 2014-15
Janis Gogan (IPM) became President of North American Case Research Association (NACRA) (2014-15).

Fedorowicz President of AIS 2013-14
Jane Fedorowicz (Accounting, IPM) assumed the position of President of the Association for Information Systems, the global professional society for Information Systems academics, on July 1, 2013.

Markus Runs NSF-Funded Workshop
M. Lynne Markus (IPM), working with several Bentley colleagues, recently ran a successful NSF-funded workshop in Washington, D.C.


Heikki Topi
 Professor and Department Chair
Smith Technology Center 408

Anne Baker
Academic Coordinator
Smith Technology Center 324 B