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Business Intelligence and Enrollment Systems

Business Intelligence and Enrollment Systems

About Us

Bentley's Office of Business Intelligence and Enrollment Systems (BI&ES) aids the University in understanding itself and its external environment. The office promotes strategic thinking, data-driven decision making and policy formulation within the organization through the systematic collection, objective analysis and regular dissemination of reliable information.

BI&ES formulates a research agenda for the institution and conducts studies to advance that agenda. It gathers and analyzes data to inform policies related to student recruitment, financial assistance and admissions and to measure student attitudes, satisfaction and retention. It also provides internal consulting services to other departments of the University to elevate the standards and the utility of research initiatives undertaken elsewhere in the institution.

Finally, it coordinates information reporting to federal and state agencies and professional, regional accrediting bodies, and responds to external requests for information about the University from college guidebooks and other such publications.

Services Provided

Bentley's Office of Business Intelligence and Enrollment Systems (BI&ES) aids the University in understanding itself and its external environment. The BI&ES office provides the following services:

Information Management

The BI&ES office is responsible for meeting the myriad reporting requirements of federal, state and regulatory organizations, coordinating the university’s participation in various inter-institutional data exchanges, and compiling data for external publishers such as U.S. News and Businessweek that use institutional information in their college guides and reports. The office is the main source of institutional information for individuals inside and outside the university and strives to assist all who turn to it for data about the university.

Accreditation and Evaluation

The BI&ES office supports planning and review processes associated with the New England Commission of Higher Education (NECHE), the Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business (AACSB) and the European Quality Improvement System (EQUIS).

Strategic Planning

The BI&ES office has developed and maintains a list of quality indicators that are used as background information for senior administrators. These quality indicators cover many areas of higher education, and offer comprehensive and longitudinal views of Bentley and our comparative institutions. Strategic planning includes environmental scanning and comparative research and ongoing support of the university-wide process.

Analysis and Reporting

The BI&ES office conducts studies of students, faculty and staff using both internal and external data sources to advance institutional self-study. The office uses data analysis to identify the problems and issues facing Bentley and provides useful information to promote strategic planning. Business Intelligence and Enrollment Systems uses benchmarks for institutional reference, assessment and accountability. The office also serves an important consultative role for other administrative and academic units in the design and administration of surveys, analysis of survey data, and reporting of results.