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Provost's Office

Lynne Rosansky, PhD
V.P. for Academic Affairs and Provost
Rauch 318

Bettina Stevens, BA, M.Litt
Director, Finance and Administration
Adamian 160

Patrick Scholten, PhD
Associate Provost and Associate Professor, External Relations & Accreditation Services
Morison 301

Carol Ann Boughrum 
Executive Assistant 
Rauch 316 

Bentley University is distinctive among educational institutions globally. Our mission as a business university is to create new knowledge within and across business and the arts and sciences, and to prepare a new generation of creative, ethical and socially responsible organizational leaders.

The university’s distinguishing strengths include:

  • A unified faculty in business and the arts and sciences – with deep expertise in their respective disciplines and the educational mission
  • Academic programs and research with an international reputation for quality and impact
  • Leadership in promoting ethical and socially responsible enterprise, and in advancing the critical role of information and communication technology to achieve sustainable high-performance
  • A community that embraces diversity and appreciates its value in stimulating creativity, innovation and profound learning
  • Students ready to excel in complex and dynamic environments through their capacity to initiate, lead and affect value-creating change.

Bentley University graduates are talented and ethical individuals who make significant contributions to their organizations and the broader society, through their ability to:

  1. Examine situations from multiple perspectives

  2. Understand and apply information to decision-making

  3. Fully utilize technology

  4. Connect people and ideas

  5. Operate comfortably with ambiguity and risk

  6. Work effectively with diverse individuals and groups.