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Office of the Provost

Program Level Design Resources

The resources below are intended for Assurance of Learning (AoL Coordinators) for programs or departments.  These resources assist AoL Coordinators in their regularly scheduled assessment activities.

Assurance of Learning Overview and FAQs

Assurance of Learning (AoL) assessment reviews take place to demonstrate that students achieve learning expectations in their programs of study. These resources further define Assurance of Learning at Bentley, discuss requirements and processes, and provide a visual overview of steps that are taken while completing a review:
Assurance of Learning FAQs
Assurance of Learning Overview for Reviewers

Pre-Assessment Checklist

Prior to beginning the collection and review of learning outcomes assessment data, here are some important steps to getting started:  

  • Review with the AoL and Instructional Design team the learning outcomes to be assessed as well as the assessment methodology.
    • Assessment methodologies may include exam questions (essay or multiple choice), presentations, projects, case studies and accompanying rubrics.
    • Determine who will be responsible for assessing the data. Is it the course instructor, or a juried review process?
    • During this meeting, we will also review or develop an assessment timeline.
  • Speak with your department, or if a coordinated course, the instructors of the course. Discuss the following:
    • What knowledge do you (as a group) hope to gain from assessing this student learning outcome?
    • The data that will assess the student learning outcome.
    • The timeline for collecting, assessing, and submitting the outcomes data.
    • If necessary, engage in a norming session related to a rubric or other assessment methodology.
  • Reach out to the AoL and Instructional Design team if any additional support or guidance can be provided to ensure success.

Assessment Summary Report

Complete this Assessment Summary Report while you evaluate how specific learning goals and outcomes are met in your program. You can save the report locally and complete it electronically. Print, review and submit the signed copy to
Assessment Summary Report

What is Curriculum Mapping?

Curriculum Mapping is a method to align instruction with desired goals and program outcomes. It is a table where faculty can systematically document and visualize required courses and student learning outcomes. It is a powerful tool that can improve communication among faculty, identify gaps in the curriculum, and design an assessment plan. A curriculum map is a matrix that includes a row for each learning outcomes, and a column for each required course. Where the learning outcome will be introduced, reinforced, and mastered are then indicated on the appropriate box in the matrix. If a department or program would like to have the learning design team develop a curriculum mapping workshop, or provide further resources and samples, please reach out to us at

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