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Risk Management

Risk Management

Staff, Location and Contact Information

Nancy Antunes, Executive Director of Finance
Rauch 310, 781.891.2686

Ann Harte, Director of Risk Management and Financial Policy
Rauch 125, 781.891.2951

General Liability

Lexington Insurance Company insures Bentley University for our General Liability. General Liability claims are claims made against the University by a third party, which alleges negligence by the University that caused bodily injury or property damage on Bentley University owned property. All injuries or property damage/loss should be reported to Campus Police who will forward the information to the Risk Manager's office located in Rauch 028.

Bentley requires anyone coming on campus to conduct business (non-Bentley employees), perform a service or who is renting space, to provide evidence of general liability coverage by providing a Certificate of Insurance. See Certificates of Insurance for specific requirements. All vendors and contractors must submit Certificates of Insurance to the Purchasing Department and anyone holding an outside event needs to submit a Certificate of Insurance to Meeting and Conference Services prior to conducting business.

Travel Assistance Program

All international and domestic travel for faculty and staff on behalf of Bentley, please refer to this brochure and ID card (please print ID card and carrry) that contains important and helpful information:

Travel Assistance Services Brochure & ID 

Additional information for Bentley business travelers: Travel Assistance Program Welcome Kit 

Students that are participating in the Education Abroad Program should carefully read the handbook provided by the Cronin Office of International Education. You need to check with your health insurance carrier to makes sure that coverage extends to traveling abroad.

Property Insurance

Bentley University Property

Whenever Bentley property is lost, damaged or stolen, it is the responsibility of the department/individual involved to contact Campus Police and file a police report. Campus Police will forward the report to the Risk Manager where the report will be reviewed. If the damage is over our deductible and determined to be a covered loss, a claim will be pursued.

Personal Property

Bentley does not insure the personal property of its students, staff or faculty. Students living on campus should purchase their own renter's insurance if not covered under their parents' homeowners' policy.

Worker's Compensation

All individuals who are employed by Bentley are covered by Workers Compensation, which provides reimbursement to staff for medical expenses and/or wages lost as a result of injuries that occur in the course of conducting business at/for the university.

If you become injured while on the job, you should inform your supervisor of this situation as soon as possible. Your supervisor is responsible for filing a first report of injury with Human Resources, who will then coordinate any insurance benefits resulting from your claim with you.

Please contact Human Resources if you have any questions regarding Workers Compensation.

Workplace Health and Safety

University Safety Policy

Bentley is committed to protecting the integrity of the university's human, physical, and financial resources. We recognize our responsibility to manage our business in such a way that these resources are conserved and utilized effectively and safely. Accordingly, our policy is to:

  • Furnish workplaces free from recognized hazards that are likely to cause death, injury or illness.
  • Comply with laws and regulations set forth pertaining to Safety, Environmental, Health and Fire Safety.
  • Recognize that Safety and Health issues are accepted as a high-priority of concern at Bentley.
  • Provide a professional safety department that acts as a resource to promote and support Safety and Health programs. Assist in employee training and interpretations of applicable codes.
  • Hold every employee accountable for attending safety training as required and to comply with all safety policies and procedures as necessary.
  • Develop and implement a Safety Procedures and Policies Manual outlining specific safety policies and procedures adopted at Bentley.
  • Monitor and audit safety training and policy development on an annual basis.