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Risk Management

Certificates of Insurance (Proof of Insurance Request)

When borrowing or leasing equipment, renting outside facilities, or dealing with off-campus vendors or service providers, you may be asked to provide a certificate of insurance (COI). A certificate of insurance is a form listing the insurance coverages carried by an organization. It is issued by an insurance broker and contains the broker's authorized signature. It certifies that the insurance policies listed on the certificate are carried by the organization at the time the certificate was issued.  It is used to show specific proof of insurance from damage which the University is liable as part of a contract, purchase order, or other agreement.

If you are a member of the faculty or staff and you need a COI, would like help with proof of insurance requests, or have other questions, please contact The Director of Risk Management and Financial Policy (

To expedite COI requests, please include the organization name and address requesting the COI, name and contact information of the individual, and a copy of the contract or agreement. Although COIs will usually be issued in four business days or less, please call if a faster response is required.

COIs will only be approved for University-sanctioned activities.