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Our History major equips you with a solid understanding of the people, cultures and events that shaped the modern world. And, through a broad range of business courses, you’ll explore how history remains relevant to today. With a history degree from Bentley, you can work in government or political positions, public policy, international affairs or journalism. Some students use the degree as a stepping stone toward graduate work in business, law and related fields. You can customize your degree through a concentration in one of two fields: regional history (American, European, Asian or Latin American/Caribbean) or thematic history (e.g., social, economics or military history). 

As a History major, you will graduate with a broad knowledge of business by completing courses that are part of the Business Administration minor. You will also have the option of complementing your History major with a Business Administration major, or any other approved Bentley major, by using some of your free electives to take additional courses.

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History of Espionage (HI 304)

This course surveys the world of espionage from ancient times to the present. Students will study historically important spies, spymasters and organizations and their methods and motivations. In the final analysis students will attempt to understand the role espionage has played in shaping international relations, the modern state, military operations and more recently, the corporate world. To that end, the course will attempt to understand the kinds of motivations for spying, the evolution of and professionalization of espionage organizations, how the spy is regarded in society at large. Additional themes to be explored include the differences between the realities of espionage and how it is portrayed in fiction and film, and ethical questions surrounding both corporate and state espionage.

Staying loyal to the dream

Growing up in Windsor, Ontario, Jakov Novak dreamed of playing in the NHL. When the late bloomer was passed over by Canada’s big junior hockey league, he could’ve given up. Instead, he decided on a different path.

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The view from the Mountain

Internships are an integral part of the Bentley experience. See how a group of them that spent a summer working for leading information storage firm Iron Mountain used their experience to broaden their education, and better prepare themselves for a successful career.

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