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The work of the Human Resources team supports the mission of the University by providing services and programs that attract, develop and retain a highly qualified and diverse workforce. Whether you are faculty, administrative staff, a retiree, or a prospective employee, the welcoming team in HR is committed to providing you with timely and professional service and strategic solutions. The core values of the Bentley Beliefs guide our interactions with the whole Bentley community and we are dedicated to treating all with respect and dignity.

Our core services include recruitment and selection; compensation and benefits administration; performance management; learning and development; employee relations; human resources information systems, as well as compliance with state and federal employment laws and regulations.

It's our goal to bring the best people to Bentley—and to be the best HR team for our faculty and staff.


Current in HR

Performance Management Summary Review

Cycle Wrap-up - Now is the time for employees and managers in the CAP system to finish up the CAP Wrap-up summary conversation about the employee's contributions over the entire CAP cycle (done in People Admin).  The design of the CAP system includes regular Check-ins throughout the year, so the "CAP Wrap-up" meeting should have no surprises. Just constructive and candid conversation.

Cycle Kick-off - Now is also the time for all managers of employees in the CAP system to launch new SMART goals (done in Workday).

See the Performance Management page in Employee Resources for additional information. 


Preventing Workplace Harassment

In keeping with our culture based on dignity and respect, Bentley requires all faculty and staff to complete an online Harassment Prevention program designed specifically for institutions of higher ed. See log-in instructions below. View also Bentley's policies and procedures related to Workplace Discrimination, Harassment, and Bullying Policy, and the Sexual Harassment Policy.

Mosaic: Prevent Discrimination and Harassment Together


2017 Promotions

Kudos to all employees who grew in their career at Bentley in 2017, and earned a promotion!


Bentley's Commitment to Diversity and Inclusion 

“Watch other people for clues about who they are, not just clues about how much they are or are not like you.”

                 -- Patti Digh

"Bentley believes that workforce diversity is essential to the University’s growth and long-term success.  Diversity refers to the wide array of human differences, including racial and ethnic identity, culture, socio-economic background, experience, and perspective, that exist in the workforce and in the wider community. Bentley believes that promoting diversity plays an essential role in its educational mission by fostering greater innovation and creativity, attracting the widest pool of qualified applicants to its work force, and enhancing its communication and relationships with the community." -- Bentley Non-Discrimination Policy

Bentley HR is committed to upholding our first Core Value—Diversity. Whether it's training hiring managers on implicit bias, or facilitating Bentley Brave Dialogs, the HR team collaborates closely with our colleagues in the Office of Institutional Diversity to realize our shared vision and our belief in the power of difference.


Campus Connections Annual Summer Golf Outing

The weather was great and the spirit even better at the annual Faculty vs. Staff golf tournament at Stow Acres.  The Faculty team inched under the Staff by one stroke to take the title.  The winning team overall consisted of Jeff Moriarty, Laura Young, Chris Lanoue, and Jeff Livingston—congratulations all!












































































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