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Tuition Remission Policy


Bentley University is strongly committed to providing for the enrichment and professional development of its faculty and staff and to providing educational opportunities for their immediate family members.  Accordingly, Bentley offers the Tuition Remission Program which follows.


The Tuition Remission Benefit applies to tuition charges only.  It does not apply to fees, course materials, other non-tuition expenses, or to study abroad courses or study tours, or courses taken at other institutions, with the exception that technology and activity fee are covered for employees only.

Enrollment Criteria

For degree related courses, faculty and staff, their dependent children and stepchildren, and spouses benefiting from tuition remission must meet standard admissions requirements and are subject to the same academic standards and policies as all other students.

Eligibility for Employees


Full-time Faculty and full-time Staff, who are regularly scheduled to work nine months or more per year are eligible to take courses, tuition free, in any of the Undergraduate or Graduate programs.  Full-time staff may take up to two (2) undergraduate courses per semester or two (2) graduate courses per semester not to interfere with their work schedule.  


Part-time Faculty are eligible for tuition remission in any semester in which they teach one or more credit-bearing course sections.

  • Part time Faculty teaching one course section are eligible for 25% tuition remission in that semester.
  • Part time Faculty teaching two or more course sections are eligible for 50% tuition remission in that semester.

Part time Staff who are scheduled to work at least 17.5 hours per week during at least nine months of the year are eligible for 50% tuition remission for any courses they take.  Part-time staff may take up to three undergraduate courses or up to two (2) graduate courses.  Part-time staff, working a different schedule other than the normal day shift hours are allowed to take up to three day courses and have them covered under the policy.

Department Assistants

Are a separate category under the tuition remission policy.  Department Assistants are allowed two (2) graduate courses per semester for any semester in which they are scheduled to work.  The hiring departments verify their eligibility and the forms are processed in Human Resources.  Department Assistants are allowed to take as many graduate courses as they wish but only two (2) per semester are covered under the Tuition Remission Policy.  Tuition Remission covers graduate courses taken during Fall, Spring and Summer semesters.  There is no tuition remission for study abroad courses or study tours.


Ordinarily, courses may not be taken which conflict with regular work hours.  A manager, in limited circumstances and with vice president approval,  may grant an employee approval to take a course during work hours, if the course is not offered outside regular work hours and is required for a degree program.  Coursework may not interfere with the performance of the employee's regularly assigned responsibilities.  Exempt and Non-exempt staff taking courses approved by their manager during work hours are required to work additional hours during the pay period to receive full pay.  For one week intensive courses, all staff must use vacation or personal time.

Eligibility for Dependent Children

Tuition remission is available to the dependent children or stepchildren of full-time Faculty and full-time Staff under the following conditions:

  • Dependent children or stepchildren are eligible if age 27 or under.

  • Dependent children or stepchildren must meet the dependent criteria established by the Internal Revenue Code.

Bentley may require official documents to verify dependent status.

Waiting Period for Benefit Participation

Dependent Children

Dependent children and stepchildren of full time Faculty and Staff hired on or after July 1, 1991 become eligible for tuition remission after their parent has completed one year of full-time employment at Bentley.  The benefit schedule thereafter shall be as follows:

  • During the second and third year of employment - 50% tuition remission available to dependent
  • During the fourth and fifth year of employment - 75% tuition remission available to dependent
  • After five years - 100% tuition remission available to dependent

Staff with at least 5 years part-time benefits-eligible service who change to full time status will receive service credit.  The part time service will be converted to half credit toward the full time service requirements listed above.  For example:

An employee with 5 years part-time benefits-eligible service would receive the equivalent of 2.5 years of full time service credit, resulting in a 50% tuition remission benefit beginning the semester following the change to full time service, and 75% beginning the semester following the completion of a combined total of 3 years service.

An employee with 10 years part-time benefits-eligible service would receive the equivalent of 5 years service credit and would be eligible for 100% tuition remission beginning the semester following the change of status to full time.

For the purpose of determining dependent eligibility, length of employment shall be defined as the length of time from date of hire in a full time position (specified in appointment letter or contract) to the first scheduled class of the following semester.

For Dependents of Full time Faculty and Staff Hired and Employed Full Time Prior to July 1, 1991, Tuition is Remitted at 100% and No Waiting Periods Apply

Tuition Remission Benefit for Dependent Children

The Tuition Remission Benefit for each dependent child or stepchild meeting the eligibility criteria outlined above is subject to a cumulative limit of 40 credit-bearing courses, or eight full-time undergraduate semesters of coursework, whichever is greater.  All credit-bearing courses, whether Graduate or Undergraduate, count toward this 40-course limitation, whether tuition is remitted in whole or in part, in accordance with the previous section, Waiting Period for Benefit Participation of Dependent Children.  Tuition Remission is not applicable to study abroad courses, study tours or courses taken at other institutions.

Tuition Remission Benefit for Spouses*

Tuition remission is available to the spouses of full-time Faculty and full-time Staff only.

Tuition may be remitted for any credit-bearing Undergraduate or Graduate course.  One hundred percent of tuition is remitted for the first course per semester and 50% for all other concurrent credit courses.  Staff must be full time prior to the start date of any course taken by the spouse.

The University may require official documents to verify spousal status.

This benefit also applies to spouses of staff who changed from part time benefits eligible to full time status.

*Also available to same sex spousal equivalents of out-of-state residents as defined in Bentley’s domestic partner benefits program.

Pro-Rating of Benefits Upon Change of Employment Status

In the event of change in employment status while continuing employment with the University, any required adjustments in the tuition remission benefit for the dependent child or stepchild, or spouse will take effect during the following semester.

If an employee leaves the University during a semester for which the benefit is being utilized either by their dependent children or stepchildren, or spouse, the benefit will be pro-rated and the employee is responsible for payment of the resulting uncovered pro-rated tuition balance.

Disability or Death

If an employee should become disabled and unable to work, or should die during a semester in which the Tuition Remission Benefit is being utilized, the following provisions apply:

Employee Benefit

If the benefit was being utilized by the employee, no charges will apply.

Dependent and Spouse Benefit

If a dependent child, stepchild or spouse of an employee with less than 10 years of service is utilizing the benefit, that individual will be allowed to finish the semester at the same tuition remission benefit level for the year in which the disability or death occurs.  One additional year at 50% tuition remission will be allowed, subject to the limitation described in Tuition Remission Benefits for Dependent Children section.

If a dependent child, stepchild, or spouse of an employee with more than 10 years service is utilizing the benefit, the following applies:  the dependent child or stepchild will continue to be eligible to receive tuition remission at the same benefit level as applied at the time of disability or death for a maximum of seven years, subject to the limitation described in Tuition Remission Benefit for Dependent Children section; the spouse shall remain eligible for the Tuition Remission Benefit for an additional two years or until the completion of a degree program in which the spouse was enrolled, whichever is greater.

Application Process

An application for Tuition Remission is required for each of the four semesters (Fall, Spring/Wintersession, Summer I and Summer II) in which courses are taken and are available in the Human Resources Department.  Applications must be completed and must be approved by the employee’s department head before submission to Human Resources for approval.  Once HR approves eligibility, applications are forwarded to Student Financial Services for processing and final approval.  Forms must be received by HR no later than two (2) weeks prior to the start of the course.

Please note that some graduate level courses taken by an employee may be taxed.  Graduate courses taken by an employee’s spouse or dependent are subject to Federal income tax as a taxable benefit to the employee.

Employees must register through the regular class registration process for all courses.  Employees are subject to the same drop/add limitations as all students.


Tuition Remission Request Form

Graduate Tuition Remission Tax Exemption Form


QUALIFYING Relative Questionnaire

Qualifying Child questionnaire

Additional Provisions

Bentley reserves the right to interpret the Tuition Remission Benefit Policy, and to change the policy and/or applicable procedures, at any time.  Prior notice of any change will be provided whenever practicable.

Questions regarding this policy, or additional information, may be obtained from the Human Resources Department.  Updated 8/31/18