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Human Resources

Individual Development

Growth and development are a vital part of the employee experience at Bentley. As such, we offer several ways for all employees to engage in individual career development.

Mike Fitzgerald

Career Counseling

Mike Fitzgerald, expert career coach and advisor, offers one-on-one career coaching opportunities for all Bentley Staff and Faculty. These one-hour sessions provide Bentley employees with the chance to discuss their career goals in a confidential environment and with an outside expert. Mike Fitzgerald works with you to ensure the session is tailored to your individual career questions, goals, or concerns.

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Tuition Remission

Bentley University is strongly committed to providing for the enrichment and professional development of its faculty and staff and to providing educational opportunities for their immediate family members. Accordingly, Bentley offers the Tuition Remission Program. The tuition remission benefit covers the cost of tuition charges for academic programs offered through Bentley University.


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New Level Work 1:1 Coaching

At every level of an organization, managers, leaders, and high potential individual contributors can benefit from 1:1 coaching as part of their career development. We are excited to partner with New Level Work to provide 1:1 coaching with certified coaches that have 10+ years of management experience. The cost for this opportunity is incurred by individual departments or divisions. For more information about pricing, time commitment, and the overall experience, please contact

CAP (Conversations About Performance)

An important part of meaningful career development is frequent and honest conversations between our people and their managers. Conversations About Performance (CAP) is Bentley's performance development system and is designed to create space for meaningful conversations about job goals and career development.

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