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Embracing a Positive Culture at Bentley University

Bentley University is proud to partner with the Center for Positive Organizations at the University of Michigan. The Center for Positive Organizations inspires and enables leaders to build high-performing organizations that bring out the best in people.

Members of the Bentley community have shown a remarkable commitment to building a positive organizational culture within our community. Staff and faculty have worked to encourage and embody the principles of positive leadership in classrooms, conference rooms, and even in individual meetings. The Bentley University Cabinet is committed to supporting these principles and using this approach to guide their mindset and actions to make Bentley a stronger university for years to come.

What are the Positive Culture Principles at Bentley?

Guided by our Bentley Values, we will work to create a culture where all community members are empowered, engaged, and thriving in their work and studies. To help us execute on our values, we as leaders, managers and employees seek to apply these research-based principles:


Expressions of gratitude and recognition are a regular part of normal business. 

Bentley Value of Caring: We practice understanding, compassion and kindness.

Best Self

Where people bring their best selves to work every day.

Bentley Value of Diversity: We protect and affirm the right of all people to be themselves.

General Reciprocity

An environment where it is safe to ask for help, both personally and professionally. 

Bentley Value of Collaboration: We seek out opportunities for partnership and teamwork, readily sharing our knowledge and expertise with others.

Fundamental State of Leadership

We manage situations with the result in mind, while being true to self, open to growth, and sensitive to others.

Bentley Value of Respect: We treat others as they would like to be treated.
Bentley Value of Honesty: We act with honest and integrity.
Bentley Value of Impact: We recognize the potential to make a difference.
Bentley Value of Learning: We are here to learn and develop.

Learning Opportunities at Bentley


Two-Day Positive Leadership Program

During this program, leaders learn foundational knowledge of the positive principles and how to implement strategies to develop a positive culture within their departments and at Bentley as a whole.  At Bentley, we believe leadership happens at every level. As such, we invite employees of all levels to apply for the Positive Leadership Development two-day program where they can examine what Positive Leadership looks like at Bentley. The application for this program is sent via Bentley email. Questions about the next application round can be sent to

I think the most valuable take away from the workshop is the idea of turning situations/issues around through the use of positive leadership principles. I think understanding the overall value of working in a positive organization is very helpful to give context to our day to day work at Bentley.

Bentley Community Learning Conference

The Bentley Community Learning Conference is a three-day event consisting of three tracks; Inclusive Excellence, Positive Leadership, and Best Self. Participants are given the chance to engage with the positive culture principles at Bentley through workshops and activities. The Bentley Community Learning Conference takes place each summer.



Additional training opportunities related to Positive Culture are available throughout the year. Details are sent from the Learning and Development inbox.

Additional Learning:

The Center for Positive Organizations offers trainings available to Bentley employees. Please visit their website for additional information.  Access recorded sessions from the CPO below:

Antiracism, Allyship, and Authenticity: Building Internal Capacity for Institutional Change

Bentley University is dedicated to creating a culture where we can all bring our best self to work every day, and our best self means all of who we are. As Bentley grows as an anti-racist university, we must continue to engage with learning opportunities centered around Antiracism, Identity, and Allyship:

Antiracism, Allyship, and Authenticity: Building Internal Capacity for Institutional Change

Unlocking Resources for Recovery, Renewal, and Resilience

Join the Center for Positive Organizations for a conversation with thought leaders on how to intentionally build possibilities for unlocking resources that are so essential to organizational recovery, renewal, and resilience during times of uncertainty.

Unlocking Resources for Recovery, Renewal, and Resilience

More Resources:

Click here for additional resources.

CPO Information: For more information about the Center for Positive Organizations, please visit their website by clicking here.