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Conversations About Performance (CAP)


A Constructive & Productive Process

Meaningful performance management is simple: talk. Talk about expectations, talk about goals and priorities, talk on a regular basis. These simple principles are simple to implement using the Conversations About Performance (CAP) program. The CAP program is for managing staff employees. Academic Affairs maintains an evaluation system for faculty.

CAP Video Overview

Bentley is dedicated to ensuring each employee is empowered to bring their best self to the work they do. It's because of this dedication that we recognize the value of conversations about performance as part of employee development and performance management.


Phases of CAP

The CAP program contains just three elements that encourage regular conversations between managers and employees:


1. CAP Kick Off

July 10th-September 15th, 2023

As the first phase of the annual CAP cycle, Kick-Off, is an opportunity for employees and managers to set clear expectations, develop thoughtful goals, and establish a routine of continuous feedback for employee development for the year.

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Check In

2. CAP Check In

December 1st, 2023-January 31st, 2024 

Check-In is an opportunity for managers and employees to revisit, adjust, and/or create additional goals, while also discussing the employees development and how the manager can support the employees growth. Managers should check that employees are making progress towards goals, and employees should use Check-In as an opportunity to note progress or seek clarification. 

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Wrap Up

3. CAP Wrap Up

May 1st, 2024-June 13th, 2024

Wrap-Up is an opportunity for managers and employees to summarize the past year's contributions, and progress towards goals, while discussing employee's growth and development. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

Check out our FAQs about CAP here!

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