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Conversations About Performance (CAP)


A Constructive & Productive Process

Meaningful performance management is simple: talk. Talk about expectations, talk about goals and priorities, talk on a regular basis. These simple principles are simple to implement using the Conversations About Performance (CAP) program.

The CAP program is for managing staff employees. Academic Affairs maintains an evaluation system for faculty.

CAP Video Overview

Bentley is dedicated to ensuring each employee is empowered to bring their best self to the work they do. It's because of this dedication that we recognize the value of conversations about performance as part of employee development and performance management.

Please see the dates for the current cycle below


The CAP program contains just three elements that encourage regular conversations between managers and employees:

1) A kick-off meeting to set goals for the year.
2) A check-in meeting to provide feedback and adjust goals as changes occur in workload and priorities.
3) A wrap-up meeting at the end of the cycle (which can also start the kick-off meeting for the upcoming year).

Current Phase

Wrap-Up Open May 2nd-June 10th

Wrap up


Workday How To For Wrap-Up

This video walks you through how to complete the Wrap-Up stage of the CAP cycle. 

Answering CAP Wrap-Up Questions Effectively

This video to helps walk you through answering the following questions:

1. What is one thing that's gone well?

2. What is one thing you want to get better at or improve?

Wrap-Up User Guide

Performance Management (CAP)

Additional Phases

Kick-off Open July 1st- August 31st

Kick off


Workday How To For Kick-off

This video walks you through how to complete the Kick-off stage of the CAP cycle. 

Additional Kick-off/Goal Setting Resources:

Kick-off User Guide

Performance Management (CAP)

Other Phases

Check-In Open December-January

Check in


Workday How To For Check-In

This video walks you through how to complete the Check-In stage of the CAP cycle. 

Check-In User Guide

Performance Management (CAP)

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  • To administer CAP, access the Workday System.
  • Review the Competency Dictionary
  • If you need help navigating the performance management module in Workday please contact the Learning & Development team.
  • If you have questions on one of these topics, or others not listed here, please contact your HR Business Partner
  • Developing SMART Goals

"What" and "How" Performance Matrix

Managers and Employees are encouraged to use this tool throughout the CAP cycle to reflect on the level of success in achieving outcomes or the "What", and the level of success in demonstrating behaviors or the "How".  Dig deeper into the matrix here!