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Human Resources

May 1st 2023-June 15th, 2023

CAP Wrap-Up

As the third and final phase of the annual CAP cycle, Wrap-Up is an opportunity for managers and employees to summarize the past year's contributions, and progress towards goals, while discussing employee's growth and development. 

Like all other phases of CAP, the conversation around the employee's performance and development is most important and, the Workday task should not be submitted until the Wrap-Up conversation between the employee and manager takes place.  


CAP Wrap-Up (May-June)- 1. Employee completes self eval 2. Manager reviews self-eval and provides comments 3. Manager and employee have wrap-up meeting 4. Employee prompted to acknowledge wrap-up 5. Successfully Complete!


Workday How To For Wrap-Up

This video walks you through how to complete the Wrap-Up stage of the CAP cycle. 

Wrap-Up Resources

Wrap-Up User Guide

Guide with screenshots and directions to guide you through the Workday Wrap-Up process

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Answering CAP Wrap-Up Questions Effectively

This video to helps walk you through answering the following questions:

1. What is one thing that's gone well?

2. What is one thing you want to get better at or improve?



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"What" and "How" Performance Matrix

Managers and Employees are encouraged to use this tool throughout the CAP cycle to reflect on the level of success in achieving outcomes or the "What", and the level of success in demonstrating behaviors or the "How" when discussing progress towards goals and employee development.  Dig deeper into the matrix here!