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Manager's Resources

Tools for Success

Bentley is committed to supporting its managers by helping them build the skills they need to succeed.

The Manager's Toolkit provides tools and resources to support you in your responsibilities, from recruiting and retaining the right employees, to rewarding excellence and mentoring professional growth. Use this site as a general guideline in managing employees, and reach out to your HR Business Partner for help when needed. We are here for you!  

For Further Reading

There are countless articles and books designed to help managers manage and leader lead.  Below are some of the classic resources available to those who manage and those who aspire to manage. For Further Reading...

Video of the Month

This month's video shows how The Ladder of Inference demonstrates how our thought processes go from A to B in a way that influences our actions—and not necessarily in a good way. There are many explanations of Chris Argyris's timeless model, and this one is short and simple.