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Medical Plans

Insurance coverage for you and any eligible family members, including domestic partners, is available when you first become eligible to enroll, during our annual open enrollment period, or if you experience certain qualified events, e.g. marriage, divorce, birth of child, loss of other coverage, change in dependent eligibility, etc.  Please refer to the applicable Benefits SummaryHealth and Welfare Summary Plan Description and Certificate of Insurance for more details or contact Human Resources.  

Cost information

When you enroll in a plan, your share of any required premiums will be deducted each pay period on a pre-tax basis under the Flexible Benefit Plan.


What is Covered?

The documents listed below describe what types of expenses and services are covered by each plan.  Select the appropriate benefit and document to get more information.

Medical Plans


How it Works: The Harvard Pilgrim Best Buy
How It Works: The Harvard Pilgrim HMO
How It Works:  The Harvard Pilgrim PPO with HSA

2020 Summary of Benefits and Coverage: Harvard Pilgrim Best Buy SBC
2020 Summary of Benefits and Coverage: Harvard Pilgrim HMO SBC
2020 Summary of Benefits and Coverage: Harvard Pilgrim HDHP HSA SBC

2021 Harvard Pilgrim Comparison Chart 

For complete coverage details, refer to the applicable Harvard Pilgrim Schedule of Benefits listed below.  Or visit the Harvard Pilgrim website for more information.

2020 Schedule of Benefits Best Buy HSA PPO
2020 Schedule of Benefits Best Buy HMO
2020 Schedule of Benefits HMO

  • Click on this link for the Health Equity presentation
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HealthAdvocate Healthcare Help

Bentley provides a free and confidential service to all employees and their spouses, dependent children, parents and parents-in-law to assist with health and eldercare related matters.  HealthAdvocate is staffed with registered nurses, who can assist with insurance cost estimates, claims and appeals, finding the right doctors, scheduling appointments, understanding test, treatments and medications and more.  

Call 866.695.8622 for assistance.  An Authorization Form is required for HealthAdvocate to work on your behalf or on behalf of a dependent minor.

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