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Information Technology

Systems, Network and Telecommunications

Provides systems, network and telecommunication information to students, faculty and staff, and supports students so they better understand the technology used at Bentley.

SNT Staff Directory

Sue Walsh
Deputy CIO
Bentley University
Lindsay Hall 22A
175 Forest Street
Waltham, MA 02452
Office: 781-891-2884, Cell: 617-429-8276

Jay Matrona
Director, Network Services
Lindsay Hall 18D

David Routsis
Director, Cloud and Data Center Operations
Lindsay Hall 22B

Jonah Pollard
Principal Infrastructure Architect
Lindsay Hall 16A

David Norman
Cloud Program Director
Lindsay Hall 22A


Dan Bouchard
Principal Systems Engineer

David Brountas
Senior Systems Administrator

Theodore A. Kennette
System Administrator II

Steve Morrow
Senior Systems Administrator

Travis Peterson
Senior Cloud Engineer

Kyle Rosher
Senior Cloud Engineer

Network Services

William Rizzo
Manager, Telecommunications

Emmanuel Opoku Bunna
Network Administrator

Carson Gibson
Network & Telecom Tech II

Ali Hasanov
Senior Network Security Engineer

Vasif Huseynov
Principal Network Engineer


Bentley University makes use of high end server technology, disk storage, and software to keep the university operating at peak performance.  We utilize hardware and software from vendors such as Dell EMC, Cisco and VMware.  Using this equipment, Bentley maintains a server environment with superior uptime and high performance.

The server environment consists of Cisco UCS hardware that serves as the foundation for all virtual servers.  Whether the servers are Microsoft Windows or Red Hat or Oracle Linux, all run with great performance and reliability.  By running in a virtualized environment resources are shared and can be added or removed as necessary.  We also maintain a High Availability environment with the ability to automatically failover to other hardware should a failure occur, minimizing or eliminating downtime while the faulty is unit replaced or upgraded.

Software that runs between the hardware and operating system is known as a hypervisor.  This is powered by VMware. The leading software provider for server virtualization.

The disk storage space is EMC.  EMC is known for its high quality, reliability, and performance based storage.  All servers are connected to EMC for their storage needs.

Currently, Bentley operates around 400 virtual guests (servers) across 40 virtual hosts.

In addition to supporting Bentley’s on premise Data Center assets, Systems support Bentley’s Data assets in the Cloud. Systems maintains backups and recovery services using Microsoft’s public cloud. 


Network Services is part of the Systems, Networks and Telecommunications group within the IT division. The group is tasked with design, installation, maintenance and monitoring of the Bentley University network campus wide.

The network consists of more than 14,000 wired ports, 2000 wireless access points, 700 switches, routers, firewalls and a list of other devices. High-speed network access is installed in all areas. Wired connections exist for each student, by each bed in each dorm to classrooms to open areas and administrative and staff offices. Wireless is located throughout the campus. High-speed Internet access is also provided campus wide.

Telecommunications for Faculty and Staff

Bentley Phone Directory

Moves, New Hires and Vacancies
If you are planning a move, adding a new hire or there will be a vacancy in your department, please submit a move form.  At least ten working days prior to the desired date of service, please fill out the form detailing your request with cost center approval.

Trouble with your telephone or voicemail
If you are having trouble with your telephone or voicemail, please send an e-mail to or contact the Help Desk at x2854.

All other requests
Please submit an email detailing your other telephone request(s), with cost center approval to at least ten working days prior to the desired date of service.

International Dialing Capabilities
To request international dialing capabilities, please have the head of your department send an email to

Phone User Guides

Cisco 7965 Phone User Guide

Cisco 8945 Phone User Guide