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First-Generation College Students at Bentley

"When the Bentley School of Accounting and Finance was founded in 1917, most students were from working class families and were what we would refer to today as first-gen. Mr. Bentley's burgeoning institution was known to be open to ethnic, religious, and racial minorities who generally faced limited acceptance or outright rejection by more established institutions at that time. To this day, Bentley strives to follow Mr. Bentley's lead in making this an institution that opens its doors to students seeking an opportunity to transform their lives and that of their families."
E. LaBrent Chrite, Inaugural Address, April 2022

The Bentley definition for First-Generation students that allows students, faculty, and staff to self-identify is based on the following criterion:

  • First-generation college students are those students whose parents or guardians have not attained a bachelor’s degree at any college or university.

This definition aligns with that of the United States Department of Education and that used on the Common App and reflects the identity of first-generation college students at Bentley. These students are our "First Falcons," our students who bring their strength and perseverance and individual personalities to our Bentley community.

a portrait of a First Generation Student

First-Gen National Honor Society: Alpha Alpha Alpha

Bentley University is pleased to announce the formation of a new honor society, Alpha Alpha Alpha (or Tri-Alpha), which recognizes the academic achievements of first-generation college students.

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These are highlights of past events in which First-Generation College Students at Bentley have been involved.

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