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Student Organization Directory

Academic Organizations

Adamian Law Club

The purpose of the Adamian Law Club is to provide Bentley University students the opportunity to explore future career options in the legal industry, law related events and meet others who share a common interest in law.



Alpha Kappa Psi


Bentley Consulting Group

The Bentley Consulting Group provides a community that supports its members to achieve their goals. This is done through interactive education and exposure to the world of consulting. The BCG provides members with consulting case and interview prep, consulting networking events, and real world consulting projects that allow its members to fully experience what it is link to be a consultant.


Bentley Entrepreneurship Society

The purpose of the Bentley Entrepreneurship Society is to be a forum for Bentley students to network and get involved in the start-up community. By sponsoring and attending events and programs – such as pitch parties, start-up fairs, and networking events with small business owners and entrepreneurs – that encourage entrepreneurship, we offer students experiences and opportunities to build their entrepreneurship knowledge and connections in the greater Boston area.


Bentley Investment Group



Bentley Leadership Society

The purpose of the Bentley Leadership Society is to provide leadership development opportunities for campus organizations and students at Bentley University. It gives club members an opportunity to develop leadership skills, initiate new friendships, and better adapt to the transition to college life. A large part of the focus in BLS is on developing the practical skills of a leader in today’s business world such as networking and landing a job.



Bentley Marketing Association

The purpose of Bentley Marketing Association is to provide aspiring marketing professionals with an outlet for networking opportunities, guest speakers and panels, and various marketing information. Bentley Marketing Association aspires to create a community among students with an interest in Marketing on campus and providing them with a network to successfully navigate their career path during their time at Bentley and setting them up for success in the workplace, post-graduation.



Bentley Microfinance Group



Bentley Non-Profit Society

The purpose of the Non-Profit Society is a three-fold focus on the development of the student body by enriching, empowering and enlightening them about the non-profit sector of the business world. We desire to enrich the student body by providing them the opportunity to gain non-profit related experiences through volunteering efforts with local and national non-profits. We want to empower Bentley students to become non-profit leaders and utilize their education to make a difference in the world, long after graduation. We hope to do this by enlightening them with the challenges and opportunities non-profits face through exposure to real-life organizations. Our idea is to provide this learning through informal social events, speakers, workshops and on-site volunteering efforts. We will also focus on fundraising and collecting profits in order to give as grants to other organizations within our cluster.


Bentley Open Market Committee

The purpose of the BOMC is to study and further investigate economics, with a particular focus on monetary economics and monetary policy. It will give club members an opportunity to foster greater understanding of macroeconomics and research, including but not limited to the study of centralized banking and market movements.


Bentley Real Estate Group

The purpose of Bentley Real Estate Group is to provide a forum for students to pursue their passion or interest in Real Estate. It also gives club members an opportunity to learn about Real Estate industry, employment opportunities, as well as networking opportunities with Bentley Faculty and Alumnus, and local professionals. In addition this group wants to provide a forum for students to learn about the investment side of the real estate industry. BREG will accomplish this through bringing in speakers and providing other educational materials to its members. Part of our purpose is to create opportunity for Bentley students, as well as an advantage to gain entrance into the industry.


Bentley Speech & Debate Society

The purpose of BSDS is to provide an opportunity for students to engage in academic, political, social, and competitive debate in order to improve their communication skills. BSDS also strives to introduce and improve the speaking skills of the Bentley community. Speaking is an integral part of the corporate and business world, and we provide a forum that emphasizes a persuasive and competitive manner of expressing opinions based on informed research. We constantly strive to maintain a level of integrity and excellence becoming of Bentley students, and continually work towards becoming more engaged speakers, thinkers, and ultimately, business professionals.


Beta Alpha Psi

The purpose of Beta Alpha Psi is to create forums for personal, academic, and professional development, and provide networking opportunities and leadership experiences for our members while service the community, maintaining high ethical standards, and honoring academic and professional excellence.



DECA prepares emerging leaders and entrepreneurs in marketing, finance, hospitality and management among many other disciplines in high schools and colleges around the globe.

Contact: Coming soon!

Delta Sigma Pi

Delta Sigma Pi is a Professional Fraternity organized to foster the study of business in universities; to encourage scholarship, social activity, and the association of students for their mutual advancement by research and practice; to promote closer affiliation between the commercial world and students of commerce, and to further a higher standard of commercial ethics and culture and the civic and commercial welfare of the community.


Gamma Iota Sigma

The purpose of GIS is to create a community of students interested in actuarial science, insurance, or risk management. Gamma Iota Sigma is an academic fraternity for students who share these interests, and it already has 77 chapters established throughout the United States. These students can attend national conferences and network with other actuarial/risk management/insurance students in order to learn more about the field.


Information Systems Audit Control Association

The purpose of the Information Systems Audit Control Association is to provide opportunities for members of the Bentley student body to engage in networking opportunities as well as guest speaker forums to learn more about the organization and career opportunities. Our mission is to promote superior standards of professionalism, networking skills and leadership within the Bentley community.


Leading Women of Tomorrow

Leading Women of Tomorrow is a nonprofit, bipartisan organization dedicated to achieving gender equality in government representation. We believe that the battle for the further advancement of women’s rights begins withthe battle for equal representation. For resolution, it is critical we look to our future, and encourage the next generation of girls to pursue elected positions. In partnership with college campuses, Leading Women of Tomorrow provides a discussion-based curriculum to help young women develop skills to turn their solutions to issues that drove their calls to duty into a reality. By providing young girls interested in leadership and public service with the training and resources to prepare for a career inoffice, we hope to embolden them with confidence and to inspire them to become future candidates. Beyond our program’s mission to motivate the next generation of elected officials, we also hope to shine light on the obstacles facing potential female candidates through forums and community discussions. Leading Women of Tomorrow envisions a world where the next generation of young girls is not deterred from becoming representatives of their country because they are able to identify with the many female public officials who have already served in office. We are committed to achieving gender equality in all walks of life, and are determined to work to make this vision of the future a reality.

Contact: Coming soon!

Sustainable Investment Group

Our mission is to educate students on how to integrate ESG criteria into the investment process to guide better investment decisions that generate a double impact.



TAMID is a nonprofit organization that develops the professional skills of undergraduate students through hands-on interaction with the Israeli business ecosystem.


Bentley Actuarial and Analytics Club

Bentley Alternative Investments Group

Bentley Blockchain Association

Bentley Economic-Finance Society

Bentley Investment Banking Club

Bentley Philosophy Club

Model United Nations

National Association of Black Accountants

Scholars of Finance

Students for Sustainable Business

Arts & Recreation Organizations

Alpha Psi Omega

Alpha Psi Omega is a national theater organization, responsible for the production and promotion of the dramatic arts on campus. 



BEAR Outdoors Club

The Bentley Exploration, Adventure, and Recreation (BEAR) Outdoor Club provides Bentley students the opportunity to integrate outdoor activities with their academic agenda.  This club provides an outlet for the students and enables them to meet other recreationally involved students on campus. Trips include rock climbing, hiking, camping, kayaking, water holes, capture the flag, sledding, mountain biking and fishing.



Bentley Association of Board & Tabletop Games

Bentley Association of Board & Tabletop Games’ mission is to spread the joy of games to all.



Bentley Ballroom Dance Team

Ballroom Dancing is a graceful art form in which members can participate in either for the joy and passion of dancing, aerobic exercise, or to represent Bentley University at ballroom dance competitions. Bentley Ballroom Dance Team offers beginner and advanced lessons!



Bentley Car Club

The Bentley Car Club brings together like-minded people who are interested in learning about cars. The Bentley Car Club allows members to get hands-on experience in the car community through car shows and informational meetings.



Bentley Chamber Orchestra

The Bentley Chamber Orchestra provides opportunities for students to practice their musical abilities and perform popular orchestral pieces for their peers.



Bentley Climbing Club

The purpose of The BCC is to bring a passionate group of students together to go rock climbing in a positive and team building environment. It will give club members an opportunity to develop leadership and problem solving skills while also giving them an outlet to exercise in a social setting. BCC welcomes students of all skill levels. Our founders will provide training, advice and expertise to all members. BCC will climb both indoors at a local climbing gym, as well as outdoors with safety in mind at all times and the necessary and required gear and supervision. 



Bentley Film Company

The Bentley Film Company is a student-run organization dedicated to the creation, production and screening of student films. The Film Company was started to further liberal arts studies and activities on campus. It is open to all and we always encourage new members to join.



Bentley Music Collective

Bentley Music Collective (BMC) wants to serve as a liaison between Bentley and external music related organizations. Moreover, the BMC, will connect the clubs on campus, and offer Bentley students more opportunities to showcase their talents. Lastly, the BMC will strive to put students in contact with a variety of music organizations, in order to develop professional opportunities in the music industry.




Bentley Photography Association

Bentley Photography Association (BPA) provides students with an environment on campus to enjoy any shape or form of photography and meet students with a shared interest in photography. The organization conducts various events ranging from contests to photography trips. A camera is not required to join BPA, all you need to have is a device that can take a photo.



Bentley Tennis Club

The purpose of The Bentley Tennis Club is to create an inclusive community of Bentley students who are interested in all racquet sports. BRSC strives to give Bentley students an opportunity to compete with both other Bentley students and other schools in different racquet sports. We want to encourage students to play y9 sports casually and/or continue their competitive drive from high school. BRSC also gives members an opportunity to take a break from academic stress and a way for staying active while continuing to follow their passion for racquet sports.



Bentley Student Gaming Organization

The purpose of the Bentley Student Gaming Organization (BSGO) is to bring together a varied and diverse group of students who share a love of interactive entertainment, and to offer them the opportunity to participate in advanced forms of video gaming. Our goal is also to foster an environment in which players can socialize and network (both electronically and in reality) with each other. We host multiplayer games every week and tournaments at the conclusion of each semester.



CRAZE is Bentley University's hip-hop dance group. The purpose of CRAZE is to have a fun, energetic, hip-hop dance group, committed to a living a healthy and active lifestyle, that allows students to come and express themselves through learning a dance routine that will then be performed for their peers, the Bentley community and the surrounding Boston community.


Fashion Association at Bentley

The purpose of FAB is to bring together the world of fashion and business through varied events and publications. Whether a student’s interest in the fashion industry is simply a hobby, or a passion, we encourage students to use FAB as a vehicle to expand their involvement. We make it our mission to inform students of the interlocking relationship fashion and business, by providing networking events, informational events, publications, fashion-related activities, charitable endeavors, and social media platforms.


Golf Association

The purpose of the Bentley Golf Association is to educate students about golf. This organization gives students the opportunity to learn, play and enjoy golf throughout college. It also gives club members an opportunity to prepare for the business world, where golf is a vital part of the culture of many companies in corporate America. We hold clinics and provide driving range opportunties.


Fitness Club

The mission of Fitness Club is to create and grow a fitness community within the Bentley University campus. The Club does so by developing various health and fitness programs on campus that provide club members with an opportunity to connect with each other and that educate the Bentley student body about health and fitness.



The mission of Kosmos to enrich the Bentley community with a new type of dance style. By creating this organization, Kosmos will add more diversity to Bentley by introducing K-pop as well as encouraging people to step out of their comfort zones. Also, with the creation of this dance organization, it will give Bentley students the opportunity to connect with others who enjoy the same type of music and share the same passion for K-pop dances. Students who are a part of this dance organization will demonstrate their love of K-pop song and dances through rehearsals and performances around campus.


Literary Society

The purpose of the Literary Society, through its weekly reviews of student writing, is to promote literary talent at Bentley University. The Literary Society produces and annual publication, Piecework, of student poetry and fiction.



Momentum brings students together on campus to learn or to continue their passion for all styles of dance in an open and accepting environment. Momentum connects novice and expert dancers through various workshops that challenge the limits of one’s mind and body. As an organization, Momentum believes everyone should be given the opportunity to dance in a place free from judgment, and with the help of experienced dancers. The org seeks to strengthen each individual’s self-confidence and encourage everyone to step outside of their comfort zone, in order to help them recognize their limitless capabilities. 


Off the Clock

Off the Clock is an auditioned a capella group offers a positive environment for both musical and social development. Musicianship is developed through instruction in vocal production, sight singing, ear training and performance skills. Positive social development nurtures sensitivity, character, self-discipline and confidence. Off The Clock q cappella, performs at a variety of events that will promote Bentley University’s dedication to performing arts, including, football and basketball games, Family Weekend, and various arts festivals.


Project Creative Industries

Project Creative Industries (Project CI), aims to build a community of students interested in the creative industries while simultaneously providing them with professional resources that will aid in embarking on a career path related to the arts.


Ski & Snowboard Club

The Bentley Ski and Snowboard Club is designed to bring together those students who are interested in skiing and/or snowboarding. It provides a social atmosphere while offering group discount rates and transportation to its members. The club offers day, weekend, and week-long trips to various New England and Western ski resorts during the winter months. New members are always welcome.


Spikeball Club

The purpose of BSC is to provide an organized setting to play Spikeball and connect people who want to play. In the future, we aspire to give motivated members the ability to compete in local and national tournaments at an intermediate or advanced level.


Bentley Chess Club

Bentley Irish Dance Club

Bentley Painter's Organization

Bentley Running Club

Bentley Skating Club

Bentley Streetwear Society

Her Campus

Jazz Band

Student-Athlete Advisory Committee

Sports Business Association

Climbing Club

Competitive Sports Organizations

These organizations are now being managed by Athletics.

Contact information:
Dana Trivigno, Assistant Athletic Director, Recreation and Competitive Sports:
Trey Samuels, Assistant Director, Intramural and Competitive Sports:
Felicia Korte, Assistant Director, Fitness and Competitive Sports:

What is a Competitive Sport?

  • These organizations are now being managed by Bentley Athletics!
  • A Competitive Sport is one that is competition-oriented and focuses on training with the goal of athletic success.
  • Competitive Sports must compete within a league against other schools, must practice at least twice per week, and must have at least a Head Coach at every practice/competition.
  • We offer 14 competitive sports with 350 athletes.

What sports do we offer?

  • Cheer
  • Dance
  • Equestrian
  • Esports
  • Men’s and Women’s Hockey
  • Men’s and Women’s Rugby
  • Sailing
  • Triathlon
  • Men’s and Women’s Ultimate
  • Men’s and Women’s Volleyball

Want to learn more?

Please visit our Bentley Athletics website under “Recreation” for more information!

Community Engagement

Allocation & Internal Audit Committee

The Allocation and Internal Audit Committee is a body of student leaders charged with thoughtfully and responsibly allocating the Student Activity Fee. In dispersing the Fee, the Committee provides the financial support necessary to execute the mission of Bentley's student organizations. We aim to promote student expression through clubs and their programs, encouraging the representation of the unique backgrounds and beliefs that make up our community. The Committee actively endeavors to foster an environment where organizations know that they have the resources and support necessary for their growth.


Alpha Phi Omega

The purpose of the Alpha Phi Omega extension group at Bentley University is to promote the principles and pillars of the national organization on campus. In order to achieve this, we will prepare our brothers to become leaders on campus and in the community. We will promote friendship through the bond that is established among brothers as a chapter of Alpha Phi Omega. We will partake in diverse service projects that fall under one of the four fields of service: campus, community, fraternity, and nation


Bentley Democrats

The purpose of Dems is to shall be a member organization and pledges itself to support the philosophy and candidates of the Democratic Party. Furthermore, the Bentley University Democrats declares its intention to support efforts to increase the participation of college students in Democratic Party affairs and to improve on-campus political advocacy regardless of party affiliation. To these ends, the Bentley University Democrats shall educate and train its members so that they may be better able to:

  • Educate students about the philosophy of the Democratic Party
  • Assist in the election of local, state, and national Democratic candidates
  • Assist members of the Bentley community in registering to vote, regardless of party affiliation


Best Buddies International

Best Buddies International is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization dedicated to establishing a global volunteer movement that creates opportunities for one-to-one friendships, integrated employment, leadership development, and inclusive living for individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities (IDD).


Campus Activities Board

To provide high quality experiences to the entirety of Bentley Students through large scale programming and subsidized off campus excursions.


Class Cabinets

We work to make sure our class will have a positive and fulfilling experience.

Circle K

To be the leading global community-service organization on college and university campuses that enriches the world one member, one child and one community at a time.


College Kindness

The foundation of College Kindness is built on the belief that acts of kindness, when frequently exercised, are profoundly powerful. The sole purpose College Kindness is to positively impact the lives of the Bentley University community through acts of kindness.


Habitat for Humanity

The Bentley Habitat for Humanity Organization works with the Greater Boston Community to provide affordable housing for individuals and families in need. This is achieved through bi/weekly builds and restores led by the Leadership Team, brand recognition on the Bentley University Campus, and fundraising.


Relay for Life

The American Cancer Society's mission is to save lives, celebrate lives, and lead the fight for a world without cancer. As an American Cancer Society on Campus chapter, Bentley University Relay For Life we look to emulate this mission in everything that we do.


Residence Hall Association

The purpose of RHA is to create a unified and exciting community in all residence halls and to improve the lives of Bentley residents. We strive to strengthen the bonds between each individual residence hall. We want to address concerns of residents regarding residence halls issues. RHA is to recommend, review, formulate and develop rules/regulations and policies relating to the residence halls. We are committed to creating a forum of discussion and promoting social welfare by the means of social awareness and charitable events.


Student Government Association

SGA shall serve as the governing body for all undergraduate students of Bentley University. SGA shall serve the University by voicing student opinion, providing a forum in which student can engage in discussion and upholding Bentley traditions to enhance the quality of life on the Bentley campus.  The responsibilities of SGA shall include, but not be limited to the following:

Consider any matter, which affects the student body. In this respect, it may consider and suggest policy procedures for possible adoption by the University Administration. In matters involving students, SGA shall have the power to propose revisions or new policies to the administration by a majority vote of the General Board of SGA, except in constitutional amendments which will require a two-thirds (2/3) vote of the General Board of SGA present,

Appoint qualified students to serve on relevant campus-wide policy committees,

Maintain high student morale to enhance the overall personal and educational development of students, while upholding the University honor code and,

Review and subsequently approve or deny requests from new student organizations seeking official recognition and funding from Bentley University.


The Vanguard

The purpose of The Vanguard is to inform and educate the Bentley community about the issues and events occurring or having an effect on the Bentley community.  The Vanguard will accomplish this in a balanced, ethical, and comprehensive manner.  It will also serve as a vehicle for opinion.



WBTY’s purpose is to be the center for music, news, sports broadcasts and radio shows, as well as a hub for interaction including competitions and raffles.  WBTY will provide music to the Student Center via hard-wire connection.  WBTY will also maintain the Campus DJ program.


Pinky Swear PACK





Fraternity and Sorority Life



Alpha Epsilon Pi

Alpha Epsilon Pi was founded to provide opportunities for the college man seeking the best possible college and fraternity experience. Our basic purpose is as a Jewish organization that is not specifically religious, but rather social and cultural in nature. Throughout our history, the fraternity setting has served as a "learning laboratory," a testing ground for young men who later become leaders in business, education, government, religion, and science. A goal of our fraternity is to help each student develop character, learn responsibility, and develop a proper set of values through living together in brotherhood. Alpha Epsilon Pi prepares young men for their role in life as responsible citizens.


Alpha Gamma Pi

Organized in 1924, The Alpha Gamma Pi Fraternity was Bentley's first Greek life organization. Today, AGP has a campus-wide legacy of being a tight-knit group of young, motivated and passionate men who strive to better the Bentley community everyday academically, socially and philanthropically.


Alpha Phi

The purpose of Alphi Phi is the promotion of growth in character, of unity of feeling, of sisterly affection and of social communion among its members.  And we who are thus united are under a solemn pledge to lend a helping hand to one another.


Bentley Interfraternity Council

The Bentley University Interfraternity Council aims to create closer working relationships and coordination among its Member Fraternities and Bentley University to develop creative, ethical, and socially responsible organizational leaders.


Bentley Panhellenic Council

The purpose of the National Panhellenic Conference is to promote and advance the common interest of women's-only sororities. The Conference achieves this through interfraternal cooperation and strong partnerships with college and university representatives to support high academic and social standards for women. The Bentley University Panhellenic Council is comprised of the four national sororities present on campus. The council works together to promote unity and guarantee equal opportunities amongst all of its members.


Delta Kappa Epsilon

Delta Kappa Epsilon (DKE) has a strong history and tradition that dates back more than 100 hundred years. Through the common bonds of Delta Kappa Epsilon, you will forge everlasting friendships, establish a connection to an unrivaled alumni network, and affiliate yourself with a band of brothers that is committed to your success. DKE encourages growth and development of both social and academic life, be it on the basketball court or during charity events. DKE promotes the creation of a stimulating environment where our members can distinguish themselves through leadership and active involvement within the campus community.


Gamma Phi Beta

Gamma Phi Beta was founded at Syracuse University in 1874. This is an international sorority, with more than 141 chapters throughout the United States and Canada. The Bentley chapter was previously the local sorority of Sigma lota Sigma, which became affiliated with Gamma Phi Beta. The mission is to foster a nurturing environment that provides women the opportunity to achieve their potential through life-long commitment to intellectual growth, individual worth and service to humanity; these women enrich their college lives, as well as develop everlasting friendships.


Greek Activities Council

The Greek Activities Council is the governing organization for all fraternity and sororities on campus and provides a body through which guidance, direction, and social interaction can take place for the FSL community


Kappa Delta

The purpose of Kappa Delta Sorority is to promote true friendship among women in the Bentley community by inculcating into their hearts and lives those principles of truth, of honor, of duty, without which there could be no true friendship.


Kappa Sigma

Kappa Sigma is a men’s college fraternity. Its goals are many, but all center on the promotion of friendship, loyalty, and brotherly feeling. The objective of this organization is to excel in all phases of fraternity and student activity at Bentley University, Waltham. To fulfill this objective, the development of scholarship, leadership, community service, social graces, and cultural awareness are encouraged and stressed. One step to achieving the status of a Kappa Sigma is to be a “worldly” gentleman. It is each member’s duty to work diligently toward these objectives so that few may equal and none excel the ideal virtue of a true Kappa Sigma.


Phi Sigma Sigma

The purpose of Phi Sigma Sigma shall be to promote friendship and cooperation among collegiate women of all races, creeds, and religions, to raise the standard of academic ideals, and to promote philanthropic endeavors.


Sigma Chi

The mission of the Sigma Chi Lambda Upsilon chapter of the Sigma Chi Fraternity is to be an organization that exemplifies friendship, justice, and learning through ritual, brotherhood, and club. While committed to the betterment of Bentley University’s campus and the greater community, we also work to develop values-based leaders through a non-hazing process.


Sigma Gamma Delta

The members of Sigma Gamma Delta will work together to ensure that as an organization, we work to improve our image on campus in both the eyes of the student body and the administration. To do this, we expect our members demonstrate the following qualities: academic excellence, leadership, school spirit, brotherhood, and enthusiasm for philanthropic opportunities.


Sigma Pi

Sigma Pi's motto is “A Generation of New Leaders,” and we as a local chapter attempt to live up to this at all times. We actively recruit the leaders on campus. Our many programs shape each brother into well rounded individuals who serve the community, participate in campus activities, and maintains an academic excellence.


Delta Sigma Iota

Identity & Advocacy

Africana Student Association

The purpose of The ASA is to give club members an opportunity to bring cultural awareness of the African culture onto the Bentley campus and help promote the diversity that the school is working towards. We strive to create a comfortable space for African students, current students on campus, and potential students looking to attend Bentley.  


Armenian Student Association

The Bentley Armenian Student Association seeks to provide greater cultural immersion, stronger campus community, and career networking opportunities for students of both Armenian and non-Armenian backgrounds.


Bentley Asian Students' Association

The purpose of BASA is to act as a support network for Asian, Asian-American, and non-Asian students alike at Bentley by creating awareness and understanding of culture, heritage, and identity within the community at large. The organization strives to provide social and cultural activities for members, as well as promote professional development on and off campus.


Bentley Association of Chinese Students

The purpose of BACS is to promote and preserve Chinese culture and customs within the Bentley community through activities and events and offer students a place to socialize and experience the Chinese culture.


Bentley Catholic Association

The Bentley Catholic Association (BCA) is a student organization that serves to enhance the spiritual development of Catholics across the Bentley University campus by means of weekly services, community outreach events, and informal gatherings. As members of the Bentley Catholic Association, we strive to form strong bonds among one another, welcome new members into our organization with open arms, and do everything we can to support eac other in our spiritual development. Our communal mission is to create a strong network of loving, compassionate young adults who care for each other and strive to put God's will first in our daily lives. We try to give each other the care and support we need to discover more about our relationships with God. Our spiritual mission is to provide a place for members to share, strengthen and grow in faith. We work to learn more about our faith and strive to grow closer to God.


Black United Body

The purpose of B.U.B is to celebrate, educate and promote the black culture on and off campus.  Additionally, B.U.B will promote retention and academic success for Black and African American Students. We are dedicated to diversity and cultural awareness by promoting open dialogue between Black students and the entire Bentley community. We will spread awareness through social events, educational gatherings, collaboration with other organizations on campus, and meetings with Staff and Faculty on campus.


Brazilian Students Society

The purpose of the BSS is to bring Brazil to campus, with the intent of demystifying its multiple facets including culture, economy, business environment, politics, and social issues. It provides its members the opportunity to understand the dynamics of this top-10 world economy, the mindset of the world's 5th largest population, thereby fostering Bentley's mission of promoting global citizens.


Cape Verdean Student Association

Cape Verdean Student Association promotes and preserves the Cape Verdean culture and heritage here at Bentley University through educational fundamentals, such as discussion panels and lectures, and through social proceedings, such as cultural events and festivities.


Caribbean Ancestry Student Association

The purpose of CASA is to promote awareness about the various Caribbean cultures on campus. To serve as an outlet for members and promote academic excellence among members. It also gives club members an opportunity to have a safe space where they are able to discuss various topics. CASA will educate the Bentley community regarding the Caribbean culture through events, meetings and social gatherings.


Cru Bentley

Cru Bentley's heart is to be a transformational, self-replicating community of Christians who love one another, their friends, and the campus. We strive to multiply our faith through discipleship as we follow Christ's Great Commission (Matthew 28:18-20).



Hillel's purpose is to create a Jewish Community on Bentley campus, ensure that celebrations are held for all major Jewish Holidays, and that all Jewish students at Bentley have a safe place where they can talk about their religion.


International Student Association

The International Student Association (ISA) seeks to encourage and promote cultures around the world with a focus on inspiring students to find international experiences. Through the planning and organization of engaging, entertaining, and educative events and activities we will allow individuals to expand their knowledge and cultural awareness. The fostering of a growing international community at Bentley University will spur involvement of the student life and create value among our general body members. 


Korean Students Association (KSA)

The purpose of The KSA is to introduce Korean culture through performances, food, and folk games, and raise awareness of Bentley University within Boston and South Korea. KSA will also serve to grow its South Korean alumni network via KSA alumni meetings held in South Korea. It also gives club members an opportunity to experience leadership roles and project planning, while learning more about South Korean culture.


La Cultura Latina

The purpose of La Cultura Latina is to promote the understanding and appreciation of the Latin culture in the Bentley University community.


La Societa Italiana di Bentley

The purpose of The SIBC is to provide Bentley Students with a cultural club to explore and celebrate the Italian culture.  It is also to provide its club members with an opportunity to participate in social events that pertain to the Italian culture.


People Respecting Individuality & Diversity through Education

PRIDE provides a safe and supportive place for the LGBTQ community in hopes of raising awareness and spreading knowledge concerning LGBTQ issues.  The organization strives to create an acceptance and tolerance of all people and an open environment free of judgment of prejudice through advocacy and equality in order to build community and peaceful coexistence.  PRIDE promotes an understanding and acceptance of LGBTQ people and allows allies to show their support.  There is an openness and charisma in this community that promotes self-identity and pride for all individuals within and beyond Bentley University.


Philippine United Student Organization

The Philippine United Student Organization (P.U.S.O.) provides an opportunity for the Bentley community to celebrate, educate, and promote Filipino culture both on and off campus. We will provide Filipino students on campus proper representation and a supportive environment / community. Our purpose is to spread awareness through social events, educational gatherings, and collaboration with other organizations both on and off campus. We encourage the entire Bentley community to come experience the vast benefits that P.U.S.O. has to offer.


South Asian Student Association

The goals of the South Asian Student Association of Bentley University shall ultimately be to cultivate leaders who will strive to maximize the potential, increase the awareness, and preserve the legacy of all South Asians and South Asian Americans. This purpose will be achieved by not only raising awareness of social, political, and cultural issues relevant to South Asians and South Asian Americans, but by also providing the opportunity to actively address the issues. The efforts of this organization shall target individuals both inside and outside of the South Asian and South Asian American communities.


Student Advocating Gender Equality

The purpose of SAGE is to promote personal development and empowerment through open dialogue about the issues impacting people of all genders. We advocate for gender equality by encouraging understanding and acceptance among a diverse community of individuals of all genders.


Vietnamese Student Association

Bentley's Vietnamese Student Association provides an opportunity for the Bentley community to experience Vietnamese culture, cuisine, and traditions. Our purpose is to represent Vietnamese students on campus and to provide them with a supportive environment. Whether you're interested in cultural extravaganzas, lessons in "Bánh mì" making, or dinner outings with your fellow students, we encourage you to come to experience the vast benefits that our organization has to offer.


Young Arab Leaders Association

The purpose of YALA is to heavily invest in efforts to bolster the Arab community and its integration within the Bentley community as a whole. Creating an Arab Association will be majorly beneficial with regards to increasing exposure to the Arab culture while simultaneously offering a comfortable refuge for any Arabs in Bentley who may need any assistance from the association.


Bentley Active Minds

Eastern European Student Association

Ghanaian Ancestry Student Association

Thai Student Association

Albanian Student Organization

Chinese Young Professionals Association

Muslim Student Association

Graduate Student Organizations

Graduate Association for Technical Analysis and Investment (GATAI)

GATAI's mission is to provide an opportunity to learn about various investment strategies, short-term trading methods, and risk management tools through the foundation of technical analysis?the study of market action. GATAI was founded in October 2003. It was established to provide Bentley graduate students with the opportunity to develop their knowledge and skills in the financial investing arena. As a relatively new association, GATAI is constantly seeking educational opportunities for its constituents. In the past, it has sponsored guest speaker events (both lectures and forums) including money managers, hedge fund principals, and equity traders. Additionally, it has co-sponsored the annual trip to the NYSE, and has held such practical events as technical trading workshops and the annual trading competition.


Graduate Finance Association

The goal of the GFA is to bridge the gap between the classroom and the real world of finance. The aim of the club is to develop a greater understanding of financial issues and career opportunities. The club hosts guest speakers, plans trips to places of interest such as Wall Street, promotes networking opportunities, and sponsors other related activities.


Graduate Information Technology Management Association (GITMA)

GITMA is committed to educating and connecting students to the IT community, as well as promoting themselves as part of it. Through valuable events, they build relationships among industry professionals and its members, while focusing on pertinent topics for those involved in or interested in Information Technology.


Graduate Management Association (GMA)

The mission of the GMA is to create opportunities for learning and discussion on topics spanning the managerial sciences. The goals of the GMA are focused on career development of the membership and community service. They strive to provide opportunities that build personal and professional character, and provide critical business skills.


Graduate Marketing Organization (GMO)

The goal of the GMO is to provide its members with a breadth of marketing experience by creating synergyies between classroom instruction and real-world marketing issues. They also provide a platform for students to interchange and network with other marketing professionals. The GMO achieves its purpose by engaging students in a variety of events and activities throughout the year. Some of the things they do: - Host panel discussions and career events. - Organize company visits that give students an insight into the marketing function - Design and organize Marketing Case competitions.


Graduate Student Association

The mission of the Graduate Student Association is to: create a professional and social environment that promotes personal and professional growth for all graduate students; influence graduate school policies that enrich the graduate school experience socially, academically and professionally ; and unify students in the commitment to build relationships that establish a strong network in the business world.


Graduate Taxation and Financial Planning Association

The Graduate Financial Planning and Taxation Association seeks to provide students in the Master of Science in Financial Planning and Master of Science in Taxation programs with information about changes and developments with each of the practice areas. GFPTA also seeks to create opportunities for current students to network with professionals in the fields of financial planning and taxation. The organization encourages its members to actively participate in Bentley's philanthropic outreach programs.

Graduate Women's Leadership Organization (GWLO)

The GWLO was formed in the spring of 2004 after more that 50 female Bentley graduate students attended Harvard Business School's Dynamic Women in Business Conference. The purpose of the GWLO is to enhance Bentley graduate women's professional and personal development. This is accomplished by providing leadership, mentoring, professional and academic networking, and cultivating alumnae relationships.