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Student Organization Directory

Academic Organizations

Adamian Law Club

The Adamian Law Club is a recognized campus executive board. The club affords students the opportunity to share common interests. This student group organizes law-related events such as guest speakers, visits to the Annual Law School Forum, visits to local law schools and other events. Faculty members participate as advisers to the club.


Association of Latino Professionals in Finance and Accounting

The Association of Latino Professionals in Finance and Accounting (ALPFA) is an organization that helps students enhance their professional capabilities through networking with accounting firms and other programs.  


Bentley Investment Group

The Bentley Investment Group actively manages a portion of Bentley University's endowment fund. The group engages in stock selection, analysis of investments, presentations of stock proposals and discussions. BIG also hosts guest speakers and plans to take related trips.


Bentley Leadership Society

Formerly the Men's Forum, the Bentley Leadership Society (BLS) is a new and exciting organization founded to help its members strengthen one of the most sought after qualities in the business community: leadership. BLS provides all members with a voice and avenues for building strong relationships and crucial skillsets. Historically, the Men's Forum has been a well-rounded organization offering professional, social and community service events. BLS continues to offer a wide array of events, focusing on those allowing participants to take initiative and build strong leaderhip and networking skills essential in the business community. BLS does not simply take suggestions from its members; the Board of Directors works directly with passionate members to plan and organize events important to them. 


Bentley Marketing Association

The Bentley Marketing Association (BMA) works closely with the Marketing Department and Career Services to bring students fun and educational programs, speaker events, networking opportunities, career advice and "In the Field" trips to local companies.


Bentley Microfinance Group

This organization strives to integrate microfinance into the Bentley community by managing microloans for struggling entrepreneurs in and around Boston. The club promotes microfinance by selecting loan candidates, monitoring loan portfolios, working with external partnerships, networking, and providing business plan assistance. Key objectives of the club are education, community development, operational sustainability, and innovation. BMC is unique in that members merge business experience with service.


Bentley Non-Profit Society

Bentley's Non-Profit Society has been formed to introduce both Bentley and its student body to the nonprofit sector of business. The overall goal of the organization is to instill nonprofit business skills and experience into all of its members through training workshops and projects, which in return will leave students fully educated and prepared to work in the nonprofit field of business. 


Bentley Real Estate Group

The Bentley Real Estate Group is designed to educate its members on real estate topics while providing excellent networking opportunities. Our organization hosts a variety of speakers with varying dimensions of expertise in the real estate field. Many members undertake their own real estate projects while still undergraduates. It is a great way for Bentley students to learn about the field, make connections, and possibly even pursue their own real estate projects. 


Bentley Speech and Debate Society

The Bentley Speech and Debate Society is a newly formed club with the goal of expanding debate opportunities on campus. We hold serious policy debates on relevant issues in politics and business so that students can become more informed on the topics we discuss. We sponsor debates with other clubs, such as the Bentley Democrats and the Bentley Republicans, and hold a Debate Clinic to educate participants on the rules and format of debate.


Bentley Economics-Finance Organization

The purpose of the Bentley Economics-Finance Organization is to bring together individuals who have an interest in the field and to provide student opportunities through career talks and educational seminars. Furthermore, the organization is a base from which different students can network with those who have an interest in finance or economics, even if they are not majoring in either of the two areas. It is also gives club members an opportunity to network with faculty and professionals.



Ellevate is an exclusive global women’s network whose mission is to generate exceptional professional and social value for its members. The Bentley University Chapter of Ellevate promises to bring the mission of the international organization on our campus and share it with both women and men of our community.


Bentley Entrepreneur Society

The Bentley Entrepreneur Society, founded on the principles of encouaging leadership, independence, and creativity, pledges to:

  • Provide a platform for student entrepreneurs and aspiring entrepreures alike to share ideas, gain valuable feedback, and work together to develop business ventures
  • Continuously seek improvement, in terms of the events we host and the virtues we uphold
  • Actively work to ignite the entrepreneurial passion of other Bentley University students
  • Make a commitment to increasing awareness about BES on campus, within the administration, and outside of Bentley's borders


Mathematical Sciences Club

Interested in math or want to learn what you can do with a Mathematical Sciences major or minor from Bentley? Then you should join the Bentley Mathematical Sciences Club. You can: 

  • Visit some of the most highly respected and notable insurance carriers in the New England area
  • Learn what jobs are available for you after graduation
  • Find a summer internship
  • Network with business executives and professionals in varying industries
  • Talk to Bentley alumni as they return to share what they've accomplished with their Mathematical Sciences major/minor

Plus, don't forget about our end-of-the-semester club gatherings, which are open to the entire Bentley community. So don't miss this opportunity to better prepare yourself for life after college, and have an awesome time in the process. Remember, it's never too late to join the Mathematical Sciences Club, so sign up today!


National Association of Black Accountants (NABA)

The mission of the Bentley University chapter of the National Association of Black Accountants, Inc. (NABA) is to enable students of color, and others, to maximize their career potential in accounting and other business-related professions such as marketing, information design and corporate communication, finance, management and accounting. Our goal is to unite business professionals and members who share similar interests and ideas, and who are committed to professional and academia excellence. NABA's purpose is to provide its members with networking, professional, and development skills. NABA also promotes group identity, fosters moral and ethical standards, and promotes the study of business. NABA does this in a learning environment, yet it is relaxed and fun-filled.


Programming Club

The purpose Programming Club is to provide an organization for students interested in programming to come together to gain experience in developing real world applications as well as provide a place where students with this interest can network with employers of developers and other information system professionals.


Wall Street Club

Bentley Wall Street Club (BWS) seeks to bring together individuals that have an interest in Wall Street from both a career standpoint and an informational standpoint, and also to provide students the opportunity to learn from Wall Street professionals through lecture and networking events.


Arts and Media Organizations

Alpha Psi Omega

Alpha Psi Omega is a national theater organization, responsible for the production and promotion of the dramatic arts on campus. 


Bentley Ballroom Dance Team

Ballroom dance — whether you're a beginner or you've been taking lessons for years, ballroom dance is a great way to have fun and stay active. We teach all kinds of dances, from cha-cha to swing to waltz, and will be offering beginner and advanced lessons. So no matter how much or how little you know about ballroom, come join us!


Bentley Fashion Consultants

Bentley Fashion Consultants (BFC) is a new type of organization on campus, bringing together the worlds of fashion and business through varied events and publications. For some, it's a hobby, but for others, it's a passion. Either way you go, we encourage anyone interested in the fashion industry to use the resources we bring to students, including networking and informational events and publications, fashion-related activities and shows, and multiple charitable endeavors. 


Bentley Film Company

The Bentley Film Company is a student-run organization dedicated to the creation, production and screening of student films. The Film Company was started in an attempt to further liberal arts studies and activities on campus as it remains one of the few active liberal arts clubs. It is open to all and we always encourage new members to join.


Bentley Student TV

Bentley Television Channel 3 (BS-TV), provides a platform that allows Bentley students from all levels to produce and manage their own television shows. The channel promotes official Bentley activities, as well as informal student interactions both within and outside of the Bentley student community. BS-TV is a university-wide resource that caters programming to all interests, departments, organizations and activities across campus.


CRAZE Dance Group

CRAZE is Bentley University's very own hip-hop dance group. Founded in 2004, CRAZE began as a small dance troupe that has now developed into a well-known group, not only at Bentley, but in the Greater Boston area. CRAZE's dances are full of the most energetic and upbeat moves hip-hop can inspire. This group of students love to dance and has been fortunate enough to share this love through their performances at several off-campus showcases. CRAZE is all about having fun, which audiences have always found contagious.



The purpose of HerCampus Bentley is to consistently produce an online magazine composed of articles and features on topics such as style, health, love, career, beauty and college life on the Bentley campus. Because the content of HerCampus Bentley is written entirely by students, it provides Bentley-specific information and resources for men and women at the university through campus news, events, profiles, polls and blogs. HerCampus Bentley also provides a platform for students to showcase and improve their editorial, creative and publicity skills. HerCampus Bentley strives to promote gender awareness, action and empowerment through the medium of a nationally-connected digital media magazine. 


Jazz/Pep Band

The Jazz/Pep Band works to promote school spirit and the appreciation of music. Looking for musicians, especially brass. All students, faculty, and staff who play an instrument are welcome to join. We meet Wednesday nights from 6:30 to 8:30 p.m. in the Back Bay.


Literary Society

The purpose of the Literary Society, through its weekly reviews of student writing is to promote literary talent at Bentley University. The club produces an annual publication (Piecework) of student poetry and fiction, which has been well received in the past.


Off The Clock A Capella

Off the Clock is a student-run musical organization that was officially recognized in March 2010. The group performs at football and basketball games, fundraisers, memorial services and a multitude of other on-campus events. The group rehearses on Thursdays and Sundays from 7:00 to 9:00 p.m., and offers auditions at the beginning of each semester. 


The Vanguard

The Vanguard has been the official campus newspaper for the Bentley University community since 1963. The award-winning student newspaper publishes every other Thursday and has informed and educated about issues and events occurring in or having an effect on the Bentley community. Many departments operate within The Vanguard, including news, sports, arts and entertainment, advertising, marketing, production, business, and photography. In our distribution process, we release 2,000 printed copies, free of charge, to the university's primary locations including Seasons Dining Room and the library. Any students interested in media arts (photography, writing, drawing, web design, print layout, etc), marketing, or event planning, should contact GA_Vanguard.


WBTY - Bentley University Radio

WBTY-Bentley is the university's own student-run radio station. From DJ'ing events and broadcasting shows, to providing the campus with music 24 hours a day, WBTY is the place to be. Whether you like to listen to hip-hop, rock, or jazz, WBTY is bound to have a show for you. Listen to us on our FM channel 105.3 FM and online at

Contact WTBTY by emailing

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Athletic Organizations

Bentley Dance Team

The purpose of Bentley Dance Team is to bring together students through their common love of dance in a fun, challenging, and competitive atmosphere. The Bentley Dance Team looks for prospective dancers who show a love for dance, a strong work ethic, a positive attitude, and the ability to work in a team setting. 

The Bentley Game Day Dance Team performs at a variety of events on campus, including all home football and basketball games, and specializes in the performance of Jazz, Hip Hop, and Pom routines.  This team is welcome to anyone who is interested in dancing!

The Bentley Competition Dance Team is comprised of a selective group of dancers who are chosen to represent Bentley University at the NCA/NDA Cheer and Dance Championship in Daytona Beach, Florida. The dance team holds tryouts, which are open to all students, within the first weeks of fall semester. 

For more information about the Bentley Dance Team, feel free to contact us at

Bentley Falcon Cheerleaders

The Bentley Falcon Cheerleading Team is a nationally competitive team. The team cheers for football and basketball, and makes many appearances at school and charity related events. The team holds tryouts at the end of the year for existing students and during both first-year orientations.


Bentley Triathlon Team

The Bentley Triathlon Team offers Bentley University students a club they can join to stay in shape, no matter what their fitness level or experience. It also offers more competitive students a place to compete as a collegiate athlete. Students willing to put in the time to be triathletes deserve the recognition from the university and future employers. Triathlon requires a very strong character. Our organization helps in cosponsoring events and hosting our own to further enrich the Bentley community. It also represents Bentley across New England and the country by competing against other colleges across New England in the Northeast Collegiate Triathlon Conference (NECTC).


Club Hockey

The purpose of Club Hockey is to be an organization that perpetuates the sport of ice hockey as a healthy, competitive opportunity for students at a non-varsity level, while bettering Bentley University’s campus and the greater community through sportsmanship and community outreach.


Golf Association

The purpose of the Bentley Golf Association is to educate students about golf. It will give students the opportunity to learn, play and enjoy golf throughout college. It also gives club members an opportunity to prepare for the business world, where golf is a vital part of the culture of many companies in corporate America. We hold clinics and provide driving range opportunties.

Contact: ga_bentley_golf_association

Men's Club Volleyball

The purpose of Bentley Club Volleyball (BCV) is to provide a club for students who are extremely interested in Volleyball. BCV will provide an environment for students to learn everything necessary in the game of volleyball, as well as have competitions in order to provide a competitive side to the club.


Men's Rugby

The Bentley Men's Rugby Club is intended for those students who love to play or learn more about rugby. No experience is necessary.


Men's Ultimate Society (Frisbee)

The Bentley Men's Ultimate Society is the university's traveling club team for Ultimate Frisbee. We play several nights a week in hopes of emphasizing team spirit, fitness, social development and further promotion of the sport. We currently compete against many northeastern teams and even teams from across the country.


Sailing Club

The Bentley University Sailing Club is a young, successful and growing club at Bentley. The Club was founded in 2006 and has steadily grown through committed student leadership. We are a motivated and hard working team. The Club practices 2 days a week, and enters regattas nearly every weekend from September through November and March through May.

​Novice Sailing: Beginners are welcome to come to every practice. We are very interested in teaching and expanding our team regardless of initial skill level.

Sailing Team: Committed members of the club are encouraged to come to every practice and compete in regattas on the weekends.

Practice Schedule: Monday and Wednesday: 2:00pm – 6:00pm.

​Practice is made up of a large variety of drills and practice races that emphasize boat handling, boat speed, short course tactics and strategy, and team racing.

​Location: Boston University Sailing Pavilion in Boston MA. The team meets in Collins Hall on campus and carpools to BU. The Charles River consistently has medium and shifty wind conditions. The scenery of the Charles River is incredible with a handful of other teams practicing simultaneously. The Boston University sailing pavilion is a 20 minute drive from campus.

​Boats: The team spends nearly every practice in FJs and also has the option of using 420s.

Visit the Bentley Sailing website!


Student Athletic Advisory Committee

The Student Athlete Advisory Committee (SAAC) is an organization that promotes sports teams and athletes on campus by increasing the student and faculty attendance at games and student-athlete events on campus. We do this with free promotional giveaways of electronic entertainment devices, cash and gift certificates, through a series of games at halftime or by raffling them off. While we hold raffles and contests at all sports games, our biggest prizes are given out at football, men's and women's basketball and ice hockey games.


Women's Rugby

Bentley Women's Rugby started in spring 2001 by an ambitious group of girls. Through dedication and perseverance, they developed into a respectable club team. The majority of girls that join rugby are completely inexperienced. The girls learn self-confidence, loyalty, and strength of mind. The members do everything from setting the schedule, to managing the finances, to recruiting, and all the little administrative details in between. As a result, it gives students a unique chance to get actively involved in the works of an intercollegiate sport. There is no experience necessary.


Women's Ultimate Society (Frisbee)

The Bentley Women's Ultimate Society is the university's women's traveling club team for Ultimate Frisbee. We play several nights a week in hopes of emphasizing team spirit, fitness, social development and further promotion of the sport. We currently compete against many northeastern teams and even teams from across the country.


Campus Activities Board

Campus Activities Board may be the addition to your campus life that you have been looking for. As the largest programming organization on campus, we provide quality events that meet the educational, recreational and social needs of the Bentley community.


Class Cabinets

First Year Class Cabinet

The First Year Class Cabinet is a group elected by their classmates. They plan all class events, such as parties and fundraisers.


Sophomore Class Cabinet

The Sophomore Class Cabinet is a group elected by their classmates. They plan all class events, such as parties and fundraisers.


Junior Class Cabinet

The Junior Class Cabinet is a group of juniors elected by their classmates. The Junior Class Cabinet aspires to enrich the student life of their class, and the Bentley community as a whole. We hope to do this by supporting our class through events based around entertainment, information and furthering students' involvement at Bentley University.


Senior Class Cabinet

The Senior Class Cabinet is an organization comprised of seven members who were elected by their classmates when they were juniors. This group represents their class and organizes all class events, such as parties, fundraisers and Senior Week. In addition to this, the cabinet assists in finding a Commencement speaker.


Commuter Association

The purpose of the Commuter Association is to continue to improve commuter student life at Bentley;, and to give every commuter ample opportunity to comfortably adjust and be more active on campus. Past activities have included the annual winter holiday party, movie nights, Boston trips, bowling, pool, barbeques, and many others.


Cultural Organizations

Bentley Asian Students' Association

The purpose of the Bentley Asian Students' Association (BASA) is to act as a support network for all Asian and Asian-American students at Bentley by creating awareness and understanding of culture, heritage, and identity within the community at large. The organization strives to provide social and cultural activities for members, as well as promote professional development on and off campus.


Bentley Association of Chinese Students

The purpose of Bentley Association of Chinese Students (BACS) is to promote and preserve Chinese culture and customs within the Bentley community through a variety of different activities and events. We strive to enrich student life by providing students the ability to experience and become aware of the diverse Chinese culture at Bentley. By offering students a forum to socialize and experience the Chinese culture, we hope to ultimately educate and break down barriers at the university. The organization welcomes members of all races, ethnicities, genders, religions and ages.


Bentley Indonesian Students Association

BISA’s main mission on campus is to unite Indonesians who are currently studying at Bentley University. In addition to that, BISA shares the indigenous culture of Indonesia with the greater Bentley community while continuing to contribute and collaborate with existing Bentley organizations.


Black United Body

The purpose of Black United Body (BUB) is to promote diversity and cultural awareness on and off Bentley's campus; to spread awareness between students of color and the entire student population through social events and gatherings. BUB is dedicated to sharing knowledge and learning from its members within and outside of Bentley's community. We serve to fulfill the needs of African-American students and help aid the administration in the recruitment process of ALANA students.


Brazilian Students Society

The Brazilian Students Society (BSS) serves as a liaison between Brazil and the Bentley community. It is the rallying point of all students with origins in Brazil and interest in its culture.

Caribbean Ancestry Student Association

The purpose of CASA is to promote awareness of the various Caribbean cultures, serve as a social outlet for members and promote academic excellence among members. CASA provides a safe haven where members are able to discuss various topics.


International Student Association

The purpose of the International Student Association is to help students from foreign countries, as well as students from the United States, to integrate into the Bentley community; and to enrich campus life with different ideas and activities. Furthermore, the club has been organized to provide an opportunity for communication and friendship between foreign and American students in order to create and exchange among Bentley students. This exchange will enrich and create well-rounded individuals.

For more information, see ISA’s full website here:

Korean Student Association

The purpose of the Korean Student Assoication (KSA) is to promote social networking within a diverse community, increase awareness and reputation of Bentley University amongst companies in South Korea, and introduce Korean culture through performances, games and food with the collaboration of other Asian organizations whom have agreed to co-sponsor the KSA. We will increase social networking within the diverse community via Bentley KSA social-meetings in Korea during summer and winter vacations by taking the initiative in reaching-out to alumni and current and prospective students.


La Cultura Latina

The purpose of La Cultura Latina is to provide an academic, social and educational environment for anyone who would like to learn more about the different Hispanic cultures. This organization is about unity. Everyone is encouraged to join.


La Societa Italiana di Bentley

The purpose of La Societa Italiana di Bentley (SIBC) is to provide an authentic cultural and educational experience for the Bentley community. Students can participate in such events as a North End dinner, Italian movie night, and bocce tournaments. If you're Italian-American, or just interested in learning about Italy and its rich culture, then SIBC is for you. Ci vediamo!


Recognizing Everybody's Aspect and Lifestyle (REAL)

The mission of Recognizing Everybody’s Aspects and Lifestyle (REAL) is to promote the sharing of cultural knowledge and awareness through creative means and effective coordination of all cultural activities in the Bentley community. We will strive to achieve collaboration with other organizations on campus to promote individual empowerment and growth. We promote the acceptance of individuals as well as the cultures they come from.


South Asian Student Association

The goals of the South Asian Student Association are to increase the awareness of South Asian students on Bentley's campus. This will be done through social, political and cultural events relevant to the South Asian society. The following countries are included in South Asia: India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Nepal and Sri Lanka.


Vietnamese Student Association

Vietnam should be known for its vital culture rather than just the Vietnam War. We, the Vietnamese Student Association of Bentley, strive to introduce to the Bentley community the country's traditions, language, and culture. We provide educational and entertaining events in which the Bentley community can partake, as well as networking opportunities between us and the other organizations both on and off campus.


Fraternity and Sorority Organizations

Alpha Epsilon Pi

Alpha Epsilon Pi was founded to provide opportunities for the college man seeking the best possible college and fraternity experience. Our basic purpose is as a Jewish organization that is NOT specifically religious, but rather social and cultural in nature. Throughout our history, the fraternity setting has seved as a "learning laboratory," a testing ground for young men who later become leaders in business, education, government, religion, and science. A goal of our fraternity is to help each student develop character, learn responsibility, and develop a proper set of values through living together in brotherhood. Alpha Epsilon Pi prepares young men for their role in life as responsible citizens. Seventy-three thousand men have worn the badge of Alpha Epsilon Pi and each year, more than 2,000 undergraduates join our ranks in our 120 chapters and colonies.


Alpha Gamma Pi

Established in 1924, the Alpha chapter of the Alpha Gamma Pi (AGP) Fraternity is one of Bentley's original fraternities. As a social fraternity, AGP is a very close-knit group of brothers who are supported by the largest alumni backing of any organization on campus. Throughout the year, AGP sponsors sociable and charitable activities in which undergraduate and alumni brothers, as well as pledges, participate. These events include Jell-O wrestling, "Jeopardy," socials with Bentley sororities, cookouts, and the ever-popular alumni reunion.


Alpha Kappa Psi

Alpha Kappa Psi was founded on the principles of educating its members and the public to appreciate and demand higher ideals in business and to further the individual welfare of members during college and beyond.

Visit our website!


Alpha Phi

Alpha Phi is an international sorority founded in 1872. The Zeta Rho Chapter of Alpha Phi is the first national sorority to be established on the Bentley campus on April 3, 1982. Since then, the sisters of Zeta Rho have worked hard to maintain Alpha Phi's highest ideals of womanhood, scholarship and service. Alpha Phi is bonded by its three C's: character, culture and conduct. Alpha Phi is a sisterhood of a family of friends that are bound together by a set of common ideals. Alpha Phi's philanthropy, the Alpha Phi Foundation, is changing women's lives through collegiate programming in health education and leadership development, cardiac research and education, and financial assistance for women of all ages through the Forget-Me-Not fund, emergency grants and undergraduate and graduate scholarships.


Alpha Sigma Phi

Alpha Sigma Phi is a national fraternity has established a tradition of excellence since its founding at Yale in 1845. The Bentley chapter continues the tradition by creating a camaraderie among the highest caliber individuals. Through the bond we form as brothers, we make it our goal "to better the man." We actively participate in community service programs with events including weekly visits to youth groups, and sponsoring a charity golf tournament. Alpha Sigma Phi is committed to promoting high scholarship, recognizes individual qualities, forming leaders, and exemplifying integrity and patriotism. Brotherhood is a privilege that we share together as we form relationships that will turn our friends into brothers for life.


Bentley Interfraternity Council

The Bentley Interfraternity Council is comprised of three national fraternities and three local fraternities present on campus. The council works together to promote unity and guarantee equal opportunities amongst all of its members.


Bentley Panhellenic Council

The Bentley University Panhellenic Council is comprised of the four national sororities present on campus. The council works together to promote unity and guarantee equal opportunities amongst all of its members. The Panhellenic Council is also one of the largest and fastest growing organizations at Bentley.


Beta Alpha Psi

Beta Alpha Psi is the national honors and professional fraternity for financial information professionals. The mission of the Bentley University chapter is to create forums for personal, academic and professional development and provide networking opportunities and leadership experiences for our members. We do this while serving the community, maintaining high ethical standards, and honoring academic and professional excellence.


Delta Kappa Epsilon

Delta Kappa Epsilon (DKE) has a strong history and tradition that dates back more than 100 hundred years. Through the common bonds if Delta Kappa Epsilon, you will forge everlasting friendships, establish a connection to an unrivaled alumni network, and affiliate yourself with a band of brothers that is committed to your success. DKE encourages growth and development of both social and academic life, be it on the basketball court or during charity events. DKE promotes the creation of a stimulating environment where our members can distinguish themselves through leadership and active involvement through community service events, chapter leadership or DKE night out.


Delta Sigma Pi

Delta Sigma Pi is a professional fraternity organized to:

  • Foster the study of business in universities
  • Encourage scholarship, social activity and the association of students for their mutual advancement by research and practice
  • Promote closer affiliation between the commercial world and students of commerce
  • Further a higher standard of commercial ethics and culture and the civic and commercial welfare of the community


Gamma Phi Beta

Gamma Phi Beta was founded at Syracuse University in 1874. This is an international sorority, with more than 141 chapters throughout the United States and Canada. The Bentley chapter was previously the local sorority of Sigma lota Sigma, which became affiliated with Gamma Phi Beta. The mission is to foster a nurturing environment that provides women the opportunity to achieve their potential through life-long commitment to intellectual growth, individual worth and service to humanity; these women enrich their college lives, as well as develop everlasting friendships.


Greek Activities Council

The Greek Council is the governing organization of all Greeks and provides a body through which guidance, direction and social interaction can take place for fraternities and sororities.


Hermandad de Sigma Iota Alpha

Hermandad de Sigma Iota Alpha (SIA) strives to promote education and unity among women. The organization endeavors to foster a sense of pride for their heritage, and in doing so hope to abolish ignorance, prejudice and racism in society at large. 


Kappa Sigma

Kappa Sigma is focused on the four pillars of fellowship, leadership, scholarship and service. As a values-based men's fraternity, Kappa Sigma strictly forbids hazing and fosters meaningful college experiences by offering progressive membership development and pledge education. 


Phi Sigma Sigma

Phi Sigma Sigma is a very well-rounded sorority with our members involved in athletics, philanthropic events, tutoring, political organizations and other various activities on Bentley's campus. As a sorority we strive for academic excellence, leadership skills and service to the community. We hold these standards strongly which goes along with our motto of "diokette hupsala," meaing "aim high."


Sigma Chi

To be an organization that exemplifies friendship, justice, and learning through ritual, brotherhood, and club. While committed to the betterment of Bentley University’s campus and the greater community, we also work to develop values-based leaders through a non-hazing Process.


Sigma Gamma Delta

Sigma Gamma Delta's purpose is to promote goodwill and friendship between its members, acquaintances, the university community, and the community at large. The organization also aims to increase the social relationships and activities of its members through a distinct vision of friendship. It aims to create a cohesive brotherhood that will stand the test of time while giving back to the world in which we live through charity. In unity is strength!


Sigma Pi

Sigma Pi's motto is A Generation of New Leaders, and we as a local chapter attempt to live up to this at all times. We actively recruit the leaders on campus. Our many programs shape each brother into well rounded individuals who services the community, participates in campus activities and maintains an acceptable GPA.


Graduate Student Organizations

Graduate Association for Technical Analysis and Investment (GATAI)

GATAI's mission is to provide an opportunity to learn about various investment strategies, short-term trading methods, and risk management tools through the foundation of technical analysis?the study of market action. GATAI was founded in October 2003. It was established to provide Bentley graduate students with the opportunity to develop their knowledge and skills in the financial investing arena. As a relatively new association, GATAI is constantly seeking educational opportunities for its constituents. In the past, it has sponsored guest speaker events (both lectures and forums) including money managers, hedge fund principals, and equity traders. Additionally, it has co-sponsored the annual trip to the NYSE, and has held such practical events as technical trading workshops and the annual trading competition.


Graduate Finance Association

The goal of the GFA is to bridge the gap between the classroom and the real world of finance. The aim of the club is to develop a greater understanding of financial issues and career opportunities. The club hosts guest speakers, plans trips to places of interest such as Wall Street, promotes networking opportunities, and sponsors other related activities.


Graduate Information Technology Management Association (GITMA)

GITMA is committed to educating and connecting students to the IT community, as well as promoting themselves as part of it. Through valuable events, they build relationships among industry professionals and its members, while focusing on pertinent topics for those involved in or interested in Information Technology.


Graduate Management Association (GMA)

The mission of the GMA is to create opportunities for learning and discussion on topics spanning the managerial sciences. The goals of the GMA are focused on career development of the membership and community service. They strive to provide opportunities that build personal and professional character, and provide critical business skills.


Graduate Marketing Organization (GMO)

The goal of the GMO is to provide its members with a breadth of marketing experience by creating synergyies between classroom instruction and real-world marketing issues. They also provide a platform for students to interchange and network with other marketing professionals. The GMO achieves its purpose by engaging students in a variety of events and activities throughout the year. Some of the things they do: - Host panel discussions and career events. - Organize company visits that give students an insight into the marketing function - Design and organize Marketing Case competitions.


Graduate Student Association

The mission of the Graduate Student Association is to: create a professional and social environment that promotes personal and professional growth for all graduate students; influence graduate school policies that enrich the graduate school experience socially, academically and professionally ; and unify students in the commitment to build relationships that establish a strong network in the business world.


Graduate Taxation and Financial Planning Association

The Graduate Financial Planning and Taxation Association seeks to provide students in the Master of Science in Financial Planning and Master of Science in Taxation programs with information about changes and developments with each of the practice areas. GFPTA also seeks to create opportunities for current students to network with professionals in the fields of financial planning and taxation. The organization encourages its members to actively participate in Bentley's philanthropic outreach programs.

Graduate Women's Leadership Organization (GWLO)

The GWLO was formed in the spring of 2004 after more that 50 female Bentley graduate students attended Harvard Business School's Dynamic Women in Business Conference. The purpose of the GWLO is to enhance Bentley graduate women's professional and personal development. This is accomplished by providing leadership, mentoring, professional and academic networking, and cultivating alumnae relationships.


Recreational Organizations

BEAR Outdoors Club

The purpose of the BEAR Outdoors Club is to provide Bentley students the opportunity to integrate outdoor activities with their academic agenda. This club provides an outlet for the students and enables them to meet other recreationally involved students on campus. Trips include rock climbing, hiking, camping, kayaking, water holes, capture the flag, sledding, mountain biking and fishing.


Bentley Student Gaming Organization

The purpose of the Bentley Student Gaming Organization (BSGO) is to bring together a varied and diverse group of students who share a love of interactive entertainment, and to offer them the opportunity to participate in advanced forms of video gaming that cannot be achieved on the hardware they are issued. Our goal is also to foster an environment in which players can socialize and network (both electronically and in reality) with each other. We host multiplayer games every week and tournaments at the conclusion of each semester. Lastly, we work to obtain site-licenses and other deals with video game companies to provide students with more affordable software than found in stores.


FIRE Step Squad

We are the Fierce Individuals Reaching Excellence (FIRE) step squad. Our mission is to enlighten the Bentley University community and surrounding communities of the art of an African dance called step. Step is an historic African dance consisting of a combination of clapping and stomping patterns. With this dance, we provide entertainment and support for university teams. We perform in various dance shows, basketball games and any other sport of interest. This club gives the membes an opportunity to socialize, learn dance steps and become more aware of African culture. We add a distinctive advantage to Bentley by providing a chance to join an inclusive, fun and educational association which has great expectations and no boundaries to its success.


Health and Fitness Club

The mission of Health & Fitness Club is to create and grow a fitness community within the Bentley University campus. The Club does so by developing various health and fitness programs on campus that provide club members with an opportunity to connect with each other and that educate the Bentley student body about health and fitness.


Rock Climbing Club

Rock Climbing Club brings a passionate group of  students together to go rock  climbing  in  a  positive  and  team  building  environment. Club members have the opportunity to develop leadership and problem solving skills while having an outlet to exercise in a social setting.


Ski and Snowboard Club

The Bentley Ski and Snowboard Club is designed to bring together those students who are interested in skiing and/or snowboarding. It provides a social atmosphere while offering group discount rates and transportation to its members. The club offers day, weekend, and week-long trips to various New England and Western ski resorts during the winter months. New members are always welcome.


Religious and Service Organizations

Bentley Christian Fellowship

The Bentley Christian Fellowship (part of the national Campus Crusade for Christ) is a group of Christians looking to strengthen individual relationships with Jesus Christ and build community within the group, to challenge each individual to act on Biblical teachings, and to fulfill God's call to share Christ with others.


Bentley Islamic Community

The Bentley Islamic Community is the unievrsity's Muslim student organization. It is a support group for the Muslim students at Bentley and also provides educational seminars and lectures to promote an understanding of Islam within the community. Our primary purpose is to facilitate the practice of Islam among Bentley Muslim students from various countries, traditions, cultures and backgrounds. Regular activities include daily and Friday prayers, Iftar, Eid and lectures on current Islamic issues. The Bentley Islamic Community also has links with other local student organizations to increase community building within the ummah. Prayers and weekly meetings are held in the Sacred Space.


Best Buddies International

Best Buddies is an organization thyat works to enhance the lives of people with intellectual disabilities by providing opportunities for one-to-one friendships and integrated employment. Best Buddies Colleges pairs people with intellectual disabilities enrolled in Work Community Independence (WCI) in one-to-one friendships with Bentley students. Social experiences and relationships are a part of life; unfortunately, individuals with intellectual disabilities have a historically been excluded from many of the social opportunities that most people enjoy. By becoming a college buddy, you will not only befriend someone with a developmental disability, but you will also learn about yourself in the process. Best Buddies facilitates exciting activities and get together, including pizza parties, various holiday parties, bowling outings, car washes, and much more.


Catholic Campus Connection

Catholic Campus Connection provides the Catholic resident and commuter students of Bentley University with a place to gather, socialize, discuss and plan.


Circle K

Circle K is an international collegiate service organization. The three main aspects of Circle K are service, leadership and fellowship. New members are encouraged and always welcome! Some examples of service projects we do include homework help at Waltham Public Schools and the Salvation Army, soup kitchens, library story hour, Habitat for Humanity, and on-campus events and fundraisers. Circle K is a great resume builder and a great way to meet new people.


College Kindness

The foundation of College Kindness is built on the belief that acts of kindness, when frequently exercised, are profoundly powerful. The sole purpose College Kindness is to positively impact the lives of the Bentley University community through acts of kindness.


Colleges Against Cancer

Colleges Against Cancer is a nationwide collaborative of college students working with the American Cancer Society to implement the society's programs on college campuses. Through the four strategic directions of cancer education, advocacy, survivorship, and Relay For Life, we aim to make the Bentley community — students, faculty, and staff together — aware of the risks and treatments of various cancers, as well as the supporting programs of ACS.


Habitat For Humanity

Habitat For Humanity is a group of students who take time to give back to the greater community by participating in one-day Habitat experiences providing valuable team-building skills. We also help fundraise for local Habitat chapters.



Hillel is the Jewish student organization on campus. It offers social and religious activities, both at Bentley and with our Hillel chapters in the Greater Boston area. Recent activities have included theater trips, semi-formal, Chanukah celebrations and Model Passover Seder.


Social and Political Interest Organizations

Bentley Democrats

The Bentley Democrats is a group of young adults interested in the democratic process and eager to learn more about it. Locally, the group holds voter registration drives and publicizes the Democratic Party positions. Also, we aid in the campaigns of both local and state officials. On the national level, the Bentley Democrats are affiliated with the College Democrats of America.


Bentley Republicans

The Bentley Republicans promote political and social awareness on campus through political debates, major speakers, and forums. The College Republicans also participate in Republican campaigns throughout the area. The Bentley University Republican club is a member of the Massachusetts Alliance of College Republicans, which consists of 35 College Republican Clubs throughout the state of Massachusetts. Our club members have had the chance to personally meet President George W. Bush, Governor Mitt Romney, Bill O'Reilly, Ann Coulter, Dinesh D'Souza and many more great conservative leaders.


Green Society

The purpose of the Bentley Green Society is to educate students, faculty and staff about the environment, promote environmentally conscious habits, and make environmentalism intuitive for each of us.


Model United Nations

The Bentley Model United Nations Program is a group of students interested in international affairs who research topics concerning the UN, and then put this knowledge to use by hosting two conferences for high school and middle school students.



People Respecting Individuality and Diversity through Education (PRIDE) provides support and social activities for the Bentley University gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender community. PRIDE was created to promote awareness of social and political concerns of its members and life at Bentley. It is also dedicated to raising awareness of the GLBT community at the university. All are welcome to attend meetings. Come as a friend, member of the community, or an ally showing support. Meetings vary in order to promote convenience for the members.


Women's Center

Bentley's Women's Center's mission is to promote and enhance the academic achievements, professional performance, and personal development of the women and men at the university by striving to create a more inclusive and supportive campus environment by encouraging understanding and acceptance among a diverse community of men and women.


Student Governance Organizations

Allocation and Internal Audit Committee

The Allocation and Internal Audit Committee (AIA) is an organization consisting of eight undergraduate students, whose responsibility is to allocate the undergraduate student activity fee to recognized student organizations of Bentley University. AIA is also responsible for overseeing how monies are spent to ensure your activity fee is utilized to your benefit. It is a tremendous responsibility. However, if you are up to the challenge, AIA just might have a seat on the board for you.


Association of Bentley Activities

The Association of Bentley Activities (ABA) is an association of student organizations created for their mutual advancement, by setting fiscal priorities, fostering communication, acting on concerns, and creating a system more conducive to successful programming for the entire campus.


Residence Hall Association

Puzzled about how to get involved on campus? The Residence Hall Association (RHA) coordinates the efforts of individual hall councils in providing social, recreational, and educational programs for resident students; and recommends rules, regulations, and policies to the Office of Residence Life. RHA sponsors programs highlighting sexual and alcohol awareness and has sponsored many other successful programs over the years, including ski trips, BBQs, comedians, dances, lectures, study breaks and many community service activities. We are looking for motivated, outgoing people to get involved with our organization.


Student Government Association

The Bentley Student Government Association (SGA) is a governing body that tries to better the university environment for all students. This is achieved through a collaborative effort between the students and university administration. Members of SGA seek out the interests and opinions of the student body as a whole and make recommendations to university officials based on their findings.