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University Police

Staff & Faculty Resources

Unlock Requests

In the event that access to an otherwise secured area is required, the following procedures should be followed:

General Classrooms

  • Building custodians are responsible for unlocking general classrooms. 

High-security Classrooms 

  • Access to high-security (alarmed) classrooms is managed by card access. Only those authorized by the person who controls the classroom may be allowed admittance. It is strongly recommended that access authorization be obtained well in advance of the scheduled use of the area.
  • NOTE: University Police will not allow persons not previously authorized into a high-security classroom without the permission of the person in charge of the classroom.


  • Individuals locked out of their own offices should contact the University Police (x-2201) for assistance.  An officer will be sent to verify identification and unlock the area in question.
  • NOTE: University Police will only unlock offices for individuals assigned to that office. Requests by individuals for access into an office not their own will not be honored without the approval of the person who occupies or is otherwise in control of the office. Exceptions may be made based on extenuating circumstances, at the discretion of the University Police supervisor, and upon proper identification of the party requesting access and documentation as to the reason why access is needed. 

Residential Facilities

  • All residential facilities are controlled by card access.  Access to student living areas is assigned by the Residential Center and, in most cases, controlled by University Police. 
  • Access to student living quarters is restricted. However, access into a student’s room may need to be obtained for maintenance and/or other extenuating circumstances in accordance with the student housing contract.

Other Areas

In general, access into locked areas on campus must be authorized by the person in control of the area in question. Where a building manager is assigned (e.g., Student Center, LaCava Center), the building manager will be responsible for unlocking areas within the facility under his/her control.

Emergency Access

In case of emergencies (e.g., maintenance, fire, etc.), the University Police Department and Facilities Management Department may need to enter a secured campus facility.  Once the emergency is addressed, every reasonable effort will be made to contact the individual responsible for the area entered so as to advise him/her of the need to access their facility.

University Police will email each department head or his/her designee once a year to request updated information relative to emergency contact information should University Police need to contact someone in a specific department. Department heads are strongly encouraged to provide the University Police Department with the names and phone numbers of persons who should be notified in the event of emergency situation. 

Notification will be made to the department head or other person whose name is on file as an emergency contact for the department when emergency access to an area is required.

Card Access

With the exception of residence halls, most campus buildings and facilities are accessible to members of the campus community, guests and visitors during normal hours of business and during designated hours on weekends and holidays, depending on the variety of events and activities taking place on campus. Once buildings are secured, persons requiring access to academic or administrative buildings on campus must contact the University Police Department at x- 2201 to obtain access. 

An employee’s department head may approve off-hours card access into buildings if it is necessary for the employee’s work responsibilities. A request for off-hours card access must be made in writing to Melissa Diglio, Manager, Communications Center.

Under no circumstance will card access be granted whenever that access is determined to compromise the safety & security of the community and/or the university’s facilities.

Facilities Management Access (Off-hours):

  • Facilities Management staff that are required to access areas on campus during off-hours will be required to check in and out at the University Police station.
  • University Police will document the arrival and departure times of the staff, the location accessed and the reason access was needed.
Drone and UAV Policy

The operation of a drone or UAV (unmanned aerial vehicle) over Bentley property is prohibited in the absence of approval by the Bentley University Chief of Police. In order to obtain approval for the operation of a drone or UAV over Bentley property the operator must file application with the Chief of Police at least 48 hours prior to the planned operation. Drone Application Form.

The operator must include on the form the following information:

  1. Date, time and location of the operation
  2. Purpose of the operation
  3. Equipment to be used
  4. Identity and contact information for the operator
  5. Data to be collected

The proposed operation must not pose an unacceptable threat to safety, privacy or the environment. Approval, once given, may be rescinded if it is determined that the information provided is incorrect or incomplete or if circumstances have changed and a determination is made that the planned operation is not in the community’s best interest. Bentley University also reserves the right to immediately order the cessation of any operation which is deemed to create a hazard or interference with any campus equipment or activity. 

Safety Programs and Services

Alcohol Awareness and Education

Our officers are available to speak to campus organizations about our alcohol policy. For an appointment, call 781.891.2201. 

CPR and First Aid Training

CPR and first aid training are provided upon request for any group within the community. Though not commonly associated with crime or criminal activity on campus, the program teaches self-sufficiency and concern for others. Instructors are members of the University Police Department, and are properly trained and certified by the American Red Cross or the American Heart Association.

Emergency Telephones

There are both interior and exterior emergency phones linking Bentley University Police and members of the Bentley community.

Medical Transports

We work with the Health and Wellness Center to provide transportation to Newton-Wellesley Urgent Care Center in Waltham, and in emergencies, to Newton-Wellesley Hospital in Newton. Transport to the emergency room is at the request of the Center for Health and Wellness or when emergency care is needed, and is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. We also transport resident students to and from class when they are temporarily restricted due to an injury.

Operation Identification Kits

We provide operation identification kits to help you protect your valuables against theft. This program is available to you whether you live on campus or not. Operation Identification membership stickers are available in each kit.

Rape Aggression Defense System Classes

There are several officers certified to teach the Rape Aggression Defense System (RAD), a means of prevention and self-defense designed specifically for women.

Rape Awareness, Education and Prevention

In cooperation with student organizations, we deliver many presentations on rape awareness, education and prevention.

Residence Hall Safety and Security

Throughout the academic year, we offer crime prevention programs at residence halls during floor meetings to discuss security and safety issues relevant to on-campus living. These efforts augment programs we provide during summer Orientations.

Safety Escort Service

University police personnel will provide a personal safety escort from one point on campus to another; these escorts are usually walking escorts. To request one, call our business line at 781.891.2201 and inform the dispatcher that you would like a personal safety escort. A police officer, security officer or student patrol worker will be dispatched as soon as possible to assist you. This service is provided 24 hours per day. 

Traffic Safety Educational Materials

Please read through these links taken from the Governor’s Highway Safety Association. Familiarizing yourself with the state's Distracted Driving and Bicyclist and Pedestrian safety laws, will aid us in our efforts to make Bentley a safer campus for us all.

Anonymous Tip Line