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Students walk over the footbridge in the snow

Inclement Weather at Bentley

Policies and Procedures

Inclement Weather

When severe weather impacts campus safety, it may be necessary to cancel classes and close offices.

Bentley University strives to protect the safety of its students, faculty, staff, visitors, and facilities at all times including during periods of inclement weather or emergency situations. In the event that a snowstorm, other inclement weather or an emergency situation presents a risk to Bentley students, faculty, staff, visitors and facilities, the university will make a determination of the appropriate operational status and response. Regardless of any decision by the university about closures and cancellations, faculty, staff, and students should use their own best judgment about traveling to campus during a storm.

During a university closing, all classes (including hybrid format graduate courses) are canceled. Classes before a delayed opening time and classes after an early closing time are canceled. Evening class cancellation means all classes beginning at 5:00 p.m. or after are canceled. As the university will be closed, there will not be IT or staff support available on campus, and faculty and students should not be coming to campus or accessing classroom buildings or campus offices. If classes are canceled, faculty may wish to have students complete an assignment or make some other arrangement to cover content from a canceled class. In a snowstorm or other incident that has extended impacts, or if multiple incidents affect repeated course blocks, this may be adjusted to ensure appropriate class time. This determination will be made by the Provost’s Office in consultation with academic deans and department chairs. 

During a closure, most staff do not have to work, either on campus or remotely, i.e. a “traditional snow day.” In a snowstorm or other incident that has extended impacts, or if multiple incidents occur, this may be adjusted to ensure necessary work can be accomplished. Staff should consult with their manager or department head regarding specific expectations. Even when the university is closed, there will be certain essential personnel (such as University Police and Facilities) required to work in certain offices and functions.

Closure and Delays Policy

The university has identified possible options to modify operations prior to, during or after the impact of significant weather or other emergencies: closing, delayed opening, early closing or evening class and event cancellation. 




Non-essential on-campus operations and activities, including classes, are canceled. This decision may include evening classes or evening classes may be decided separately. 

Delayed Opening 

Non-essential on-campus operations and activities, including classes, occurring before the selected opening time are canceled, and activities and classes beginning after the opening time continue as scheduled. 

If a delayed opening is necessary, classes will begin with either the 9:30 AM class (B Block) or 11:00AM (C Block).  Non-essential faculty and staff will be required to report for work at the same selected time (either 9:30AM or 11:00AM). 

Early Closing 

Non-essential on-campus operations and activities, including classes, occurring after the selected early closing time are canceled. Activities and classes ending before the closing time continue as scheduled. 

Evening Classes and Events Canceled 

Events and evening classes, both undergraduate and graduate, that begin at 5:00 PM or later, including “G” block classes (5:00 PM – 6:20 PM) are canceled. 

The library in the snow

School Cancellations and Inclement Weather

In the event of severe weather, it may be necessary to cancel classes and close offices. The official, most accurate cancellation information will be shared via:

  • The Bentley website 
  • Email, text, and phone via the BentleyAlert notification system
  • Bentley social media channels
Snow Removal Parking Restrictions

We depend on the cooperation of the community for successful snow removal. Please help Bentley’s Facilities Management Department get the job done quickly and efficiently. Effective Jan. 1 through March 31 of each year, certain parking areas may need to be vacated to assist with plowing and snow removal.

Winter Parking Ban for Spaces at Miller Deck (Lot 11) and Forest/Kresge Lot (Lot 17)
A row of parking spaces at the back of the upper level of the Miller deck (lot 11) and several spaces at the back of the Forest/Kresge lot (lot 17) will designated as unavailable for student parking so that Facilities Management can clear snow. These parking spaces will not be allowed to be parked in during this time.

Parking at Trees Lot (Lot 16), Miller Deck (Lot 11), and Orchard Deck (Lot 21)
The parking spaces directly behind the Trees Dorms in lot 16 against the building will remain available for use during the winter months. However, it is strongly recommended that you not park your vehicle in the spaces directly behind the Trees Dorms, as snow and ice may accumulate on the roof of the building and fall off causing damage to vehicles. Due to the configuration and snow removal challenges of lots 11, 16, and 21, before a winter storm, Facilities Management and/or University Police may temporarily restrict parking in these lots and ask students to move their vehicles to other lots during the storm. Vehicles that are not moved when requested may be subject to ticketing, towing and/or be blocked in by plowed snow.

Parking Lot Snow Removal Procedures 
Facilities Management responds early to address snow and ice conditions on our roads, parking lots, pedestrian walkways and stairs. When snow begins to accumulate, it will be necessary to plow the parking lots. Plowing of the parking lots is coordinated between Facilities Management and University Police. This can be most effectively accomplished by having vehicles temporarily removed from the lots. When the snow plowing operation begins, members of the Bentley community will receive an email notification asking that their vehicles be removed from certain parking lots and temporarily relocated to other lots to accomplish the quick and efficient removal of snow. Your cooperation in complying with the request to relocate your vehicle is expected and greatly appreciated to expedite the snow removal process. Vehicles that are not moved when requested may be subject to ticketing, towing and/or be blocked in by plowed snow. 

In order to minimize any snow removal obstructions caused by vehicles remaining on campus during university break periods, vehicles must be relocated to the lower level of the Miller parking deck (lot 11) prior to departing campus. Snow shovels will be available at the University Police station for those who need to borrow them. Overnight parking is not allowed in commuter, staff or faculty lots during a snow emergency.  If overnight parking is needed, please contact University Police. 

View the Campus Snow Parking Map

Campus Services and Planning for Closures

Before inclement weather and related cancellations occur, faculty, event planners and meeting organizers should develop and communicate their plans for making up missed class work, or for canceled events or meetings. Because of the large number of classes, meetings and events held on campus, it is not possible to use the Storm Emergency Line for individualized announcements. Generally, most events with external participants and clients will be canceled if the university is closed.  

Campus Services 
During a university closure, dining services may modify hours and locations of operations. At least one location, usually the 921, will remain open for dining. Changes to dining services will be reflected on the Dining Services website and social media. The Bentley Shuttle (B-Line Shuttle & Harvard Shuttle) will adjust or cancel service as needed depending on the weather and safety conditions. Schedule changes will be noted on shuttle website and the Transloc Rider app. Other campus services such as mail services and the bookstore may adjust operational hours. 

General Winter Storm Safety on Campus 
Bentley’s Facilities Management team works tirelessly during snowstorms to keep roads, parking lots, pedestrian walkways and stairways clear of snow.  However, this takes time and weather conditions do not always allow for the quick removal of snow and ice.  All members of the university community are urged to use caution while walking and driving on campus during a snowstorm and to be mindful that snow and ice do slide from the roofs of our buildings and tree limbs can fall. If any unsafe conditions are observed, please submit a Work Order Request through Facilities Management online or by calling 781-891-2208. If the request is an emergency, please contact University Police at 781-891-2201.