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University Police

Parking Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I park with my permit?

RED: Residents may park in UPPER and LOWER campus lots designated for RESIDENT PARKING. 

GREEN: North Campus Resident’s may park in any COMMUTER OR RESIDENT parking lot. 

YELLOW: Commuters may park in lots designated as COMMUTER LOTS (lots 6,7,8,9).

PURPLE: This decal is required for any first-year who has received prior approval from the Bentley Police Department to park in Lot 1 West - closest to the Forest Street entrance.

What happens if I lose my permit?

Any student who loses his or her decal will be required to purchase a new one. If the permit is found during the same semester that it was purchased and turned over to the Card Office a refund will be issued.

How will I be billed for my parking permit for the following semester?

When it is confirmed that you have registered for classes, your account will be charged prior to the semester starting.

Can I leave the permit on my dashboard and transfer it between vehicles?

No. Permits are non-transferable. Any student who does not appropriately affix the decal to his or her vehicle will receive a citation.

Do I need to get a new permit at the beginning of each school year?

No. The Bentley parking permit is valid until graduation.

If my vehicle with the permit is in the shop do I have to pay for another pass?

No. However, you will be required to show proof of repair such as an invoice, repair estimate, vehicle accident report or a picture of the vehicle totaled.

What if I sold or salvaged my vehicle and forgot to remove the permit?

We can verify with the Registry of Motor Vehicles that the vehicle is no longer on the road and issue a new decal at no charge.

If I study abroad will I be charged for a parking decal I previously purchased?


What should I do if I get a new car?
  1. Bring proof that the old decal has been scraped off, preferably a picture of the decal intact and a picture of the decal half scraped off.
  2. After registering the vehicle through, bring your license, vehicle registration, and Bentley ID with you to the Card Office.
  3. We will issue you a new commuter/resident decal and the avdjustments will be made to your account.
If my status changes from resident to commuter or vice versa do I need a different permit?

Yes. Please follow step 1 under, “What should I do if I get a new car?”

If I return without a vehicle the following semester how can I get a refund?
  1. Email with a picture of your parking decal intact and a picture of the decal half scraped off.
  2. Please state in the email that you will no longer have a vehicle on campus and include your name, student ID number and the license plate number of the vehicle.
How much does a parking permit cost?

Effective Fall 2019 Semester

Resident students (undergraduate and graduate) - $87.50 per semester

Undergraduate Commuter - $50.00 per semester

Graduate Commuter Students - $37.50 per semester


Is there a specific spot on my vehicle that the decal needs to be affixed too?

Yes. Decals MUST be permanently affixed to the front passenger’s side window in the right hand corner. If the vehicle has tinted windows the decal may be placed on the driver’s side corner of the front windshield.