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Workday Student

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I find courses I can register for?

Workday has a great feature where you can look up courses. After logging in to Workday, type "Bentley find course sections" into the search bar in Workday.  It is also in the menu of options in your "Academics" worklet. You will be prompted to enter information, including the current semester and academic level.

Once you are in the list of course sections, you can click on "expand all" and it will show the times and days the courses are offered, as well as their capacity.

Why can't I register for a class I want?

When you do not see the "Register" button in the registration screen, you won't be able to register for a course.

There are multiple reasons why you might not be able to register or add a course you want:

  1. You have a hold. You can view your holds in your Workday. If you have any holds, they will display on your Academics App. If you have a financial hold contact Student Financial Services: For Registration holds, check with the Registrar's office at for medical holds contact
  2. You do not satisfy the prerequisite requirements for the course. Prerequisites in Workday Student are also called "Eligibility Rules". Workday student has live prereq checking and will stop you from registering if you do not meet the appropriate eligibility for the course. A quick way to find Eligibility/Pre-Reqs is to use the Course Listing link on MyBentley. Pre-Reqs (along with other information) is in the Notes section for each course.

If you took a summer course outside of Bentley and the Registrar's office has not yet received the official transcript showing you have completed a prerequisite, you will need a waiver. The same is true if you have studied abroad in the spring semester and are trying to change your schedule to include a course for which you do not currently meet the prerequisite according to your academic record. To obtain a waiver, fill out the Undergraduate Prerequisite Waiver Form and email the form along with appropriate documentation (if applicable) to Here is the direct link to the form: The link is also on the Registrar's page at

If you do not meet the prerequisite and need to take a course as a co-requisite to another course you are enrolled in to graduate on time, please contact the relevant department chair and have them sign the Undergraduate Prerequisite Waiver Form. Then submit the form to

Please note: As of Spring 2021, eligibility rule (prerequisite) waivers will not be given to students completing courses during university breaks. For example, if you plan to take a course away from Bentley in a winter session to meet a prerequisite for a spring course, you will not be allowed to register for the spring course at Bentley during the regular spring registration period in November.

3. You have a full schedule and are trying to add an additional course when you have already reached your credit limit. Please review the course overload policy:

Course Overload Policy
Full time student status is defined as enrollment in 12-16 credit hours. Authorization to carry more than the normal number of credit hours in any one semester is generally given only to students with a 2.7 or higher overall academic record, or to senior students with a cumulative average of 2.0 or higher. In special cases, students may file a petition with Academic Services to have this qualification waived.

If want a registration overload, please email the Associate Dean of Academic Services to request a waiver at In your request, please specify the reason you are asking for a registration overload.

First Year students are not allowed to register for a course overload their first semester.

4. You have a conflict with another course already on your schedule.
This will be noted on the registration form in Workday Student. Double check your current schedule to be sure you are not adding courses that meet at the same time as a course you have already registered for.

What do I do if I want to get into a full course?

It is not worth asking to get into a full course if there are open sections available. After your registration assignment time, you may place yourself on the waitlist for a course if the department has made a waitlist available for that course.  Not all courses have waitlists. Links to the waitlist forms are posted on MyBentley in Announcements during registration periods. Please do not ask professors or Department Chairs for overrides into full classes if other sections are open.

You should not ask for overrides into full classes due to athletic obligations, internships, work hours or external obligations (except medical). You must adjust your external obligations to meet the needs of your academics.

How do I make sure that the courses I registered for are meeting my requirements?

The process for checking that your degree requirements are being met has not changed. You need to review your Degree Works audit.  Find the DegreeWorks link on MyBentley in the "Connect" section. (You don't need to login to MyBentley.) 

Login into DegreeWorks with your Bentley ID number and password. All Bentley ID numbers begin with a "B". Password format is your First and Last initials (in CAPS) followed by $, then your ID number WITHOUT the B. Once you login you may use the "Change Password" link at the top of the page.

For example, the password for John Smith with Bentley ID = B12345678 is JS$12345678

Your degree audit is updated nightly with your current courses and curriculum. This means that if you change your schedule, swap/drop or add, you will not be able to see the change to your degree audit immediately. Be sure to click "Process New" and check your Degree Works audit the following day for accuracy. If you see a problem, please contact Academic Services at

How do I change my major or minor?

A major or minor in Workday Student is called your "Program of Study". In order to change your program of study, follow the directions outlined under "Changing, Adding or Dropping Your Program of Study" in the Step by Step guides for students,

The Registrar's office approves or denies all requests for Program of Study changes. You may not make any additional changes to your Program of Study until your pending request is approved or denied.

When did Workday Student go-live?    
June 10, 2019