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Shuttle Information

Transportation Services Updates

The Bentley Shuttle began operating on our Academic Year Schedule on Monday, August 19, 2019.

This year, the shuttle features updated routes, new shuttle buses and a new campus mobility application! Our new shuttle service provider, Boston Coach, is at the ready to provide reliable and friendly service.


B-Line - Operates every 20 minutes starting at the top of the hour from Fenway.

Waverley Express - Operates every half hour on the half hour from North Campus.


B-Line Route

Take this intercampus route traveling from North Campus to South Campus every 20 minutes to connect to the following four stops on campus:

Bus Stops
• North Campus
• Falcone
• Collins
• Fenway – South Campus

• Monday – Friday from 7:00 am -12:20 am
• Does not operate on Saturday or Sunday; instead take the Waverley Express Shuttle

Waverley Express Route

Take this route traveling through campus and connecting to Waverley Square in Belmont every 30 minutes to connect to the following five stops:

Bus Stops
• North Campus
• Falcone
• Collins
• Fenway – South Campus
• Waverley Square – Belmont MBTA Bus Station

• Monday – Friday from 6:30 am -12:00 am
• Saturday from 11:00 am -1:30 am
• Sunday from 11:00 am -10:40 pm
• MBTA Bus 73 will be in service seven days a week from 5:00 am -12:00 am.

Getting To Harvard Square and Boston

To get to Harvard Square/Boston
  1. Ride The Waverley Express from campus to Waverley Station (in Waverley Square, Belmont)
  2. After disembarking The Waverley Express on the corner of Trapelo Road and Church Street, take a right on Church Street and you will see the MBTA 73 Bus shelter.
  3. Board the MBTA 73 bus and ride to the last stop (Harvard Square Station)
  4. Transfer to the Red Line to get to other parts of Cambridge and Boston
  5. The fare to Harvard Square on the MBTA 73 bus is $1.70 with a Charlie Card or $2.00 with cash (pay on the bus). If you are traveling downtown, transfers to the Red Line are only an additional $.70 (total cost $2.40 one way).
  6. You can add value to your Charlie Card online (takes 24 hours), with cash on the MBTA 73 bus, at the STAR Market in Waverley Square (cash and credit) or at a kiosk in Harvard Station (cash and credit).
To get to Boston (not via Harvard Square)
  1. Ride The Waverly Express from campus to Waverly Station
  2. Transfer to the Commuter Rail (platform is accessed at the back of the municipal parking lot where The Waverly Express drops off), ride three stops inbound to North Station, Boston. (Note, it’s important to check the Commuter Rail schedule as trains arrive at set times throughout the day)
  3. The Commuter Rail trip to North Station from Waverly costs $6.50 one way. Riders can pay in cash on the train or on their mobile device via mTicket.
Resources for Local MBTA options

The MBTA 73 Bus leaves Waverly Station every 4-7 minutes for the majority of the day and every 15 minutes off-peak (late at night). The Commuter Rail operates on a set schedule. Please use the links below to learn more.

Download these useful mobile apps to track arrival/departures of MBTA buses and subway lines.

  • iPhone: ProximiT MBTA Bus and Subway
  • Android: T Tracker

Campus Mobility Application

The new Campus Mobility Application, Transloc, will provide live tracking of the Bentley shuttles, bus capacity and arrival times. Updates and information will be broadcast through the application. Feedback and concerns can also be received via the application. 

Please download the Transloc application; information may be found at You can also download the app on your Apple or Android device by searching Transloc Rider in the appropriate App Store.

Inclement Weather

The Bentley Community will receive an email with any schedule changes due to inclement weather. Also, schedule changes will be noted on the Transloc Rider app. All inclement weather-related policies can be found on the University Police site


  • Bentley University is not responsible for costs incurred for poor, late, missed or circumstances beyond the control of shuttle service (inclement weather or vehicle breakdown.) 
  • ID cards must be shown when using the shuttles. Have University ID ready to show driver when boarding the shuttle. Guests are admitted only if they are accompanied by their Bentley Host. Each student may have one guest on the shuttle.
  • Smoking, alcohol, food and drink are NOT permitted on the shuttle. 
  • Bicycles may utilize the bike racks on the shuttles.
  • Behavior that is disorderly, disruptive, or harassing on the shuttle will result in disciplinary action and possible removal of shuttle privileges. 
  • Shuttle drivers cannot make unscheduled passenger stops. 
  • Occasionally, replacement vehicles are used. There will be a sign in the front window, but when in doubt, ask! 
  • All arrival times are approximate. Please arrive at least five minutes before listed time or utilize Transloc Rider or


University Police should not be called for any bus inquiries unless an emergency occurs.

Transportation Working Group Update

Bentley University is in the process of completing a comprehensive transportation study for the campus. This study was managed by a multi-stakeholder Transportation Working Group of faculty, staff and students who hired a team of external transportation experts to assess all forms of transportation available to the Bentley community. As part of this process, the transportation experts were asked to evaluate the university’s current shuttle system. The Transportation Working Group held two information sessions in early April to present the university’s two new transportation options: The Waverley Express and B Line. If you would like the information from these session, please refer to the Bentley University New Transportation Options presentation and the Frequently Asked Questions.