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Human Resources

Alcohol, Marijuana and Substance Abuse

No employee may be at work or on campus while under the influence of alcohol, marijuana, illegal drugs, or controlled substances except as may be prescribed by a physician.  Any employee who is at work or on campus in such a condition will be asked to leave work or campus immediately. If Bentley deems it necessary, Bentley will make transportation arrangements to assist the employee in returning home.

Social Functions: At times, alcohol may be served at social functions during non-work hours. Employees may consume alcohol in moderation at those functions provided that it is after their workday and that the employee does not become intoxicated or behave inappropriately. Employees are expected to behave professionally at all times and intoxication or inappropriate behavior due to alcohol consumption during such events may result in discipline.

Marijuana: Although individuals 21 and older may possess, use and grow limited amounts of marijuana in Massachusetts as of December 15, 2016, being in the possession of or under the influence of marijuana while at work or on campus continues to be a violation of this policy.  Bentley is subject to the federal Drug-Free Schools and Communities Act Amendments of 1989, Public Law 101-226, which continues to prohibit the possession and use of marijuana on college campuses.

Medications: It is essential that employees be alert and in full possession of their faculties when working to ensure the safety of all employees.  If an employee’s use of prescribed or over-the-counter medication negatively impacts the employee’s performance or attention, or the safety of the employee or others, Bentley reserves the right to ask the employee to leave work or campus immediately.  If Bentley deems it necessary, Bentley will make transportation arrangements to assist the employee in returning home.

No employee may sell or distribute alcohol, marijuana, illegal drugs or controlled substances while on university property or during work time.  If such activity occurs, the employee will be subject to disciplinary action up to and including immediate termination.  In addition, the matter may be reported to the police for further action if appropriate. 

Employees who need assistance with alcohol, marijuana, or substance abuse are encouraged to contact KGA, the university’s EAP provider. 


 Date last revised:  November 18, 2016