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What exactly is an Executive MBA, and how is it different from the regular MBA? Here’s what to consider if you're deciding betwen the two.

Are you considering graduate school? If you have a job, a family, or a restricted schedule, a part-time MBA might be your best bet.

Have you considered joining a graduate student organization? President of the Graduate Student Association gives you an inside look at the benefits being part of one will bring.

HFID Adjunct Professor Chauncey Wilson received the UXPA’s lifetime achievement award at this year’s UXPA Conference. Chauncey joins the ranks of other Bentley faculty, Joe Dumas, Tom Tullis and Elizabeth Rosenzweig, who have won 4 out of the seven Lifetime achievement awards issued by the association over the years.

How does data influence marketing decisions? Experts from Bentley University, Jebbit, Hill Holliday and Greater Media Boston answered during the Innovation Series.


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