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Alumni News

Homecoming 2016

More than 500 alumni and their families braved the rain to come back to campus for food, fun and football!  See the pictures.

Racing Blind

Duane Farrar '83 is a 2015 Blind Sailing World Champion. How did he get there? And how is he using his technology background to reimagine the world of blind sailing? Read more.

Leading with Care

Surviving a heart attack. Beating cancer. Managing diabetes. Meet two alumni whose leadership of Boston-area hospitals includes keeping people healthy — and out of the emergency room. Read more.

On the Campaign Trail

Four hours’ sleep. Meals on the run. A cold that never goes away. Join political reporter Dan Merica ’10 on his dream job. Hit the trail.

Elections Inc.

American politics in the modern era has become a big business. Read more.

The Free Ride

Alex Esposito ’09, MBA ’10, has built a brand around bringing locals to Hampton beaches. Hop on.

Reunion Weekend

What a weekend! Check out the sights and sounds from this year's fabulous event. 

The Bentley Centennial

This summer a tremendous year begins, unlike any other in Bentley's history. Are you ready?

Class of 2015 Does Bentley Alumni Proud!

Nighty-eight percent of the responding class (90 percent) is employed or attending grad school with a median salary up from the year before. They were also hired by some of the leading companies in the world, from GE and CBS Sports, to McKinsey, Hubspot, AT&T, Morgan Stanley and Wayfair. 

Do You Have A Bad Boss?

There are few things in life as soul-crushing as a bad boss. A recent Alumni Career Services webinar tackled a few common bad bosses. Read the tips and tricks!

THE PROFile: Kenneth Viciana '99

Companies of all kinds are embracing #dataanalytics to uncover patterns, correlations, market trends, customer preferences and other business information. But happily-ever-after ending can be elusive without the right skills in place.

Study Finds Bentley Grads Are Thriving

The Gallup-Purdue Index (GPI) is the largest study of U.S. college graduates’ long-term success. See how Bentley stacks up against the GPI national average, and learn how four years here can prepare you to thrive for a lifetime.

Bentley Lovebirds 2016

Did you know? More than 15% of married alumni are wed to other alumni. Take a look at some of the happy couples through the years!

January Regional Events

Over winter break, hundreds of alumni, students and parents met across the nation and in Asia to make conversation and lifetime connections. From Facebook's headquarters to a rooftop deck to favorite local restaurants, each night was more than a gathering—it was a homecoming for Falcons far and wide.

Centennial Celebration: Share Your Story

How can we capture a century of talented students, iconic professors and remarkable alumni who’ve changed the business world? Through you. You’re the heart of this historic place—and yours is the story we want to tell for our centennial celebration.