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So much to eat and do . . . so little time!

By Shawn Lazarus
November 20, 2014

Bollywood Dance Night

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If there’s one thing Indians love more than good food, it’s a reason to celebrate, and Indian Graduate Students Organization’s Bollywood Dance Night catered to both those loves. With Diwali (a festival celebrated in India with great pomp and fervor) on the minds of several Indians who now found themselves far from home and craving the food and festivities that went with the festival, it was only fitting that IGSO brought some festive cheer to this event with traditional Indian snacks and fun Bollywood music that had many attendees (mainly me) dancing around while still holding plates of food.

Our Indian classmates came in their traditional festive Indian attire and it was a fun-filled evening with mouth-watering Indian food and groovy Bollywood tunes courtesy DJ Siddhant. IGSO found two talented singers from this year’s ELMBA cohort, Sindhuja and Krithika, and they took their classmates and the crowd by surprise with their great voices and command over the stage.

It was also a great event to showcase Indian food and music to our non-Indian friends and classmates who were so supportive and came to the event dressed in traditional Indian clothes and an appetite for spicy food.

GSA’s Random Reverse Trick-or-Treat

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As a student at Bentley, I can tell you that there are always food and treats around the corner and Halloween was no exception. With members of the Graduate Student Association (GSA) running around campus toting around candy, the day turned into a kind of scavenger hunt with students hunting down GSA members to grab handfuls of Halloween treats. Most of the GSA members came out of the experience unscathed but I might have traumatized a few with my need to grab those Reese’S Peanut Butter Cups. Can you really blame me?

BGLO Graduate Student Mixer Night

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Grad students from universities throughout Greater Boston — including Bentley, Babson, Boston College, Boston University, Brandeis, Harvard, HULT, MIT, Northeastern, Suffolk, and Tufts — all showed up to the BGLO Graduate Student Mixer Night. It was a wildly exciting night that started with everyone arriving at the Wild Rover Bar shivering with red noses and leaving at the end of the night in high spirits having made new friends. We grad students are an uptight, studious bunch, always thinking about grades and overwhelming case studies while micromanaging every aspect of our lives, so this was a welcome opportunity to remind ourselves that we’re still young and have in us the ability to have fun. It was also a great way to meet others just like us from other schools. While I still maintain that there’s a lot of love between our cohort, some mingling with people other than the ones we’re stuck with during the work week is always a healthy thing.

The music was great, we had an open bar and the food was cheesy, deep-fried and crispy — all good things! Boston-area grad students packed three floors of the bar for a heated, friendly, frenzied exchange of witty conversation, great first meetings, socializing and dancing.

International Food Fest

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International Food Fest was a part of the Culture Fest (November 11-21) organized by the Center for International Students and Scholars and the Multicultural Center in association with the Undergraduate Student Association and Graduate Student Association. GSA and its sister organizations pulled out all the stops for one of the most organized and tastiest events I’ve been to on campus.

As a huge food enthusiast (pun intended), I ran out of my room and made my way to the main campus to be the first in line to be served, only to discover there were a hundred undergrad students ahead of me. Free food and T-shirt giveaways draw out those sweatpants-wearing, sleep-deprived undergrads like moths to a flame — I digress, let’s focus on the food!

There was Chinese, Indian, Italian, Vietnamese, Spanish, Creole and Thai food at the event. I’m sure we had more countries represented, but after I passed the Italian stall and tasted their mushroom ravioli, everything after was a blur. It was a fun event with great food, and it was a terrific chance to mingle with those hungry undergrads and the members of the various student organizations that helped dish out all the delicious food. The night ended with me slipping into a food-induced coma feeling deeply satiated.

Thai Festival of Lights


This was a smaller gathering compared to the International Food Fest, but the food was just as impressive. To celebrate the Festival of Lights, the Asian Students Association brought out some mindnumbingly delicious Thai rolls, chicken satay, chicken dumplings, Thai spicy beef, pad Thai, drunken noodles, and mango curry. This event wasn’t just about the great food — we also learned about the holiday by getting to participate in fun games which focused on memorizing facts about Thailand and the festival.

Boston Celtics vs. Cleveland Cavaliers


GSA hooked its fellow students up with a whole suite at last week’s Boston Celtics game against the Cleveland Cavaliers. For all of those who saw the game, you know that the Celtics lost, but it was one thrilling game, with people who didn’t even understand basketball chanting “DE-FENCE” through out the night with wild enthusiasm! It was a fun night, with basketball fans explaining the game to their clueless friends, and yet another chance for all of us to get out with our friends and not think about academics.


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