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54 Companies That Hire Bentley Grads

Our Graduate Career Services office work to expand and foster long-term relationships—with both alumni and employers at leading-edge companies—to serve as a bridge between students and the business community.

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Bentley MBA

11-month program comprises four 10-week themes, a dynamic studio environment and three field-based trips.

Professional MBA

Ideal for individuals who seek to advance their career but need to balance the demands of work and family.

Emerging Leaders MBA

Built for recent graduates and young professionals, this program emphasizes business fundamentals, technical knowledge and career development.

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of Science

MS degrees can be earned on a flexible schedule. Online / hybrid classes available.

Accounting & Financial Management


Maura Robinson
Emerging Leaders MBA
Eddy Villalta
Professional MBA
Amanda Chauncy
Professional MBA
Alison Limoncelli
Emerging Leaders MBA
Caroline Sheedy
Professional MBA
Thomas Daly
Bentley MBA

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The sun is up, the sky is blue!

By Shawn Lazarus
June 2, 2015


The Bentley Brunch
The 1st ever Bentley Brunch served as a great way for all the graduate students to mingle with each other along with the faculty. Most of the graduate students don’t have an opportunity to mingle with students from the other programs and so GSA wanted to create an event that brought students together and let them enjoy a meal together. We had bacon, hash browns, sausages and an array of baked goods along with some Mediterranean delights and light salads which students loved. Pictures18
F1 Racing
GSA always tries to give students a variety of fun experiences. That is exactly what we tried to do with this racing event. Students hopped on buses from Bentley University and ended up at F1 Boston where they were split into groups. The racer with the shortest race time in these groups qualified to move on to the next round and thus our final race comprised of the top racers in each group. Those who failed to make it to the final cheered their friends on while snacking on some delicious entrees prepared for us by F1 Boston. Their potato skins were life changing! The day ended with the winners and semi-finalists receiving Amazon gift cards courtesy GSA.

What’s better than running around in a faux-dystopian woodland area with fake guns trying to hunt down your friends?! Not much! Paintball was a fun event. It was chaotic in the best possible way! Fox 4 Paintball was our venue and we spent 5 hours in the woods playing a variety of games that involved teams and strategy. Although this was a fun and informal setting, some students in our group emerged as leaders and lead their respective teams to victory. While it was never GSA’s intention to add a team effectiveness or leadership element to this activity; it certainly was evident by the end of that day that some of the students were utilizing their education to lead and become better teams!

Spring Fest
Spring Fest is a GSA tradition that involves GSA, the sister organizations and the undergrads coming together to celebrate the coming of spring. With the sun out, and everyone packing away their winter apparel; Bentley’s students were ready for a fun day of carnival foods, games and fun. This is one of the few events where Bentley’s grad students gets to meet their undergraduate counterparts in a fun setting. The carnival portion of the day had bubble tea, cotton candy, snow cones, BBQ wings, and lots more. GSA had a photo booth set up which had a long line of students eagerly waiting with their friends to capture the fun they were having in a memento they could take home. The evening culminated in a grad buffet of foods from all over the world. We had Chipotle along with international foods from India, China, The Mediterranean, Japan and Europe.

Night at The Symphony
As I mentioned before GSA believes in catering to everyone’s tastes. A night at the symphony brought in a cultural component to the bevy of events we had this semester. It was a lovely night where students were serenaded by the Boston Symphony. The symphony hall itself was a feast for the eyes; the room was embellished in gold facades and red velvet trimmings. The perimeter of the balconies were adorned with sculptures of figures from Greek and Roman antiquity. The music and the atmosphere were delightful and it was grand that students got to experience the magic with their friends.

The Cruise
The second last GSA event of the semester was the GSA Harbor Cruise. GSA gave the students the opportunity to experience a fun evening on The Odyssey. We came to the cruise in our finery and as soon as we were on the cruise, we hit the buffet and took our plates to the deck to enjoy the amazing views of the harbor. We spent hours on the deck and watched the blue sky turn gold as the sun set. The sun set across the Boston skyline turning every skyscraper gold for a few moments before the sky turned inky and the skyline began to light up. It was a truly magical night and as the evening drew to a close everyone reflected on the year they had spent in Bentley, the new friends they had made and the new challenges and excitement facing them. For many of us it was the last time we would get a chance to see our seniors and so it was a bitter-sweet moment.


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