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Bentley MBA

11-month program comprises four 10-week themes, a dynamic studio environment and three field-based trips.

Professional MBA

Ideal for individuals who seek to advance their career but need to balance the demands of work and family.

Emerging Leaders MBA

Built for recent graduates and young professionals, this program emphasizes business fundamentals, technical knowledge and career development.

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of Science

MS degrees can be earned on a flexible schedule. Online / hybrid classes available.

Accounting & Financial Management


Sumit Sharma
Professional MBA
Amanda Chauncy
Professional MBA
Simon Winkler
Emerging Leaders MBA
Alison Limoncelli
Emerging Leaders MBA
Eddy Villalta
Professional MBA
Ashish Fernando
Bentley MBA

Most recent post

Fears and Friends

By Shawn Lazarus
October 22, 2014


I was worried about two things when I said yes to grad school: the first was that I did not know if I would be able to manage the academic work load, and the second was that I would have to live with strangers, i.e., have roommates. As a spoiled only child, these two thoughts kept me up at night for a good month or two.

I would say the academics here at Bentley are challenging, and that’s a good thing. You want to be challenged and you want your ability to think and analyze to be pushed in new directions, so I have no complains there . . . well . . . “challenging” also means a few all-nighters, an addiction to caffeine and a good deal of ugly crying for some classes *ahem* accounting . . . but for the most part you are just glad that everyone else around you has the same struggles as you and that you are not the only one ugly crying about the fact that your balance sheets never tally.

As for my roommates . . . I’d like to think there was some kind of divine intervention at play here because I refuse to believe that chance brought my roommates and I together because I wouldn’t have found better roommates if I spent a year interviewing candidates myself. My three roommates — I should call them flat mates because we share a flat — are the best people you will ever meet. I’m not just saying this because they might come across this post, I say this because in this short time, we’ve managed to settle in so beautifully with each other’s quirks and needs and coming home . . . yes, home, after a hard day of weeping over balance sheets that never tally, becomes a joy.

There’s always food waiting for me, or at least a friendly smile. We bond over marathons of House of Cards and Game of Thrones. We cook together, we clean together and we shop for groceries together. We are four very different people from four corners of the world and yet we just work well together.

Living with three guys doesn’t make me an expert at managing different personalities or the varied cultural differences that we each bring to the table. But I think in situations like this and life in general that keeping an open mind, listening to one another and validating people’s feelings and thoughts are essential to create a calm, friendly and productive environment. None of these would be possible without two very important factors: mutual respect and the ability to be flexible.


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A combination of business, creativity and critical thinking skills, allowing students to examine challenges from multiple perspectives.


Countless opportunities for you to put your classroom experience to work in a real setting, providing a competitive edge in the job market.


An unmatched suite of seven technology labs gives you access to the hardware and software being used in industry today.


A dedicated team prepares students for the job market with one-on-one advising, seminars and access to top employers.


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