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Research at Bentley University


The growing reputation of Bentley University and the continued success of its graduates stems from the talent and passion for inquiry of its faculty.Their research endeavors produce the impactful, innovative, and responsible knowledge that is subsequently transmitted to our students and external stakeholders through an equal passion for education. Faculty members' commitment to research results from their desire to generate new knowledge that has business and societal value – knowledge that enhances the education agenda of the University for benefit of its undergraduate and graduate students, and for the executives that continue to engage with it.

The University’s continued belief in the benefits of an integrated community of teacher-scholars is also amply demonstrated here. Departmental research agendas are presented alphabetically to reflect Bentley’s commitment to fusion grounded in the belief that developing organizational leaders and contributors to our societies requires that we produce graduates able to view challenges and opportunities through multiple lenses.

Finding innovative solutions to the challenges of our time requires the ability to see with equal clarity and objectivity the advantages and limitations that various perspectives present. Consequently, Bentley’s concept of fusion involves much more than just demanding business students to be exposed to arts & sciences and vice versa. Such an approach grounded in the naïve perception that arts & sciences disciplines develop critical thinking while business disciplines develop skills. We reject this completely and hold that both fields expand learners’ capacity for critical thinking and provide aspects of the myriad of long-term skills necessary for successful implementation. Furthermore, the ability to draw on and appropriately fuse the insight and methods of both is key to real value-enhancing innovation!

A cross-section of Bentley scholars is featured – four faculty members holding research chairs, eleven professors, twenty-two associate professors, and nine assistant professors – as well as illustrative examples of doctoral, masters, and undergraduate student research. This diversity is intentional on the part of the Bentley Research Council. It demonstrates unequivocally the depth and breadth of our scholarship and highlights Bentley’s understanding of teacher-scholars – academics who do more than merely teach and conduct research by actively involving students in their research methods and findings, and who value the education environment as a source of new and relevant research questions.