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Bentley‘s research reputation is significant and internationally ranked. Bentley ranks in the top 25 (#21) of global research institutions in Information Systems and top 50 (#50) of global research institutions in Accounting. In addition to its success in discipline-based research, Bentley also excels in Accounting Education Research, where it is ranked first among international universities.

Research Centers

Three important multidisciplinary research centers exemplify Bentley's integrated approach to research:

Bentley faculty have a long history of pursuing rigorous research agendas

  • To advance the creation and integration of knowledge across both business and the arts and sciences,
  • To improve and inform business practice, and
  • To foster curricular innovation.

Our scholars are recognized as thought leaders within their respective disciplines. As a business university, we have always recognized the importance of reaching beyond the traditional, functional silos of business. Bentley’s unique legacy of promoting collaboration within and across disciplines also allows our faculty to create the trans-disciplinary knowledge needed in today’s global environment. Research at Bentley increasingly resides within three integrating domains focusing on critical dimensions of the role and impact of Value for both business and broader society.

Taking advantage of their disciplinary training and their trans-disciplinary perspectives, our scholars ask and answer important questions about how value affects the dynamic relationship between business and society. The valuation domain brings together a community of scholars primarily concerned with the measurement of value building on our historical strength in accounting and finance. Central to research in the value domain at Bentley is our reputation for scholarship in information technology and communication. Within the values domain, our academics address the critical issues related to the means by which and for whom value is created.