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Minor In Entrepreneurial Studies

The Minor in Entrepreneurial Studies complements a student’s major with coursework focused on creating a business or nonprofit organization or being an “intrapraneur” within a large organization. 

Entrepreneurship Minor requirements:

  • MG 335 Entrepreneurial Thinking
  • MG 336 New Venture Planning and Financing
  • One Management Elective from among the following courses:
    • MG 337 Managing Strategic Alliances
    • MG 338 Launching Your Business
    • PRS 339 Effective Selling
    • MG 360 Negotiating
  • One Elective from among the following courses (all are arts and sciences):
    • COM 210 Effective Speaking
    • COM 322 Theories of Persuasion
    • PH 133 Business Ethics; International Business Ethics
    • PH 251 Ethics
    • PH 305 Introduction to Mathematical Logic
    • ST 242 Applied Business Statistics

(Please note that GB 215 is a prerequisite for all MG courses)

All minors must be declared via MyBentley and approved by the coordinator.

Refer to the Advising Directory to identify the appropriate Minor Coordinator