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Quarterly Forecast Instructions

  • Sign into MyBentley.

  • Select Faculty/Staff Self-Service from the Faculty/Staff Resources menu.

  • Select Main Employee Menu.

  • Select the Finance tab and then select Departmental Forecast Worksheet.

  • From the Department drop-down menu, select your cost center, and click Submit.

  • The forecast columns are pre-populated with the current year budget. 

After reviewing the prior year and current year-to-date figures provided, project your year-end actuals by changing the numbers in the forecast column as necessary. (If you do not amend these numbers, it is expected that your department will come in at budget at year-end (i.e., no variance – either over or under.) 

To make your changes:

  • Click on the number to be forecasted.  A window will open allowing you to input a forecast and an explanation for any variance.  (In March, this window will also remind you of your January projections.) 

  • Remember that the number you are entering is your actual year-end forecast for that account, not the variance. 

  • All variances must include a brief explanation or the changes will not be saved.  Please be sure that if there is actual activity in an account, that you enter a forecast. 

  • Accounts with no budget and YTD actual expenses will have a zero forecast by default, which needs to be replaced with your projection.

  • Click Save.  This will save your work & return you to the department page.

Any questions should be directed to the Office of Financial Operations at extension 2618.