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Business in Society Report

What does good business look like in the age of AI? In this second annual Bentley-Gallup survey, we asked 5,458 people across America where they think businesses are having a positive impact – and where they are coming up short. Here is one of the key findings.

95% of Americans say health providers should tell them how much their care will cost beforehand but only 17% say that happens  


Should healthcare organizations be required to tell you how much a product or service will cost before you receive it vs. % who say they know how much a healthcare product or service will cost before they receive it?

"We know that patients rarely discuss finances with healthcare providers when making care decisions. The consequences of not having these conversations are devastating for patients and families, adding to the burden of disease and contributing to their distress. The healthcare system must get better about giving patients and their families the financial information they need in a clear, understandable way so they can make fully informed decisions about their health and well-being." 

Danielle Hartigan
Associate Professor of Natural and Applied Sciences
Bentley University

"Americans have shifted towards demanding drastically more information about the prices and quality of their health care before they buy it. This revolution of patients as consumers is making its way into our laws and to our companies. The movement toward transparency is an important – and necessary -- trend in healthcare today. "

Benjamin Chartock 
Assistant Professor of Economics
Bentley University