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Student-Initiated Projects

On-Campus Projects:

  • The Bentley Bead Project: The Mmofra Trom Bead Project is a strategic business plan, designed by Bentley University students, with a purpose of funding high school education costs for vulnerable children. The students at the Mmofra Trom Center hand-string recycled-glass beads onto elastic bracelets during their art classes. The Bentley students have devised a market for the bracelets in the United States through various outlets including cooperating stores and this website. All profits raised go directly into a fund that will be used for the vulnerable students' future education upon graduation from Mmofra Trom.
    Learn more about the Bead Project initiative:
  • Bentley Goes Red For Africa: Campaigns held in 2006, 2007, 2008, and 2009 have raised awareness of the problems that AIDS causes for people living on that continent. The event concludes with an evening of Ghanaian food and performances by multicultural groups from on and off campus.

Front from left: Anjali Jagannath ’08, Vinay Gokaldas ’10 and Niyoshi Sanghui ’08;
back from left: Richard Cruz ’08, Hieng Chhua ’10 and Amit Patel ’09.

  • Goals for Ghana: Saturday 10/17/09, The Bentley University women's soccer team held a "Goals for Ghana" event during the team's home game against Assumption. There was a bake sale, Goals for Ghana T-shirts on sale for $10, and a chance to shoot on the goalies for $1.
  • Lip balm: In January 2009, Bentley student Hayley Traeger created a batch of organic lip balm as a means of fundraising to pay for her trip to Ghana. After creating packaging and labels, with the help of friends and family, the lip balm was sold with all proceeds benefiting Mmofra Trom.

Projects in Ghana:

  • Building the Kiln: In January 2008, students supervised construction of the bead kiln and the bead-making facility.
  • Chicken Coop: In August 2006, students helped add a thatched roof to the chicken coop , which has since been upgraded to aluminum. The coop is an economic asset providing food and income.
  • Installing the goal posts for the newly leveled football field


Buy a bracelet and help fund the education of the children of Mmofra Trom!

Check them out at the Mmofra Trom Bead Project