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The Ghana Project

Partners in Learning

The Partnership

In 2006, Bentley began working closely with The Mmofra Trom Education Center near Somanya, Ghana, to provide services to disadvantaged children in the surrounding villages. Bentley has now developed relationships with more than 15 non-government organizations (NGOs) in Ghana.

The Purpose

The primary goal of the Ghana Project is to create mutually beneficial relationships as "partners in learning" with NGOs located in Ghana. The goal of Bentley is to contribute to the economic development of its "partners in learning" in exchange for rich learning experiences for students and the greater Bentley community. This began with the relationship with the Mmofra Trom Education Center, whose primary purpose is to provide access to education, health care, job skills training, and employment opportunities. The goal of Bentley’s involvement with the center is to contribute to its intention of becoming self-sustaining, while furthering the education of Bentley students through service-learning projects.

This Site

This site provides information about the project and our partners. You will also find stories from participating students, our "Ghana alumni," that highlight their experiences and detail the projects they initiated. Bentley faculty and staff are heavily involved in the project as well, and you can review their scholarly activities regarding the project. Information on Ghana NGO internships is also available. Please peruse the site, and contact Diane Kellogg, program director of the Ghana Project, with any additional questions you may have.