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Links and Resources


That means "welcome" in the language of Ghana. We welcome you to explore the following links to learn more about Ghana and Mmofra Trom:

  • Ghana Map
  • Ghana Facts: Check out these Ghana facts from the CIAFactbook.
  • The Mmofra Trom Bead Project: This initiative provides the means for the children of Mmofra Trom to design and create their own beautifully beaded bracelets and sell them to earn funds towards their education.
  • Government of Ghana Official Website: Learn more about Ghana,its government,politics,sports,and more.
  • Mmofra Trom Foundation: The Foundation is a Non-Government Organization(NGO)whose mission is to assist in the educational and physical development of children in Africa. They seek to allow people to rise out of poverty by empowering and strengthening families through better health,education,training and employment.
  • Adinkra Symbols: Originally created by the Akan of Ghana and the Gyaman of Cote dfabric,walls,pottery,and woodcarvings. The symbols can communicate messages and represent parts of life.
  • Kente Cloth: Native to Ghana and known locally asnwentoma,kente cloth is a fabric made of interwoven cloth strips.
  • Hope HIV: A charity that supports children and young people in sub-Saharan Africa affected by HIV/AIDS.