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Honors Program Faculty

Honors Program Faculty

The faculty who teach in the program are innovative, challenging and provide a dynamic classroom experience. All fulltime faculty members with a desire for teaching excellence are invited and encouraged to explore opportunities to be involved in Honors Program curricula. In fact, about half of the faculty who teach Honors Program courses have received awards formally recognizing their outstanding teaching they bring to the classroom, and nearly a third hold multiple awards for teaching and advising excellence. Not surprisingly, our students consistently say that the top benefit of the Program is the close support and intellectual experience provided by the Honors Program faculty.

All full-time faculty members with a desire for teaching excellence are invited and encouraged to explore opportunities to be involved in Honors Program curricula. Faculty can teach honors courses, which are smaller, more discussion-based and are energetic due to the motivation and intellectual curiosity of its students. Whether you are interested in teaching an existing course, or developing a new course, we encourage you to explore these opportunities to teach some of the best and brightest students Bentley has to offer.

In addition to teaching courses, faculty can be involved in the student research process by supervising an honors capstone project. Senior honors students spend a semester developing their research paper under your direction, and present the findings at the Honors Conference held on campus near the end of April. Supervising student research is a rewarding opportunity to expose students to the rigors of the research process and expand a student’s depth of knowledge well beyond the classroom. Though not a requirement of the process, in some cases these research projects have led to published journal articles.

Gregory J. Hall Capstone Adviser of the Year Award

To recognize the hard work and dedication of the faculty advisers in the mentoring process, an award for the most outstanding capstone adviser is given. All faculty capstone advisers are eligible, and are nominated by their advisees. The award recipient typically demonstrates exceptional dedication to the research and learning processes, provides exceptional motivation and inspiration to the student, and pushes the limits of knowledge and understanding of the student. Previous Adviser of the Year Award winners are ineligible to win the award again until five years after the last year in which they won. Nominations are solicited near the end of the semester in both December and in April.

To underscore the motivation and ideals for what the award represents, the award was named in honor of Professor Gregory J. Hall, who served as director of the program from 2005 to 2012. In recognition of his steadfast service to the program, and his exceptional dedication to honors students, the award is officially known as the Gregory J. Hall Capstone Adviser of the Year Award.

For more information on the nomination process, see Blackboard, or contact the Associate Director of the Honors Program, Jeff Gulati.

Previous winners of the Gregory J. Hall Capstone Adviser of the Year Award are:

  • April 2017: Professor Dhaval Dave, Economics; Advisees: Allison Criscenzo, Stephanie Hall, Ryan Hannon, and Emily Hunt
  • April 2016: Professor Jeffrey A. Livingston, Economics; Advisees: Brooke Carleen, Olivia Regan, and Sydney van Wulven
  • April 2015: Professor Michael Quinn, Economics; Advisees: Julie DeLongchamp and Chelsea Duhaime
  • April 2014: Professor Dave Carhart, Mathematical Sciences; Advisee: Lucia Garcia
  • April 2013: Professor Charlie Hadlock, Mathematical Sciences; Advisee: Kyle Todd
  • April 2012: Professor Aaron Nurick, Management; Advisee: Kelly Hilton

There are also opportunities to develop theme based research seminars with small groups of students who wish to complete their capstone, leaving a wide range of unique opportunities to develop proposals for these research seminar capstones as well.

For more information regarding opportunities to work with honors students, please see the general guidelines and FAQs here, or contact the director of the Honors Program.