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Wall Street 101

Registration for the summer 2016 program will begin February 1, 2016 at 10am and will close April 15, 2016 at 5pm. Please check back on February 1st for more information. Thank you.

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What is Wall Street 101?

Wall Street 101 is held at the Bentley University campus in Waltham, MA. This 5-day non-residential program provides a fun and interactive opportunity for rising high school students to learn about the financial industry and other business fields, from NASDAQ to IPO to Dow Jones. Through classroom participation and hands-on exercises, students will explore the stock market and discover the process of investment. They will also experience the excitement and challenges of working in a real trading room environment, including participation in industry analysis, portfolio construction and simulated trading sessions.

Will Wall Street 101 help me prepare for college?

During Wall Street 101, students will attend college-level lectures and receive a broad overview of the classroom environment in Bentley University's advanced Smith Technology Center.

How will I apply my knowledge?

Students will work in small teams to utilize the financial technology of the Bentley Trading Room to construct a diversified portfolio of equity securities. Each team member will be responsible for analyzing different sectors of the market. With the help of a group leader, students will develop a formal presentation that explains the reasons for investment selections, including a detailed financial analysis of at least one company.


For more information about Wall Street 101, please contact Amy Whittaker at 781.891.2664 or